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*Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *, Emails: [email protected];

1. Continental/Diaspora Afrikans/Islanders, where is your Continental AfrikaFashion which is the World's First, Oldest and Ancient human Fashion on Earth and Mother of all today's World's Human Fashions and without which there would be no WESTERN, ARAB, JEWISH, CHRISTIAN AND ISLAM FASHIONS for you to be preferring today to your Continental AfrikaFashion of which you have been kept Ignorant and Uprooted from in your Today's Invisible Hell of Self-Ignorance , de-Afrikanization, Westernization, Christianization, Materialization, Arabanization and Islamization ?

2. Where is the Throne of your Continental AfrikaFashion at the Table of today's World Conference of World Fashions of those who Count in the world today ?

3. When are you going to know once and for all that all your various SLAVE, COLONIAL AND NEOCOLONIAL-BASED FASHIONS you have been programmed to hail, die and live for as your Fashions ARE NOT our FASHION but Western/Arab/Jewish created and controlled Fashions imposed on you to keep you perpetually SELF-IGNORANT, FRAGMENTED, DEPENDENT , IMPOVERISHED, POWERLESS , NEEDY AND EASY TO BE DOMINATED, CONTROLLED, INFLUENCED AND EXPLOITED FOR THE PROFIT OF our FOREIGN CREATORS AND CONTROLLERS AND FOR THE GUARANTEED LOSS AND SUFFERING OF THE BULK OF our CONTINENTAL/DIASPORA AFRIKAMASSES ?

4. When are you going to know once and for all that, Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaFashion for all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans is your Continental AfrikaRight to claim, fight for, protect, defend and die to live for , for life in dignity and prosperity and happiness for all ? .

5. That is why The French dress French to express their French-ness wherever they are.

6. . The British, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Russians, the Italians, the Germans, the Arabs and the Jews and so on are proud to dress their own Ways anytime and anywhere to develop, promote and exhibit the Creativity of Who they are in the world.

3. But when it comes to you my today's Foreignized Continental/Diaspora Afrikans , Dressing is no dressing until and unless it is Foreign/alien-based dresses, clothes and materials imposed on you to rob you of your Divine Right to the Dignity and Pride of your own. Continental AfrikaFashion which you are conditioned to reject or look down upon as "backward, inferior and not modern or civilized enough " for your today's Neo-colonial personalities.

4. Your today's obsession to dress French rather than Continental Afrikan is no sign of civilization but enslavement to the people whose fashions or ways of dressing you have become.

5. Your today's pride to out-dress the British in your British style dresses can only transform you into caricatures of the British whose styles you cannot do without.

6. Your today's zeal to dress Arab in the name of the Arab religion you are conditioned to call “Islam” proclaims you a living property of the Arabs whose ways of dressing you now call your own.

7. Dying daily to dress like the Jews or Hebrews or Judah or Israelites is nothing but hanging yourselves alive with the Rope of the Judeo/Western religion of Christianity you are programmed to call your own for their profit and your loss.

8. If the French will not dress Continental Afrikan like you, why dress like them?

9. If the British are too proud to respect let alone honor your Continental AfrikaFashion or Ways of dressing, why continue to fool yourselves that without their Foreign Fashions, dresses or ways of dressing, you will still be running wild and naked in the jungles of Continental Afrika?

10. To think so is to be ignorant of the historical Truth and Fact that your Continental AfrikaFashion is the world's first and oldest Forms of Human Ways of dressing and Mother of today's world Forms of making and wearing dresses and clothes of all kinds which include the very Western, Arab and Jewish Fashions you now blindly prefer to our own Continental AfrikaFashion that gave birth to all your today's alien/colonial ways of dressing in the first place.

11. Without the world's first Invention of Continental AfrikaScience, Technology and Art of Dress Making and Wearing by your Ancient Continental AfrikaDress Designers, Dress Makers, Modeling and Wearing in Ancient Continental Afrika, there will not be today's Foreign/alien Fashions for you to worship to your doom.

12. To prefer therefore the Hell of Foreign/alien ways of dressing to the Heaven of your Continental AfrikaWay of dressing is to prefer others to yourselves which even a fool will never do.

13. Foreign/alien Fashions of all nationalities are dumped on you to keep you perpetually blind to the Glory and the Power of your Continental AfrikaHigh Fashion that you are totally kept uprooted from for your perdition in the Hell of your Self-ignorance.

14. Foreign/alien High Fashions whose property you have turned yourselves into are nothing but our badge of shame, disgrace and humiliation which you wear daily for secretly believing their slave/colonial/neo-colonial lie that foreign/alien Fashions or Dressing styles are superior to and better than your own Continental AfrikaHigh Fashion which you are kept ignorant of.

15. Alien/foreign ways of dressing are death to your Ability to think, create, invent, and design authentic Continental AfrikaLand-and-People Dresses and Clothes that unify and empower you all continentally as Reborn and Awakened Continental/Diaspora Afrikans.

16. To dress Foreign or alien rather than Continental Afrikan is to deprive yourselves of your Divine Right to sew, make, weave and manufacture all the Continental AfrikaDresses and Clothing you need and want to express the Eternal Joy and Elegance of your Continental Afrikanhood and Royal Presence in Life in Dignity.

17. To dress Foreign or alien rather than Continental Afrikan is also to deny yourselves the golden opportunity to share, give, sell and profit from the Fashion Wonders and Miracles of your Continental AfrikaCreativity and Imagination.

18. To dress Continental Afrikan every time and everywhere is to proclaim loud and clear to yourselves and the world your Right to stamp the world Fashions Scene or Stage with the royal Presence of your Continental AfrikaFashion or Dressing Styles.

19. To always wear, with pride and joy, the excellent Products of your own Continental AfrikaFashion Power of Creativity and Imagination, is to honor yourselves for life in dignity and pride as Reborn and Awakened Continental Afrikans.

20. Insult no more your Continental AfrikaFashion Intelligence whose limitless Power of Creativity and Imagination is ready to kingly and queenly clothe your sacred and holy Continental Afrikan Presence any time, any day and any where you are willing to call upon her.

21. Enslave yourselves no more on the altar of Foreign/alien fashions kept alive in Continental Afrika to keep you perpetually inferior to those whose dressing styles you have become addicted to.

22. Turn not yourselves into a permanent property of Foreign/alien styles of dressing that exist to spit eternally on your Right to clothe yourselves continentally for the benefit and glory of all Continental Afrikans.

23. Turn not yourselves into perpetual children for others to teach how to clothe yourselves not in your own Ways but in their own ways no matter what.

24. Wearing Foreign/alien dresses and clothing instead of your Continental AfrikaDresses and Clothing does not make you more civilized, developed and modernized but rather it turns you into a perpetual stooge of those whose Alien fashions you have become without knowing.

25. To always dress Continental Afrikan confers on , the Means to make, sell, exchange, give, share and benefit from all kinds of Continental AfrikaDress Materials that are of high quality but at the same time affordable to all Continental Afrikans.

26. If the French can have and be proud of their French Fashion in the world, if the British can have and be proud of their British Fashion in the world, if the Italians, the Germans, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Arabs and the Jews and so on can have and be proud of their various Fashions in the world without being accused of being racist, you my Continental/Diaspora Afrikans must and should also claim and enjoy your Divine Right to your Continental AfrikaFashion which alone is capable of clothing and dressing you properly and fittingly as Reborn Continental/Diaspora Afrikans in Thoughts, Words and Deeds.

27. To recover, develop, invent, create, design, sew, produce, manufacture and wear with pride and confidence your Continental AfrikaDresses and Clothing is to be present continentally at the Rendezvous of World Fashions where the might of your Continental AfrikaFashion is yet to be honored with her own throne as the Mother of today's world fashions.

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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