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1. Holy Virgin Mother AFRIKANOR in her Universal Divine Paradise in Continental Afrika is part and parcel of Father Sky and Mother Earth and all their sacred Beings and Riches.

2. With AFRIKADZI as her Spiritual Father and AFRIKANYI as her Spiritual Mother, AFRIKANOR is given all Powers to respect, protect, nurse and complement Nature of which she is part of.

3. Hence, to be AFRIKANOR is to be the Sky. To be the sacred Life of a Plant, Animal, Fish or Mineral is to express fully and eternally the Divinity of AFRIKAMAWU on Earth. For all lives on Earth are divine and sacred Lives with the right and duty to be themselves, alive, happy and fulfilled.

4. In tune to her Creator AFRIKAMAWU, AFRIKANOR is able to know, understand and speak the sacred languages of all the Celestial Beings of the Sky, Thunder, Air, Sun, Moon, Stars, Birds, Rain, Weather, Seasons and Time.

5. In tune to her Creator AFRIKAMAWU, AFRIKANOR is able to know, understand and speak perfectly the holy languages of all the Earthly Beings of the Earth, Herbs, Trees, Forests, Oceans, Fish, Animals, Vegetables, Mountains, Valleys, Plains, Minerals and Fruits.

6. In tune to AFRIKAMAWU, AFRIKANOR lives perpetually in perfect Peace and total Harmony with herself, with AFRIKAMAWU and other Lives visible and invisible.

7. In Oneness with her Creator AFRIKAMAWU, AFRIKANOR knows no needs and wants she cannot fulfill. As the Creator AFRIKAMAWU in expression, AFRIKANOR has no need nor want to worry about or struggle for in life.

8. Side by side with the Creator of all creators, AFRIKANOR communicates and lives with all Animals without any fear of attack or death from any of them.

9. As a Divine and Sacred Product of the faultless AFRIKAMAWU the Master Creator, AFRIKANOR knows no sickness, no death, no suffering, no pain, no loss, no fear, no worry, no lack, no poverty, no sorrow and no sin to uproot her from her Divinity and Divine Source AFRIKAMAWU.

10. In tune to the Almighty Creator of the Universe, AFRIKANOR has the power to fly like Birds and speak with them in their sacred languages at will.

11. In perpetual attunement to AFRIKAMAWU within her, AFRIKANOR is able to travel anywhere in the world without the inconvenience of man-made traveling gadgets.

12. In tune to the Universal Spirit of all spirits, AFRIKANOR is able to communicate directly with all or any forms of Human, Animal, Plant or Mineral lives of the visible and invisible Universe.

13. In tune to the Cosmic Energy of all Energies, AFRIKANOR, the world's First Mother of Humanity in the Divine Garden of Holy CONTINENTAL AFRIKA is able to speak directly to Father Sky through her Spiritual Telephone within her.

14. In tune to the Divine Power of all powers within her, the world's first Deity in Human Flesh AFRIKANOR, knows, understands and perfectly speaks the Ancient Sacred Language of our Mother Earth and all her living Beings.

15. In the holy Garden of AFRIKAMAWU in Continental Afrika, all Creation lives and dwells together in perfect Peace and Harmony as Members of one Divine Universal Body or Family.

16. In the sacred Garden of Mother Continental Afrika, the seeds of negativity, sin, crime or evil have no place, no time and no need to exist let alone grow for the hell of Divine Creation.

17. In the blissful Bosom of the world's first sacred Earth of the Universe, Heaven is wherever AFRIKAMAWU is found and hell is the absence of Heaven.

18. In the peaceful Divine Abode of AFRIKAMAWU in Continental Afrika, all lives live and walk hand in hand together as the manifestation of the same Universal Spirit, Energy and Power of all Creation.

19. In this way for three million seasons AFRIKANOR reigns Supreme as the World's first Human Deity, Founder, and Ruler of the Universe in Continental Afrika as the first Universe of the World. As long as she remains perpetually attuned to her Creator AFRIKAMAWU and all other lives, all is perfect within and outside her. Under her wise and harmonious direction, Continental Afrika is blessed with the world's first best Weather, best Climate, best fertile Land, best Crops, Plentiful Harvest, Peace, Harmony and Happiness for the enjoyment of all lives.

20. In this way, for three million seasons, the Divine Garden of MAMAAFRIKA is always blessed with sufficient Rainfall, Sunshine, and pure Air for the comfort of all her Beings. Trees and Forests bloom in praise of their Creator AFRIKAMAWU. Food of all kinds multiply in great numbers for the pleasure of all. Mountains, Valleys and Plains adorn the sacred Continental Afrika Land with grace and pride. Milk and honey flow like a river across the Land for all to enjoy for life. Everywhere is Gold. Gold in the Sky. Gold on Earth. Gold in Trees and Gold in Rivers and Oceans. Gold to beautify the Universe in Continental AFRIKA and all lives is the birthright of all lives. Diamond, Silver, Uranium, and all other precious Mineral Beings people Mother Earth in abundance as Spirit, Energy and Power to heal and adorn all lives.

21. In the midst of all these daily Divine Miracles and Perfection in the Holy Land of Continental Afrika is the Universal Creator AFRIKAMAWU, the self-created, self-directed, all-knowing, all-powerful, all-present and all caring Mother-Father Deity of all Deities manifesting herself as the invisible and visible Life, Spirit, Energy and Power in all forms, shapes, sizes, colors, weights, as Human, Plant, Animal and Mineral Worlds and Beings.

22. As self-created, self-supported and self sustaining Deity of all Deities, the Beginning without End, the Cosmic Spirit of all Divine Spirits, the Universal Divine Energy of all divine energies and the Eternal Power of all divine powers, AFRIKAMAWU manifests herself as the Eternal Spirit, energy and Power of the Universe, Sky, Earth and all they contain as Life and as Self-Duplicator and Self-Multiplier.

23. In this way, by the Divine Law of Self-Duplication and Multiplication, AFRIKAMAWU becomes the Sky called AFRIKADZI. AFRIKADZI in his turn, becomes the Earth called AFRIKANYI who also becomes the first Human Being on Earth called AFRIKANOR. AFRIKANOR in her turn, also becomes the first Mother and Father of all the world's first Human Children and People known today as Continental Afrikans.

24. Remember, therefore All is One and One is All. The headache of One Part of Creation is, therefore, the headache of all parts of Creation. All is Spirit. All is Divine. All is Energy and Power united and sustained by One Common Universal Source, Intelligence or Mind called AFRIKAMAWU. To know and apply daily this Secret Divine Truth is to live as the Divine in Human Flesh.

25. As the Celestial Representative of AFRIKAMAWU the Divine, AFRIKADZI reigns supreme with all his celestial visible and invisible Children and Beings in the Sky as the male part of AFRIKAMAWU. As the sole Earthly Representative of the Divine on Earth, AFRIKANYI also reigns supreme on Earth with all her Earthly visible and invisible Children and Beings as the Female part of AFRIKAMAWU on Earth. Likewise, as the Human Representative of AFRIKAMAWU, the Creator of the Universe, AFRIKANOR too reigns supreme in the World in Continental AFRIKA with all her visible and invisible Children and Beings as Ancient Ethiopians, Nubians, Saharans, Libyans, Egyptians, Ghanaians, Malians, Soges, Zimbabwe, Congo and so on and who must now rediscover and affirm themselves today as Afrikan - centric Continental Afrikans in words, thoughts and deeds.

Source : Extract from the world's First AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE, Chapter 3, 1-25 which you can purchase online for the Whole AfrikaMiracle Story of How Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans Performed the World's First Unthinkable and Unheard of MIRACLES upon Miracles when they lived in Tune to the Limitless Power of their Mind, Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU within them . Email us for more details :

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