Nigerians don’t like Nigerians, says Andrew Young

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AMBASSADOR Andrew Young, former United States permanent representative to the UN, on Friday, gave an assessment of Nigerian and its population, saying Nigerians don't like one another.

Young, who was the guest speaker at the maiden convocation lecture of Bells University of Technology, Ota, Ogun State, spoke on the topic, “What is Wrong with Nigeria? He said: “Nigerians don't like Nigerians. You don't like yourselves. You wake up in the morning and look at yourselves and you say God made a mistake.

“Nobody likes what we are. It's same thing with United States of America, Europe, Asia and Nigeria. Let's celebrate Nigeria, not what is wrong with Nigeria, but let's celebrate Nigeria.” He recalled coming to Africa all the time, but not saying good things about Africa.

“In a film I saw in the US, nothing good was said of Africa. So the title of the lecture- What is Wrong with Nigeria? And so everybody wants to know what I have to say. A Nigeria we love and like to help, to make people understand Nigeria that we love. I am tempted to say what is wrong with Nigeria – and I will say with Nigerians”.

Young went on: “Nigerians I know have always been getting outstanding results. In Howard University, the three best students were Nigerians. It took me four years to finish. My Nigerian classmate finished in two and a half years.

Then he went to Yale University, became a neurosurgeon and helped to put together a medical school at University of Ibadan and was Dean. he was a soccer player, sportsman. He will tell me, I can be bright; if I am civilised I will be somebody. I asked him what he meant. There was lot of poetry… we had a good friendship.”

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