By NBF News

Sunday, November 27,  2011
Ask anyone in Nollywood, Yemi Solade is a no-nonsense actor, who doesn't mince words or suffer fools gladly. But when report came to town through blogspheres that the actor is 'making a fool of himself' by sending nude pictures to a fan on Blackberry, it made instant headline.

According to Internet report, Yemi met a woman on Facebook and a relationship ensued. And then he allegedly started harassing her sexually. The report said Yemi even sent her a nude picture.

But in a swift and typical Solade reaction, Yemi blasted the woman and gave detailed reports of their conversation.

'She added me on Blackberry and I was trying to be civil when she chatted with me. She told me she was a lawyer. Someone told me she was not; that she and her husband were fraudsters. She called me a week after and accused me of not calling her.

I asked her for what, and she started abusing me. I told her off. I even went on Facebook and denounced her. She turned around and accused me of sending her nude pictures. Let her provide the nude pictures if she is telling the truth,' he said.