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13 REASONS TO FREE OURSELVES FROM SLAVE/COLONIAL PERSPECTIVES OR HOW TO FREE CONT/DIASPORA AFRIKANS FROM THE HELL OF WESTERN/ARAB/CHRISTIAN/ISLAM PERSPECTIVES, By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *, Emails: [email protected],

1) Continental/Diaspora Afrikans/Islanders, where is your Continental AfrikaPerspective which is the World's First, Oldest and Ancient human Perspective on Earth and Mother of all today's World's Human Perspectives and without which there would be no WESTERN, ARAB, JEWISH, CHRISTIAN AND ISLAM PERSPECTIVES for you to be preferring today to your Continental AfrikaPerspective of which you have been kept Ignorant and Uprooted from in your Today's Invisible Hell of Self-Ignorance , de-Afrikanization, Westernization, Christianization, Materialization, Arabanization and Islamization ?

2) Where is the Throne of your Continental AfrikaPerspective at the Table of today's World Conference of World Perspectives ?

3) When are you going to know once and for all that all your various SLAVE, COLONIAL AND NEOCOLONIAL-BASED PERSPECTIVES you have been programmed to hail, die and live for as your Identity ARE NOT your PERSPECTIVE but Western/Arab/Jewish created and controlled Perspectives imposed on you to keep you perpetually SELF-IGNORANT, FRAGMENTED, DEPENDENT , IMPOVERISHED, POWERLESS , NEEDY AND EASY TO BE DOMINATED, CONTROLLED, INFLUENCED AND EXPLOITED FOR THE PROFIT OF your FOREIGN CREATORS AND CONTROLLERS AND FOR THE GUARANTEED LOSS AND SUFFERING OF THE BULK OF your CONTINENTAL/DIASPORA AFRIKAMASSES ?

4) When are you going to know once and for all that, Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaPerspective for all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans is your Continental AfrikaRight to claim, fight for, protect, defend and die to live for , for life in dignity and prosperity and happiness for all ? .

5) Why such a craze and folly on the part of the more and more of today's Foreignized Continental/Diaspora Afrikans to turn yourselves into modern Slaves of Alien perspectives in and of life?

6) Why, here and there, you my Continental/Diaspora Afrikans are the only Human Group on Earth who sees not the countless deaths you are inflicting upon yourselves through the Genocide of your today's Alien perspectives that make you see life with Foreign rather than Continental AfrikaEyes?

7) Why on Earth should you , the Bulk of today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans, insist on seeing the world and life with French Eyes rather than with your own Divine Continental AfrikaEyes when the French you have become addicted to, do not see the world and life with our AfrikaEyes they program you to reject and replace with their French Eyes?

8) Today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans who are zealously killing and gladly destroying their One and Only Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaPerspective in life and of the world with their British perspective of the world and life do so out of ignorance of the fact that British perspective of life cannot be Continental AfrikaPerspective of life.

9) Today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans with Arab perspectives of the world and life can only end up as pitiful Human Bats which can never be either Arab or Afrikan but only Slaves and Photocopies of the Arab perspectives they have become addicted to.

10) Jewish perspective for some of my today's AfrikaChildren is like trying to watch the Sun not with your Continental AfrikaEyes or Perspective but with Jewish Eyes or perspective.

11) Seeing the world and life with Foreign Eyes or Perspectives rather than with our own Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaEyes or Perspective is also like trying to walk with someone else's Feet or fly with someone else's Wings rather than with your own Continental AfrikaFeet and Wings.

12) And since the British can only see with their British Eyes, the French with their own French Eyes, the Arabs with their own Arab Eyes, the Elephants with their own Elephant Eyes, the Lions with their own Lion Eyes and the Eagles with their own Eagle Eyes and vice versa and so on, it stands to reason that, whether you today's Westernized, Arabanized and Jewinized Continental/Diaspora Afrikans like it or not, your long-awaited Continental AfrikaTime is here to Awaken you all to your forgotten Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaTruth that only you Continental/Diaspora Afrikans can see, enjoy, appreciate, learn, understand, experience and benefit from the world and life not with Alien or Foreign Eyes or Perspectives but only with your Continental AfrikaEyes or Perspective which is as equally important as any other Foreign Perspectives or Eyes in the world.

13) Just as no French, no British, no Arabs, no white Americans, no Elephants, no Lions, no Eagles and so on worth the name, will commit suicide by replacing or exchanging their own individual Eyes or Perspectives of the world and life with any other Foreign Eyes or Perspectives on Earth, in the same way, Continental/Diaspora Afrikans can only see and experience the world and life with their own Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaEyes or Perspective as their inevitable and imminent Freedom from the Hell of their today's Genocide of Alien Perspectives in life.

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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