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THE WORLD'S FIRST FISHING EXPERTS ARE AFRIKANS or HOW MAMAAFRIKA TAUGHT THE WORLD HOW TO FISH FOR FOOD, c) 2011 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); DESS (M.Phil); M.Sc.; DIPLOME de l'IIAP, (Post-Grad.Dipl ;); BA Double HONS etc, Founder, AFRIKAMAWU MIRACLE MISSION, AMI INC; [email protected],

1. The world's first Fishing as Science and Technology Invented by Children of MAMAAFRIKA is a Spiritual Act born in the holy Waters of Continental Afrika as a way of complementing and supplementing their efforts as the world's first Food Experts and Managers.

2. In tune to the Spirit of all kinds of Fish that people Continental Afrika's holy Waters of Seas, Rivers and Lakes of all sizes, Children of MAMAAFRIKA know and understand the Secret and Sacred Languages of Fish as Spirits turned into what mortals call Fish.

3. Like the Science and Technology of successful Hunting, Fishing is not done by all children of MAMAAFRIKA but by a selected few who are willing to tune themselves to the Spirit of the Fish they need and want for the benefits of all the collectivity.

4. Attuned to the Spirits of the Fish they desire to catch, the world's first Fishing Experts in Continental Afrika have no problem in convincing the Fish Beings on the need for them to co operate willingly and gladly with them for the Continuity of Life.

5. And as long as they are approached with serenity, respect, reverence and humility by children of Mother Continental Afrika, the Spirit of the Fish they need and want to fish, knows when, why and how to supply AFRIKANOR Children with all the Fish they need and want.

6. In this way, both those who fish and those who are fished know it is part of their Sacred Holy Mission on Earth to share what they have with each other.

7. Just as the Ancient Continental Afrikan Hunters do not empty the Forest of all the meat she holds in trust for all Creation, in the same way, Children of MAMAAFRIKA who fish see no need to empty Continental Afrika's Sacred Waters, Rivers, Oceans and Lakes of their Holy and Sacred Beings.

8. Far from over Hunting or over Fishing in the name of greed, selfishness and insatiable appetite, Children of AFRIKAMAWU know, to respect the Balance in the Forests and Waters of MAMAAFRIKA is to guarantee themselves and others a regular supply of Meat and Fish anytime they need and want them.

9. As Spirit Beings, both the Forests and Waters of Divine Continental Afrika know, it is their Sacred Divine Mission to give birth, nurse, protect and release regularly all the required quantity and quality of Food, Meat and Fish that Children of MAMAAFRIKA need to also protect the Continuity and Sacredness of the Spirits of the Forests and Waters as the Divine Sources of their Daily Supply on Earth.

10. The more Children of AFRIKANOR treat them as part and parcel of AFRIKAMAWU, the Creator of the Universe, the more the Spirits of the Forests and Waters also treat their requests and needs with respect and urgency.

11. In this way, is born in Sacred Continental Afrika, the world's first Ecological Science and Technology that flourishes on the Divine Principles and Laws of Oneness, Sacredness and Spirituality of all Lives as Expression or Manifestation of AFRIKAMAWU on Earth.

12. As part and parcel of the Environment or the Universe, Children of AFRIKAMAWU know whatever good or bad they do to the Environment comes back automatically to them as good or bad. To destroy the Forest is to destroy themselves. To empty the Forest of all her meat is to empty their stomach. To empty the Waters, Seas, Rivers, or Lakes of their Fish is to go hungry. To pollute the Atmosphere is to pollute their Noses. To keep the Universe clean is to keep their Inside pure and clean.

13. As the world's first holy Food, Fish and Meat Hunters, Children of MAMAAFRIKA learn to rely on the Spirit of what they hunt for perfect direction as to when, how and why to hunt for what they need without causing Imbalance or Disequilibrium within the Equilibrium or Balance in Mother Nature.

14. In this way, Hunting of all forms in Continental Afrika is free from unnecessary killings, violence, waste and destruction on the Altar of greed, selfishness and decay.

15. Like Deity ADE, Father AKPA is the world's first Fishing Expert or Deity whose Spirit is the Spirit of Positive Successful Fishing who is also the re incarnation of all Fish there is.

16. By living in tune to Deity AKPA, all who fish in Continental AFRIKA know when, how and why to fish spiritually for the best quantitative and qualitative Fishing Results Children of AFRIKANOR need and want to do great honor to Creation in all her Totality and Might.

17. With the world's first Science and Technology of Fishing comes the knowledge of Fish Eating.

18. By living perpetually in tune to the Spirit of the Fish they catch, Children of the Sun see no need to cook the Fish before they eat them. The Fire within them is able to turn in their mouths the Food, Meat and Fish they eat from raw to cooked Food to enjoy.

19. With the various Tools they make, they offer themselves the world's first Fishing Equipment upon which today's fishing tools and equipment are made. Children of AFRIKAMAWU also discover the world's first Secret of Scaling Fish, Skinning Animals and Cutting them into pieces for easy eating, easy swallowing and easy digestion.

20. Fishing as a human activity in Spirit is a Sacred and Divine Science and Technology born on the holy soil of MAMAAFRIKA that makes Mama CONTINAFRIKA Children the world's first Experts and Authorities on the Science and Art of Fishing. Without the discovery and practice of this old Ancient Continental Afrikan Secret, today's world will be without Fishing Equipment let alone knowing what Fish or Fishing is about.

21. By living perpetually to the Spirits of all the Oceans, Rivers and Lakes of Mother Continental Afrika, Children of Mama CONTINAFRIKA know all the names of Fish they need and want to fish, which of them are edible and which are not, the secret of catching them without offending them, how to treat them when they are caught and how and when to eat them positively rather than negatively.

22. For, what mortals call Fish are nothing but Spirit manifested into a Life form called Fish or AKPA. And as long as AKPA and all her Fish Children and Fishing Experts live in tune to the Limitless Power and wonders of the Oceans, Rivers and Lakes of Mother Continental Afrika, they know their Mission on Earth is, to people all the Waters there are for the benefits of Creation.

23. As Fish, they come on Earth in all sizes, shapes, weights and colors as part of Life in support of Life.

24. That is why, the first Secret Ancient Continental Afrika Science and Technology of Positive Successful Fishing is Spiritual Fishing. Like Spiritual Farming, Children of Mother CONTINAFRIKA, are able to use their Spiritual Eyes to see, detect and know where the Fish are and which they pick with their hands for Food.

25. And because the Fish themselves live perpetually in tune to their Divine Source, they too have no problem and no disease to prevent them from multiplying in their numbers that makes it possible for Children of MAMAAFRIKA to fish them without any Fishing Tools or Equipment. All, Children of MAMAAFRIKA need to get all the Fish they need for their use is their hands to pick and gather them.

26. But as time goes on, AKPA, the world's first Deity of all Fish is able to teach Children of Mother Continental AFRIKA, the use of bait to get the Fish they want. Out of excitement, curiosity and creativity, Children of Mama CONTINAFRIKA know they can use different forms of strings with baits to catch Fish that cannot be had otherwise. And the more they use their baits well, the more Fish they get for their daily use.

27. Still in tune to their Deity of Fish, AKPA, Children of Mama CONTINAFRIKA also learn to invent all kinds of Fishing Nets that they use on a regular basis for the satisfaction of their Fish needs.

28. Hence, they are literally taught how to make, perfect and benefit from the daily use of the world's first Fishing Tools that they offer themselves and Humanity.

29. They also know that only the Fish whose Divine Mission on Earth is completed will be caught by their baits or nets.

30. Hence, no matter how many baits or nets they throw into the various waters of Continental AFRIKA, attuned Children of Mama CONTINAFRIKA know, they will not and cannot force any Fish to come to them as Food without the Spirit of the Fish willingly and gladly giving them up.

31. Any Fish caught by them is not caught by them but by the Fish without whose consent or co operation, no business of Fishing can take place let alone last up till today.

32. Fishing is therefore a Divine Act that requires that the Spirit of the Fishing Expert asks permission from the Spirit of the Fish he/she intends to fish out of necessity for the process to be complete and successful.

33. Without this Divine communication, understanding and co operation between the Fishing Expert and the Fished, Fishing becomes an Act of violence, greed and mechanical with no consideration for the right of all Beings including Fish to live and multiply in honor of their Creator AFRIKAMAWU and all Creation, big or small.

Source : Extract from the world's First AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE, Chapter 17, 1-33 which you can purchase online for the Whole AfrikaMiracle Story of How Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans Performed the World's First Unthinkable and Unheard of MIRACLES upon Miracles when they lived in Tune to the Limitless Power of their Mind, Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU within them . Email us for more details :

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