Ojukwu, The Coward Secessionist-May He Rest!

By Ben Ikari

Rest in peace, Dimka Odumegwu Ojukwu of Biafra-Biafaa or Bia-Kpara, Ogoni version! With due respect to reasonable Igbos and the public. It isn't proper to rejoice over anyone's death. I'm also not doing so, rather pointing to the man Ojukwu. I hope readers would understand my truth that can be found through history and can't be disproved otherwise.

Ojukwu, who was good in his own right couldn't stand Ken Saro-Wiwa and his truth about Ogoni-saving our people from Biafra and Ojukwu's madness and greed (popularly known as Nigerian-Biafran Civil War, 1967-1970), was the number one coward.

Ojukwu sold Biafra due to his greed for oil and disrespect for Ogonis and other minorities of today's Niger delta. Biafra was mostly harshed due to the presence of Ogoni/Niger delta oil. If it succeeded Ogonis, who were already enslaved by Igbos in Ogoni land will be registered slaves today. Saro-Wiwa saw this and fought against it. Thus his crime at the hands of Ojukwu and other Biafran praise-singers who then sought Saro-Wiwa's head.

Meanwhile, Ojukwu ran away from his people at a critical moment into exile. Millions of innocent Igbos (Ogonis and other minorities also died in numbers at home and Igbo camps) killed while he ran away.

No wonder seasoned Igbos, including late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe refused to support Ojukwu and his Biafran insanity!

Though Ojukwu returned from Ivory Coast under Shehu Shagari or so. He couldn't have the opportunity to fight to revive Biafra again. This was contrary to the saying: he who fight and run away lives to fight another day.

Saro-Wiwa stood by his people to the end. He's a global hero while Ojukwu is the Igbo coward!

As mentioned inter alia, death is an inevitable end, so not proper to rejoice over the death of others. I'm not rejoicing over Ojukwu's death. Ojukwu's death, however, can't come without the truth about him, unlike the lies he told abroad about Saro-Wiwa and Ogonis. I hope readers may understand.

Because Ojukwu was cheap, greedy, yet with one of the best education but knew nothing to do with it, he's bribed by the Federal government of Nigeria (under Sanni Abacha), sponsored abroad to justify the world's environmental and human rights hero's (Saro-Wiwa) unjust hanging.

The coward in Ojukwu couldn't get away with that trash! He's bathed in rotten eggs; a high profile disgrace given in the West, when he went to London justifying Saro-Wiwa's unjust death of Nov. 10, 1995.

Today, Ojukwu is left to the Igbos of his kind and some Nigerians such as Goodluck Jonathan, who love violence and has already said, according to Sahara Reporters' Nov. 26 report, "Ojukwu's place in Nigerian history is assured."

Anyone still unsure that Jonathan and his Nigerian cabal hate Saro-Wiwa and Ogoni? How shameful to see a country love and honor violence and trash nonviolence and intellectual discussions, arguments for rights (as with Saro-Wiwa and Ogonis) and freedoms to the cutters!

That is the Nigeria run by the so-called majority ethnic groups for you. We can see Boko Haram like Ojukwu's Biafra, in action, supported also by Jonathan and his Hausa counterparts. We can see Jonathan sit and look confused, not sure of what to do with Boko (like he paid off Niger delta militants whose agitation was just, if not their greed and unintellectual approach) begging for help from America.

Finally, is Jonathan, one of the Ojukwu-Biafran violent praise-singer confused about the peaceful Ogonis, their just agitation for political, social and economic justice, ruined environment? No! He and the Federal government is hardened, waiting for a period when news may come that all Ogonis are extinct due to environmental degradation and government, $hell's inaction and stupidity. Shame on Nigeria, because Ogoni, which is older than Nigeria will live to shame the Ojukwus and its Nigerian oppressors!