Democracy in Foreign Languages is not Democracy but DEMOCRAZY


© 2011 Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat,
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Under normal circumstances, Continental Afrika's Right, Call or Desire for a Continental Afrikan Democracy of all Continental Afrikans, by all Continental Afrikans, and for all

Continental Afrikans in the same way as French democracy for the French, British Democracy for the British, or White American Democracy for white Americans should have been a normal self-evident fact or obvious right that should need no further elaboration, proof, discussion or justification.

Asking, for example, British people or leaders and scholars, past and present, if the British people should have British Democracy or government rather than German, Italian, French or White American style Democracies will be considered unnecessary or a silly question no sensible British leader or people will waste time, energy or expertise in asking let alone answering.

For, to the mentally liberated British, French, Germans, Italians or White Americans, British Democracy for the British, French Democracy for the French, Italian Democracy for the Italian and so on IS NO LONGER AN ISSUE. IT IS A FACT. IT IS A RIGHT. IT IS A NON-NEGOTIABLE ITEM.

Hence, asking the French, British, White Americans and others whether or not they should have or prefer foreign democracies to their own is like asking a leopard whether or not it should have spotted skin or whether a person should see with his/her own eyes or breathe with his/her own nose rather than with someone else's eyes or nose.

In other words, talking of French Democracy not in French but in a foreign language is like talking Greek to an Arab. What will White American Democracy be without a common white/Western language that all the people of United States of American speak and understand?


Like the Sun, the word Democracy means different things to different people who must experience it at different times and in different ways for their own benefits.

This fact, elementary though it sounds, is not obvious to most of our past and present Pro-Western or Euro-centric leaders and "experts" in our Western created and controlled

neo-colonial Continental Afrika who either out of pure ignorance, pure intellectual dishonesty or colonial/neo-colonial educational brainwashing and programming, talked, still talk, think and act as if, in the words of Professor Kofi Awoonor that:

”There is a rare plant called Western democracy which only need to be plucked from the wonderful democratic gardens of London, Washington, Rome, Paris and elsewhere, carry it home and gloom it into a blossoming tree that will bestow on us such fruits as free press, free assembly, freedom of worship, freedom from hunger, homelessness, military coups, etc.”

That is why, contrary to all the opinions and assurances of our present "experts," our today's Continental Afrikan world cannot be better off let alone be saved by the present

efforts by a minority Pro-Western or Euro-centric elite of "leaders" and "experts" to impose on the majority of our people, imported western/foreign democracies/governments and leadership styles that deliberately exclude the total

participation, involvement, support, protection and sanction of the bulk of Continental Afrikan masses but which they are tragically conditioned to refer to as "Afrikan," "Ghanaian," "Nigerian," "South African," and other democracies.

For, as far as our Euro-centric advocates of Western democracies for Continental Afrika are concerned, everything Western/Foreign is "progress" "development" or "civilization"
for us to accept with thanks, but everything Afrikan is "archaic," "traditional," "local," "tribalistic" for us to reject with thanks.

That is why to them, it is "progress" for the British, French, Italians. Japanese, Chinese, White Americans, Germans and others to have, practice and benefit from their own created democracies in their own languages, terms, labels, systems and institutions that the majority of their people know, understand, can use, control and protect for their benefits.

But to the same people, it is unthinkable to talk of Continental Afrikan Democracy for all Continental Afrikans let alone practice it in our own Continental Afrikan Lingua Franca with terms, labels, systems and institutions in our own Continental Afrikan language that the bulk of our people will understand and can relate to for their use, control and protection.

That is why Western powers and their financial institutions we erroneously call "World Bank," "International Monetary Fund" and so on, are once again pressing every part of their neo- colonialized Continental Afrikan world and people to push for their Western democracies not because they will save or develop us but because they will ensure and Guarantee total Western domination, control, and exploitation of the minds of our leaders and experts for free and guaranteed easy access to our resources.

Hence, for a token of Crumbs from foreign tables, our present Euro-centric pro-western democracy advocates and beneficiaries will do anything within their power to impose on our people alien and unworkable democracies which they know can only work on paper, let alone benefit the bulk of our Continental Afrikan people.

They all know our "first," "second," and "third" Republics all over our colonial/neo-colonial Continental Afrika can only fail because they were products not of the masses of our AFRIKACENTRIC Continental Afrika but of the minority of experts and leaders in Afrika paid to promote not Continental Afrikan but foreign democracies that exist to deprive us of our AFRIKACENTRIC Continental Afrikan Democracy.

Instead of learning the lessons of our past mistakes of preferring foreign democracies to our own Continental Afrikan Democracy, our "experts" of western democracies are still busy repeating the same old mistakes we made over and over again in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s that guarantee the total failures and deaths of our imported "first," "second" and "third" Republics and so on, long before they were born.

What we are calling today a "new" draft constitution and a "new" constitution for the various states on the continent is nothing but a patchwork of old wine in a new bottle that is doomed to fail.

Just as it is impossible for French democracy to take the place of British democracy or vice versa, it is ridiculous if not tragic for our today's Euro-centric pro-western democracies elite supporters to continue to think that all today's Continental Afrika needed yesterday, and needs today and tomorrow is not to have its own Continental Afrikan Democracy, but western style democracies that are nothing but PATCHWORKS or CRUMBS or PHOTOCOPIES of Paris, London, Washington, Berlin or Rome-based democracies, constitutions and parliaments.

All because the Continental Afrikan Democracy for all Continental Afrikans is not and cannot be western democracies. Continental Afrikan democracy which we now call AFRIKADEMOCRACY OR AFRIKAPEOPLECRACY is the Democracy of all the People of Continental Afrika by all the people of Continental Afrika and for all the people of Continental Afrika.

Western democracies in colonial/neo-colonial Continental Afrika, on the other hand, are nothing but "democracy" of the few elite of the gun power or money power.

This means, the only Democracy/Government/Constitution for all Continental
Afrikans is all Continental Afrikan people-based, all Continental Afrikan people-created, all Continental Afrikan people-directed and all Continental Afrikan people-controlled for their use and benefits as free Continental Afrikans.

For there can never be a Continental Afrikan Democracy without the Continental

Afrikan people. And there is no Continental Afrikan people or nation without a common Continental Afrikan language to unify, fortify and protect them.

That is why the right to govern oneself in one's own languages is jealously guarded and zealously upheld by all other human groups except our today's dependent colonial/neo-colonial elite. Even animals in the jungle will not exchange their right to be and to govern themselves in their own languages, in their own environment and in the way they see fit for anything else in the world.

But today, in the name of Westernization and de-Afrikanization of more and more Afrikans which we tragically call "modernization," "development," "progress," "civilization," Western-created and controlled elite in neo-colonial Continental Afrika, can still not conceive for the bulk of their masses AFRIKACENTRIC Continental Afrikan Democracy outside Western styles of democracy.

All the present fuss about multiparty "democracy," constitutional "democracy," national conference for "democracy," draft "constitution," "constitution," whether or not we should have a "President" or a "Prime Minister," a "Parliament, Congress or Assembly," or the numerous "democracy" trips to Washington, Paris or London by our "democracy," "constitution" or "assembly" students , trainees and experts in neo-colonial Continental Afrika are nothing but DEJA VU EXERCISES IN FUTILITY THAT ARE DOOMED TO DIE BEFORE THEY ARE HATCHED.

In other words, all our present western style republics are bound to suffer the same fate as their predecessors of the past BECAUSE they are TOO WESTERN/ALIEN in their

As a product of few elite "black" outside but "White" inside, educated, trained, protected and supported by the West, their concept of democracy cannot be AFRIKACENTRIC but foreign/Euro-centric meant to promote not AFRIKACENTRIC Continental Afrikan but western agendas for their neo-colonial Continental Afrika and as such cannot save us.

Consequently, learning from our past mistakes means, accepting the bitter Truth that no part of Continental Afrika can get nowhere by trying to walk with Western feet instead
of our own AFRIKACENTRIC Continental Afrikan feet Preferring foreign ways of life to our own way of life is like trying to see, hear, breathe and so on with someone else's eyes, ears and noses respectively.

Continental Afrikan Democracy for Continental Afrika is therefore very legitimate, normal, imperative and capital thing to do for Continental Afrika. It is also the only way for us to go to avoid military dictatorship or civilian confusion and purposelessness and the politics of perfect chaos.

That is why the French, British or white American democracies we are busy copying now would never exchange their own respective democracies with anyone else's because they are not fools.

To rediscover, practice, control and benefit from our own Afrikan-centric Continental Afrikan Democracy is therefore to save ourselves from THE COLONIALISM OF WESTERN DEMOCRACIES in any part of our today's neo-colonial Continental Afrikan world.

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD;
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