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THE WORLD FIRST DIVINE BEINGS ARE AFRIKANS or CONTINENTAL AFRIKANS AS THE WORLD'S FIRST DIVINE BEINGS , c) 2011 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); DESS (M.Phil); M.Sc.; DIPLOME de l'IIAP, (Post-Grad.Dipl ;); BA Double HONS etc, Founder, AFRIKAMAWU MIRACLE MISSION, AMI INC; [email protected],

1. Life with the Creator AFRIKAMAWU is Heaven, be it above or below.

2. Life outside AFRIKAMAWU is hell be it above or below.

3. The Choice to be in Heaven or hell is innate to all Creation.

4. Hence, all that AFRIKANOR, the Mother of Humanity in Continental AFRIKA can do is to offer all her children the Divine and Material Positive Environment, Education and Support Systems, Institutions, Values, Policies and Leadership necessary to help or remind her Innocent, Holy and Virgin Children of the blessings of living in tune to their Divinity and the havoc of living out of tune to their Spirity as perfect Creation of the Divine One, AFRIKAMAWU.

5. So, every day, week, month and season, AFRIKANOR summons AFRIKASO and AFRIKAVI and their Sisters and Children and Children's Children to her warm, motherly and heavenly Bosom for Spiritual Guidance, Direction, Lessons, Protection, Motivation, Assurance and Security to know, master and control their limitless Inner Resources as the Divine Images of the Universal Creator AFRIKAMAWU with the right to be the best in life and enjoy the Best of Life as Heiresses of AFRIKAMAWU on Earth.

6. "Life is what you make it", AFRIKANOR will remind her children.

7. "Why? AFRIKANANA” AFRIKAVI will ask.
8. "Ask AFRIKAMAWU your Creator of all Creators", Mother of Humanity will reply.

9. And AFRIKAMAWU, sitting royally and blissfully among them will reply them: "Because I, your Creator of all Creators, make you in my Holy Continental Afrikan Image. I am therefore the Color you are made of. You are in Spirit what your Creator AFRIKAMAWU is, Holy, Perfect, Honest and Sacred. Like mother, like daughter". And they will all laugh the laughter of Freedom and Peace.

10. "Besides", AFRIKANOR will add: "our Creator, in all her generosity and infinite Wisdom manifests herself as Sacred Creation for us to be independent and not depend on her, free and not enslaved to her. In other words, we are not perpetual sinners whose sins never get forgiven in spite of death on the cross of a savior whom nobody saved but himself. Remember my children, that our Creator AFRIKAMAWU is All-knowing, All-perfect, and All-understanding. All she does or creates can only be Holy and Divine Light can only give birth not to darkness but Light. Our Creator AFRIKAMAWU can only give birth not to evil but to herself as us.”

11. "But Mother," interrupts AFRIKASO”, you keep on telling us that as Free Divine Beings, we are free to choose between living in tune to AFRIKAMAWU in Heaven on Earth or out of tune to AFRIKAMAWU in hell on Earth. That means, the Creator AFRIKAMAWU creates us all Perfect but to remain Perfect or imperfect is the Choice and the Making of each created Being and as such nobody can blame AFRIKAMAWU for what we choose to make of our lives". AFRIKASO is heartily applauded by her Sisters after which her Sister AFRIKASE says.

12. “Well spoken, my Holy Divine Sister AFRIKASO. That is why as Children of Perfection, Honesty and Abundance, we are the limits we place on ourselves in our Minds. We have all the Power we need and want as the Expression of the Most Holy Supreme Deity AFRIKAMAWU to be anything or anyone we want but on condition that we take responsibility for our choices and decisions, no matter their consequences".

13. "Wonderfully said, my children," replies Mother Continental AFRIKA. "Remember, as long as you remain attuned to the Creator AFRIKAMAWU, you will live in the Light free from all the havoc of darkness of any kind. You are your own judge over your own words, thoughts and deeds. All because, your Divine Judgment is always the Positive or negative Consequences of your words, thoughts and deeds. Your Creator AFRIKAMAWU does not judge you for your bad deeds or good deeds or for whatever any of you decides to do or not to do, be or not to be, have or not to have. You alone reward or punish yourself in life by the kind of words, thoughts and deeds you produce every second of your life. For, whatever you sow in Life, so you will reap for your pleasure or sadness. To sow imperfection is to reap imperfection as your punishment. To sow Perfection is to reap Perfection as your Heaven here and after.

14. "So, Creator AFRIKAMAWU, does it mean you don't condemn us into hell or send us to heaven?", asks impatiently AFRIKANYO.

15. "No, my lovely Princess", replies AFRIKAMAWU. "Heaven or hell is your own creation. Not mine. You create and live in Heaven any time you are in tune to the Power of the Creator within you. You are in Heaven any time you express and live in Peace and Harmony in your Heavenly World of Positive Words, Thoughts and Deeds. You need not die to go to Heaven. Heaven is here and now and begins with you any time you decide to let go hell in your life.”

16. "In other words, as mini creators of our worlds and lives, we must know that our Words, Thoughts and Deeds are the Positive or negative Seedlings we plant daily for the Harvest or Reward or punishment we deserve and are entitled to", adds AFRIKASOLI.

17. "But, why the world's first Divine human Creation that we, are all Females? Why no Males among us? Are Females better than Males?", asks AFRIKALI.

18. "We are all free to give birth to Female or Male, Rich or poor, Healthy or sickly, Happy or unhappy children and of any color,” observes AFRIKANOR to her children. “You and I have so far concentrated on Females not because Females are better than the Males. Far from it. It makes more sense and more logical to have a Universal Female Deity like Me and her Virgin Offsprings give birth to themselves by themselves than having a Male Deity and Beings giving birth to themselves by themselves.

19. "Secondly, remember, every Female is both Female and Male and every Male is also partly Female and Male. So, it does not matter whether we have Males or Females. All are Divine Beings created in the Holy Image of AFRIKAMAWU, the Universal Source of all sources. The essential is to teach you and motivate you all to know who you are and to perpetually live in tune to your Creator AFRIKAMAWU within you in heaven here-and-after", concludes Humanity's Mother of Continental AFRIKA, AFRIKANOR.

20. This means, My Sacred Universal Children on Earth, as long as you stay in tune to me your Creator AFRIKAMAWU, your Thoughts, Deeds, Words and everything about you will be a Miracle including your present ability to conceive yourself spiritually and to give birth to Spirit Beings or Children in the human flesh. So, my Holy children, you are free to give birth to male or female or both or not at all. You are free to marry or not to marry. Your are also free to conceive yourself spiritually and mentally without sex or through sex. You are free to have any number of children you need and want or none at all. You are free to be rich or poor, strong or weak, powerful or powerless, holy or sinful, independent or dependent, developed or underdeveloped, civilized or uncivilized, free or enslaved, and so on but do not forget the consequences of your choices in Life. All depends on what Positive or negative Force is in charge and controls your Steer of life at any given time of your existence here and after,” concludes AFRIKAMAWU after which AFRIKANOR says to them present:

21. “Just as the Holy Father Sky and his Divine Celestial Holy Children exist to live in tune to all other Creation, so also does the Virgin Mother Earth, AFRIKANYI live for the benefit of all the children of MAMAAFRIKA as long as they live in tune to her Sacred Inner Teachings and Lessons within them.

22. “The Earth you walk on, touch, see and know with your physical senses is more than what you see or know. The Earth is not the mere physical you call Earth but the manifestation of the Spirit of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU. Before the Earth becomes the Virgin Mother AFRIKANYI, she is the Spirit, Energy and Power of AFRIKAMAWU in person. The Earth is you and you are the Earth. You are part and parcel of her and without whom all Feet will be no Feet to serve the needs of all lives here below.

23. “As the first Female Creator of all Female Creation, I am the first Divine Mother of all lives. The Sky is the first Celestial Abode and Throne of the Universal Creator AFRIKAMAWU. The golden Bosom of the Earth is the original first Heaven of all lives here and above. Without Mother Earth's eternal warm, maternal, safe and peaceful Heavenly Womb to house, nurse, transform, create, develop and protect the world's first holy Seedling of all lives, all births and existence will still be a dream in the holy mind of AFRIKAMAWU, our Mother-Father Creator, Protector and Guide in Life.”

24. In this way, Children of MAMAAFRIKA learn to treat their sacred AFRKANYI with total respect, reverence and love. They know without her, all lives will be no Life but a body without feet. As long as they live Positively in tune to themselves, to their Mother-Father and the Universe in all her totality, all the sacred Children of Mother Continental Afrika, multiply and fill the Holy Garden of Continental Afrika starting from the Source of the world's first Divine River on Earth called NALA, which means "the Giver". So from this sacred and peaceful Source and heavenly Bosom of Nala in Continental Afrika, children of Mother Continental

Source : Extract from the world's First AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE, Chapter 5, 1-24 which you can purchase online for the Whole AfrikaMiracle Story of How Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans Performed the World's First Unthinkable and Unheard of MIRACLES upon Miracles when they lived in Tune to the Limitless Power of their Mind, Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU within them . Email us for more details :

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