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DISCOVER THE POWER OF OUR AFRIKACREATION STORY or WHY THE JEWISH/CHRISTIAN CREATION STORY IS NOT THE ONLY CREATION STORY THERE IS , c) 2011 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); DESS (M.Phil); M.Sc.; DIPLOME de l'IIAP, (Post-Grad.Dipl ;); BA Double HONS etc, Founder, AFRIKAMAWU MIRACLE MISSION, AMI INC; [email protected],

1. I am your Creator AFRIKAMAWU, your Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent Protector, Provider and Sustainer of all lives including yours.

2. I am the Greatest of all the greatest, the Mightiest of all the mightiest, the Self-Created Spirit of Love, the Self-Directed Eternal Power of Freedom and Justice for all lives and Self-Sustaining Energy of Peace and Harmony as the Balance in all lives.

3. The Abode of AFRIKAMAWU is called Heaven. As the omnipotent Power that dwells and animates all of Creation, Heaven is Everywhere Creation is found. Before Creation is nothing but the Spirit of AFRIKAMAWU sailing in heaven everywhere she is found in perfect Peace, Harmony and Freedom.

4. On the First Day of Creation, out of the eternal invisible Continental Afrikan Universe, AFRIKAMAWU orders into physical being the world's first Sky of all skies, the world's first Air of all airs, the world's first Sun of all suns, the world's first Moon of all moons, the world's first Star of all stars, the world's first Bird of all birds and the world's first Rain of all waters as AFRIKAMAWU'S physical and spiritual Beings, Companions, Expressions and Manifestations.

5. To the world's first created Holy Continental Afrikan Celestial World and Personality as a physical and spiritual Being and Companion of the Creator, AFRIKAMAWU calls AFRIKADZI with the power and authority to serve as AFRIKAMAWU'S divine Universe and Throne of all thrones.

6. So, two hundred million seasons ago, AFRIKADZI as the World's first Creation of all Creation in Continental AFRIKA is born as the world's first celestial World and Beings on earth acting as the male counterpart of the female-centered Universal Creator AFRIKAMAWU

7. So, for two hundred million seasons reign thus between AFRIKAMAWU and AFRIKADZI and his celestial World and Beings total divine and spiritual togetherness, complement ability and understanding that make the Moon, Sun, Air, Stars, Rain and other celestial Beings live in tune to each other with AFRIKAMAWU and AFRIKADZI as their spiritual and divine Parents and Source of all sources.

8. Extremely pleased at the beauty and wonders of the celestial world of AFRIKADZI and his happy celestial beings, AFRIKAMAWU declares on the Second Day of Creation thus: "Let there be Earth" and LO and behold, the beautiful land mass and World of Continental AFRIKA becomes the first continent of all continents to be created by the Almighty Creator AFRIKAMAWU to complement the beauty and riches of AFRIKADZI.

9. From the sacred Continental Afrikan Earth and soil oozes out the world's first holy Land of all lands, the world's first holy Herb of all Herbs, the world's first holy Tree of all trees, the world's first holy Fruit of all fruits, the world's first Forest of all forests, the world's first holy Plain of all plains, the world's first holy Valley of all valleys, the world's first holy Mountain of all mountains, the world's first holy Animal of all animals, the world's first holy ocean of all oceans, the world's first holy River of all rivers, the world's first Holy Fish of all fish and the world's first holy Mammal of all mammals to adorn the glorious divine and spiritual Face of the world's first Mother Earth and Father Sky

10. To Mother Earth, AFRIKAMAWU gives the Holy Name of all names as "KA" which is the world's first ancient Continental Afrikan Language of all human languages to mean "Spirit Land or Holy Land". Similarly, the word "FRI" in "KA" language means FROM. Hence A-FRI-KA means "I AM FROM KA" and which now comes to you as Continental Afrika or KONTI AFRIKA which is another Name for Ancient Ethiopia, Nubia, Sahara, Egypt, Ghana and Zimbabwe Reborn.

11. Remember, therefore, that the word "AFRIKA" is not Greek, Roman, Arab or foreign name or word. It is the divine holy and sacred Name given by the Creator AFRIKAMAWU to the World's first created holy and perfect land on earth in Continental Afrika as the Mother continent of all of today's continents in the world. Without Continental Afrika as the World's first continent, there will be no Europe, no Asia and no Americas today to adorn the surface of the Universe

12. Sacred Continental Afrikan Land Mass, World and Beings as the Holy Divine female Spirit, Energy and Power of the male Power, Spirit and Energy of AFRIKADZI becomes AFRIKANYI with the Mission to reign supreme on earth as AFRIKAMAWU'S Royal Bed of all beds.

13. Like Holy Father AFRIKADZI, Holy Mother AFRIKANYI succeeds in becoming for one hundred and fifty million seasons the only holy Land Mass, Earth, Soil, Ground and Sacred divine Garden where the Creator AFRIKAMAWU and all other earthly Beings live as One Spirit, One Power and One Energy to support, strengthen and enrich each other in Freedom and Justice.

14. For one hundred and fifty million seasons, AFRIKANYI is the world's only fertile Land of all lands on earth with the power and mission to give birth to, sustain and protect all forms of earthly lives that are impossible elsewhere.

15. On the Third Day of Creation, AFRIKAMAWU breathes into being from the union between AFRIKADZI and AFRIKANYI the world's first sacred and holy Human Being on Earth in the person of the first Virgin Woman of all women named by AFRIKAMAWU as AFRIKANOR to mean the Holy Virgin Continental Afrikan Mother of the Universe in Continental AFRIKA.

16. On AFRIKANOR, the world's first Holy and Sacred Human Mother of all Human Beings on Earth in Continental AFRIKA, AFRIKAMAWU generously confers all the humanly powers to be all that she needs and wants to be in life, have all she needs and wants in life, and achieve all that she needs and wants in life as world's first Divine Human Mother-Father of the Universe and Humanity in the Holy Land of Continental AFRIKA.

17. Deep down in the heart of AFRIKANOR, the world's first Human Mother-Father of the Universe in Holy Continental AFRIKALAND is planted and graciously found the never withered Fountain of Self-knowledge and Choice to know or be ignorant of her Divinity, to be Positive or negative, to be good or bad, to be AFRIKAMAWU or Satan, to live in tune to her AFRIKAMAWU in Heaven on earth or survive out of tune to her Divinity in hell on earth, to be powerful or powerless, rich or poor, healthy or sick, live or survive, happy or unhappy, strong or weak, generous or selfish, kind or wicked, just or unjust, free or enslaved, wise or foolish, independent or dependent, developed or underdeveloped, Afrikanized or Westernized or Arabanized and so on.

18. In AFRIKANOR, her Creator AFRIKAMAWU places one sacred and eternal Button with two sides of positive and negative. The Positive Side of the Button leads to the wonderful sacred and divine Kingdom of AFRIKAMAWU within her. The negative side of the Button in her is the inner negative road that leads AFRIKANOR away from the Power and Security of AFRIKAMAWU within her. As long as she chooses consciously or unconsciously to have constantly the right Button on, AFRIKANOR becomes the Deity, the Divine, the Perfection, and the Heavenly Being in thoughts, words and deeds she is destined to be. Keeping perpetually the right Button on means right thinking, right speaking, right action and right results for AFRIKANOR. Her Positive Button leads her to a Limitless Abundance of Positive Wealth, Riches, Prosperity, Success, Power, Joy and Total Fulfillment within. While the negative button in AFRIKANOR leads her to a life of perpetual struggle, survival, war, competition, restlessness, fear, worry, anxiety, lack, limitations, enslavement, poverty, sickness, suffering, sorrow and death in the midst of so much Universal Abundance, Freedom and Peace.

19. AFRIKANOR is the sole Judge and Controller of the Right or wrong Button within her with the Total Freedom to CHOOSE to live perpetually in tune to the Right Button of AFRIKAMAWU in Heaven on earth or live perpetually out of tune to the wrong button in hell on earth.

20. To AFRIKANOR is given the sole divine Power and Authority to create or destroy life, to live in tune in Harmony and Peace with herself and others, or live out of tune and totally ignorant of and dead to her Divinity and Powers innate to her.

21. AFRIKANOR'S Mission on earth becomes therefore, her Awareness of the Right or wrong Button within her and her choice to use it wisely or unwisely in accordance with the Universal Divine Law of Cause and Effect of Sowing and Reaping.

22. In this way, AFRIKANOR becomes the sole Cause of all her Success or failure, Happiness or sorrow, Abundance or scarcity in life. Her power to do or undo, make or unmake, live or die lies within and not outside her as the Divine Representative, Heiress and a Responsible Sacred Being of AFRIKAMAWU here and after.

23. Likewise, to the Celestial Creation of AFRIKADZI also goes the same Positive and negative Button with the power, Freedom and Choice to be Divine or devilish, Positive or negative in all his thinking, deeds and being. To live constantly in tune to the Right Button within him means the Right Balance and Equilibrium between Papa Sky and Mother Earth. It also means, the right Air, the right Rain, the right Weather, perfect Harmony between the Sun, Moon and Stars, and so on to bless the Universe as divine celestial Creation in tune to AFRIKAMAWU for life. To live out of tune to his Divinity any given time also means bad weather, too much or too little rain, too much or too little sunshine, polluted air, too much or too little cold or heat, and so on to curse the world with.

24. So, like AFRIKANOR, AFRIKADZI knows that the power to be a Blessing or a curse, Joy or sorrow, Abundance or scarcity to himself and others lies in his ability or inability to know who he is, what he is not and how to live perpetually in tune to the Limitless Power of AFRIKAMAWU within him.

25. In the same way, AFRIKAMAWU plants in AFRIKANYI the same celestial, divine and eternal Button of Right and wrong, Good or bad, Success or failure, Abundance or scarcity, Positive or negative for her to use or misuse for the blessing or curse of all lives on Earth as the Mother-Father of all Creation and divine Bosom of AFRIKAMAWU the Grand Master Universal Creator of the celestial and earthly Creation, Worlds and Beings.

26. As long as AFRIKANYI has her Right Button on, the entire holy Continental AFRIKALAND, WORLD, UNIVERSE and Sacred Soil, Ground and Earth is filled with the right Vegetation, the right Rivers and Oceans and Fish, the right Fertility and Crops, the right Harvest, the right Health, the right Food, the right Shelter, the right Seasons with the right Sky and Earthly Worlds and Beings to live and complement each other in Peace and Harmony as sacred children of One Divine Source and Being, AFRIKAMAWU.

27. For, living perpetually in tune to AFRIKAMAWU within her also means to AFRIKANYI, total absence and freedom from all forms of scarcity, drought, famine, earthquake, volcano, sickness, suffering and death on Earth which are all signs and results of living out of tune to AFRIKAMAWU.

28. So, for two hundred million seasons, all the Celestial, Earthly and Human Creation of AFRIKAMAWU live in tune to each other as Divine Custodians of the Power of Equal Opportunity, Freedom and Choice for all lives on Earth.

29. For two hundred million seasons, all of Creation in precious and holy Garden of AFRIKAMAWU in the sacred land of Continental Afrika, benefits from their right to use, misuse or not to use their Inner Buttons to be or not to be, to have or not to have, to fulfill or not to fulfill all their hearts' desires as the inheritors or otherwise of the limitless abundance of AFRIKAMAWU'S Universe within them.

30. For two hundred million seasons, AFRIKAMAWU in all her glory and might becomes manifested as AFRIKADZI who in turn becomes AFRIKANYI. Out of their Sacred and Holy Union is born the world's first Human Being called AFRIKANOR as the Divine, Celestial and Earthly Human Extension and Continuity of the same Universal Power, Energy, Spirit and the Source of all Creation and lives whom all awakened Continental Afrikans now call and experience as AFRIKAMAWU.

31. To AFRIKADZI therefore, falls the heavy Divine and Sacred Responsibility and Power to give or withhold rain or water from the Earth. As the invisible male figure Power of the Creator, AFRIKADZI alone has the power to give or withhold the Sun from the rest of the world. He alone has the power to offer or refuse the world pure Air needed by all lives on Earth to live. The decision for the Earth to have the Moon in the Night and the Sun for the Day is the sole duty of AFRIKADZI. Only he has the authority to release or retain the Stars from the eyes of the world. In the same way, why, how and when to have day and night is the matter for AFRIKADZI to decide and be accountable for, which Birds should come into being in the world, how and why is also his decision to make for the benefits or curse of Humanity.

32. Consequently, Good or bad, coming from Above to Earth depends on what Celestial Button is on at any given second in AFRIKADZI'S life. Any time, there is sufficient pure Air, sufficient Rain, Sun, Moon, Stars, correct Climate, wonderful Weather, Seasons, Heat, Cold, and so on to adorn the divine Body of Mother Earth, know that Father Sky is perfectly doing his duty as the Holy Guardian and Custodian of the Universal Celestial Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU by keeping on, at all times, the Right Positive Button within him for the good of all lives.

33. Likewise, to AFRIKANYI goes the sole Divine Responsibility and Power to increase or decrease the Land Mass to the world, make the Land fertile or infertile, increase or decrease the number of Trees on Earth, increase or decrease the quantity of Forests on Earth, increase or decrease the quantity and quality of Animals, Plants, Valleys, Mountains, Herbs, Oceans, Rivers, Fish, Mammals, Fruits, Crops and Vegetables and so on.

34. Hence, the more Land there is at any given time for Mankind to use and profit from, the more in tune Mother Earth remains with the rest of Creation. The more fertile Land there is on Earth, the more quantity and quality Vegetation and Abundance of Food, Meat, Fish, Fruits and Vegetable there will be for all lives to prosper from. The more Rivers and Oceans full of Fish and Meat there are, the more free all lives become from the havoc of scarcity, lack and limitations. The more Mountains, Valleys and Plains the Earth is blessed with, the more Crops, Meat and perfect Health and Prosperity Mankind is able to harvest for life. As long as AFRIKANYI keeps on the right Button all the times, the Earth is Heaven and Heaven is the Sky, the Earth and the Universe.

35. By the same token, as the Divine Human Mother of all Mothers on Earth, AFRIKANOR is also given the grave Divine Responsibility and Power to give birth to as many children as she wants to multiply herself and grace the Earth with in love, kindness and joy.

36. In this way, is set for life, the entire unique and First World Stage of all stages for all lives on Earth in Continental AFRIKA to enfold and be accountable to themselves and others in Total Freedom and Perfection as Holy Members of one Great and Big Continental Afrikan Family with one Holy Continental Afrikan Mission and Destiny to accomplish.

37. But as Equal and inter-dependent Powers of all Powers, Father Sky (AFRIKADZI), Mother Earth (AFRIKANYI) and MAMAAFRIKA (AFRIKANOR) know that their eternal Happiness, Peace and Harmony depend on how perpetually they stay in tune to their divine Creator AFRIKAMAWU and to one another for the perfect fulfillment of their Divine Mission on Earth based on the application of the Universal Law of All is One and One is All.

38. That, all Lives on Earth are One, Unique, Sacred, Perfect, Important and Useful as Divine Manifestation and Holy Expression of the Holy Universal Spirit, Energy and Power that is now revealed to all conscious Continental Afrikans as AFRIKAMAWU.

39. Just as it is impossible for a house to exist without a roof, so it is equally impossible for Mother Earth to exist in full Glory and Happiness without the guaranteed fatherly and heavenly Roof of Father Sky.

40. Likewise, the manner in which AFRIKANOR maintains a perfect Balance, Harmony and Peace between herself, the Sky, the Earth and the Universal Creator AFRIKAMAWU depends on how each Creation knows and is willing to stay in tune to each other as Sacred Members of a Holy Chain in which all have unique place to be and role to play and without which there will be no chain to keep all lives United, Strong, Healthy, Happy and Totally Satisfied and Fulfilled in life.

41. So is born in this way, in the sacred and holy Garden of AFRIKAMAWU in Holy Continental AFRIKALAND, the world's first divine Earthly Paradise of all paradises to unite and support AFRIKADZI, AFRIKANYI and all their Worlds and Beings in total Love, Peace and Harmony with their Creator AFRIKAMAWU for life.

42. In the same way, remember that your Creator AFRIKAMAWU is your Perfect and Eternal Life that is and dwells in all Creation. Hence, nothing on Earth is without Life. Whenever and wherever there is Life, there you will find AFRIKAMAWU your Creator on the Throne of Heaven on Earth.

43. As Infinite Universal Spirit, Energy and Power, AFRIKAMAWU can only be correctly defined, seen, interpreted, understood, experienced and enjoyed fully in Spirit with your Spiritual Senses, not as mortal but Immortal Beings and perpetually in communion with the Limitless Power of the Universal Creator AFRIKAMAWU within us and in all lives.


45. In the same way, remember, your Creator AFRIKAMAWU as the Universal Divine Mother and Father of Humanity has no time, no desire or no interest to become a judge over you.

46. As the Manifestations of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU on Earth, you are your own Judge in Life and hereafter. The Divine Inner Knowledge, Choice and Freedom implanted within all Creation by the Creator AFRIKAMAWU are all you need to live in tune to AFRIKAMAWU in Heaven on Earth or live out of tune to the Creator AFRIKAMAWU in hell on Earth.

47. The Reward or punishment, Happiness or unhappiness, Victory or loss, Success or failure, Positive or negative Results you get in life are in accordance with the Degree of your Inner Knowledge, Mastery, Application of the Divine Cosmic Law of Sowing and Reaping.

48. By your own deeds, thoughts and words, you judge yourself on the Scale of Divine Justice of Cause and Effect.

49. To conceive of the Creator as a Judge sending her own sacred Creation to Heaven or hell is to display utter ignorance of who and what the Creator of the Universe is to all her Creation.

50. Likewise, it is wrong to think of the Creator as living in a geographical spot up above the sky called heaven. Heaven is everywhere the Creator is. Hell is the absence of Heaven or the Divine Way of Living, Being and Thinking.

51. As the Omnipresent Spirit, Energy and Power of all Powers, AFRIKAMAWU is everywhere in everything and at all times.

52. No particular spot or place in the visible and invisible Universe can monopolize the presence of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU. Heaven is therefore everywhere there is a space to accommodate and honor the Infinite Presence of the Almighty AFRIKAMAWU. To limit the Creator to only one particular spot or place in the Universe is to fool nobody but yourself.

53. Likewise, it is wrong for anybody to think of the Creator as the Giver or Withholder of all the Beautiful Things the Universe has in Limitless Abundance for all her Positively Attuned Creation.

54. In all Creation are found two Opposite Roads that lead you to Abundance or scarcity, Wealth or poverty, Happiness or unhappiness, Enjoyment or suffering, Positive Thinking and Living or negative thinking and living, Living in Tune to the Creator AFRIKAMAWU within you in Heaven on Earth or surviving out of tune in restlessness in hell on Earth, Self-knowledge and Knowledge of others or total or partial self-ignorance and ignorance of others and the basic Cosmic Laws of the Universe. Whatever Good or bad results you get in life does not depend on any Divine or devilish forces or actions outside you but on which of the two negative or Positive Roads you tread on at any given moment of your life.

55. To have an Infinite Supply of Goodness showering you all years round, you need to plant it for you to harvest it for life. To avoid badness in your life is to avoid sowing bad seeds in your life for you to be free from their negative visitations and effects.

56. The Creator AFRIKAMAWU is too generous to withhold anything from your enjoyment and too impartial to give to some and refuse others whom she equally loves and cares for as the Creator and Sustainer of all lives.

57. Perpetually pestering, begging, crying, kneeling down, fasting, praying, shouting, whispering or sighing to your Creator AFRIKAMAWU for one thing or the other that belongs to all lives by right as Bona Fide Heirs to the Bounties of the Universe is to ignore the basic fact that your Creator AFRIKAMAWU does not give or withhold anything from any of her Creation. To do so is to accuse AFRIKAMAWU of partiality, favoritism, nepotism, oversight, ignorance or mere wickedness for making some happy and some unhappy as well as blame AFRIKAMAWU for your individual plight, failure, omission, lack or limitations in life that you are the cause and source of in accordance with what you plant and reap in life.

Source : Extract from the world's First AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE, Chapter 2 , 1-57 which you can purchase online for the Whole AfrikaMiracle Story of How Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans Performed the World's First Unthinkable and Unheard of MIRACLES upon Miracles when they lived in Tune to the Limitless Power of their Mind, Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU within them . Email us for more details :

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