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Islamic leader cautions President Jonathan on subsidy removal

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Sheik Abdulhakeem Yayi-Akorede, the Chief Imam of Akure has advised President Goodluck Jonathan to exercise caution on the proposed removal of subsidy on petroleum products.

Yayi-Akorede told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Akure on Tuesday that the proposed removal of fuel subsidy, if implemented would adversely cripple the economic fortunes of the masses.

He noted that removing the subsidy without an upward adjustment in the salaries of workers would bring hardship to the people.

Yayi-Akorede also said that any attempt to remove petroleum subsidy would not augur well for the country as it may precipitate into serious crisis.

He was of the view that there was nothing bad in subsidising petroleum products in the country as Nigerians were entitled to enjoy their God given mineral resources without hardship.

According to him, removing the subsidy will affect the people the country.

The chief Imam appealed to President Jonathan not to allow some greedy Nigerians to advise him in taking wrong decision because the removal of the subsidy may lead crisis in Nigeria.

Yayi-Akorede also advised the president to hold wide consultations with various groups and segments of the society before taking any action on the issue.

“I will advise the president to be weary of those advising him to remove fuel subsidy, they are the enemies of the people who will run away to another country when the crisis starts,” the chief Imam said.

He advised Federal Government to urgently put in place the measures to refurbish the four refineries in the country so that the government would not be importing refined petrol from overseas.

“If an individual in the country could have a refinery outside the country, I don't see why government cannot make the four refineries in the country work optimally,” he said .