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In his desire to keep his Eagles perpetually ignorant of their true Eagle Identity, the chicken Farmer manages to make his Eagles to accept and believe in the lie of their false chicken identities.

From experience, he knows Eagle Identity for his Eagles will mean an end to their false and artificial chicken identities. It will mean his loss of control over his Eagles. It will also mean total Eagle Self-knowledge, Self-love, Self-acceptance, total Self-reliance, Empowerment, Liberation, Development, Prosperity and Happiness for all his Eagles in total Freedom, Dignity and Love for themselves and others.

This is so because Eagle Identity offers his Eagles the right and power of their Eagle Nationality, Eagle Citizenship, Eagle Personality, Eagle Mentality, Eagle Perspective, Eagle Leadership, Eagle Nation-state, Eagle Government, Eagle Democracy, Eagle Development and Prosperity for all Eagles to enjoy and to set them free from the genocide of their chicken worlds.

But with chicken identities imposed on his Eagles, the chicken Farmer is able to get them to forget their Eagle Identity and to prefer their false chicken identities to their own original Eagle Identity they know little or nothing of.

This means, false chicken nationalities for his Eagles programmed to consider and refer to their present chicken worlds as their nations and homelands to die for. It also means false chicken citizenships for his Eagles conditioned for five hundred seasons to see themselves no more as Eagle Citizens but as chicken citizens.

Chicken identities for Eagles also mean false chicken personalities that make Eagles to appear like chickens instead of Eagles, to think chicken rather than Eagle, and to see themselves, relate and experience the world not with Eagle eyes but with chicken eyes for their doom.

In this way, the chicken Farmer is able to dominate, control and exploit his Eagles any way he wants without fear. For five hundred seasons, he succeeds in using the politics of chicken identities to de-Eaglenize and chickenize his Eagles.

And as long as his Eagles continue to define and refer to themselves not as Eagles but as chickens, the chicken Farmer will always rule them. And the more his Eagles are deprived of the power and benefits of their true Eagle Identity, the more they are devoured and destroyed by the hell and genocide of self-ignorance, self-hatred, self-rejection, low-self-esteem, poor self-image, and chronic lack of love, respect, faith, belief and confidence in themselves and others.

So, through the power of chickenizing his Eagles with his deadly weapon of chicken identities, the chicken Farmer is able to keep his Eagles perpetually powerless, confused, hopeless, helpless, frustrated and too weak to break away from their chicken identities that are killing them but which they love so much and will die to be called chickens no matter what.

And as long as this continues, the chicken Farmer has no fear of losing his Eagles to their real Eagle Identity which he has successfully kept them ignorant of.

This means, only Eagle Identity for all Eagles is the only Eagle Way that can save today's chickenized Eagles from the genocide of their present chicken identities that are destroying them.

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