By NBF News

By Onozure Dania
PERSONNEL managers have been called upon to contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of the Nigerian economy. Speaking during the 11th induction ceremony of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management, Mr Abiola Popoola, President and Chairman of the CIPM, said the time has come for personnel managers to occupy the front row in national discourse and nation building, adding that it is only by this that the institute will be considered for serious leadership position.

According to him, members of the institute are expected, as part of their expertise to commit themselves to continuous self development through study, experience sharing and through forceful application of the practices in their areas of professions.

He said, 'To become a professional, you must have character, competence, in terms of knowledge, in terms of skills and you must comply with the code. The two things bring you together, the competence and the character that makes you a professional.'

Popoola highlighted the fact that the institute is mandated to promote excellence in the acquisition and application of knowledge and skills, as this will ensure that they conttribute more effectively towards economic development.

He added that the responsibility of placing expertise in the management, falls on them as an institute, either  at cooperate level, or as individual members in their little corners of the economy, be it in the private sector or in the public sector.

He called on the new inductees to demonstrate expertise in the development and effective deployment of human capital, adding that they will be able to command the respect they so much desire as professionals through the quality of their contributions to public performance.

He said further, 'This being an induction ceremony of a professional institute, we can not, but dwell on the issue of ethics and it centers the importance's of professionalism, a code of conduct in the institute that provides practitioners with an ethical compass to help them in managing the social and economic environment around the world the compass, which is the instrument that always points to true law.'

Popoola challenged the inductee to endeavor to live by the codes of conducts of their profession in what ever they do, in where ever they find themselves.

He said the code confines in them the clear guidance, as to the kind of choices that they will need to make.

Continuing, he said the code, is not just for reading sake but that as members of the institute, they are expected to internalize the code and to leave it. Leaving the code is what brings the life and as professionals, you don't have options, but to leave the code.  He said

'If you don't leave the code, that guides your profession, then you are not a professional you are a quark, you are a charlatan.' so we expect that every single member of our institute, must abide by our institute's code of conduct, the key elements of our codes of conduct are excellence, integrity, diligence, competence, law abiding, confidentiality, development of self and others these are the evidence of the codes, they are fundamental apply them where ever you go.'  The code of the institute is not only in your professional practice, even in your private lives, this codes guarantees that you will leave a life that is very well valued  he said.