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*By © 2011 Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat,

* PhD; Doctorat d'Etat, PhD; MSC.; DESS ( French M.Phil ); Diplome de l'IIAP, ( French Post Grad Dipl); BA Double Hons etc* [email protected]*

Why it is a LIE if not intellectual/academic IGNORANCE or DISHONESTY for Western/White Supremacist Government Leaders and their faithful and well-compensated and protected Academic, Intellectual, Religious, Political, Economic and Social PHOTOCOPY ELITE SCHOLARS AND THEIR GRATEFUL STUDENTS in and outside our today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikan World , think, believe and accept the Lie that Globalization is good, excellent and a Blessing not only to the West but to all Humanity and as such it must be encouraged, supported and promoted for the good of all which is nothing but Euro-centric Perspective of Globalization which needs to be exposed no matter the cost or risk.

That is why, Globalization from Afrikacentricity Point of View or Perspective is nothing but the Invisible Top Secret, Little-known and little-talked about Western Domination, Control, Influence, Assimilation, Integration etc of Continental/Diaspora Afrikan World and People, Past and Present and how, with our full support in self-ignorance, today's Africans are systematically and thoroughly, DE-AFRIKANIZED or turned into non-Afrikan or Westernized, Arabanized Jewinized or Foreignized or turned into a Photocopy of the White man or Photocopy of the Arab or Photocopy of the Jew and about which we, today's Continental/Diaspora African World and People have been programmed to hail as "African agenda, mission, progress, development, change, success, prosperity, etc for today's free, emancipated, independent, sovereign and modernized African nations, countries and people " but which are nothing but INVISIBLE MENTAL CHAINS which our Euro-centric, Arab-centric and Jewish-centric or Foreign-centric Government leaders, elite, scholars and their students are busy making more and more comfortable instead of breaking away from their Hellish and Genocide Hold, Influence, Control over us

Some Glaring Examples of Concrete Political, Economic and Social Evidence of Globalization as the Invisible Western Bomb to dominate and control today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikan World and People which has turned us into the Only People on earth who have been successfully programmed to:

* 1 * Accept, love, enjoy and perpetuate our present Invisible Western, Arab and Jewish Domination, Control and Influence over our Lives, our Minds and our Resources instead of breaking away from their Hellish Hold over us into the Freedom of our own created Continental Afrikan Paradise World and Way of Life that Await us

* 2 *Continue to survive gladly in their man-made Hell of Foreign controlled and protected political, economic and social world orders, systems, institutions and borders which have been created and kept alive today by outside Forces to perpetuate their Foreign Hold and Control over us and to prevent us from creating, living and prospering in the Heaven of our own Created and Controlled Continental Afrikan-based and oriented Identity, Nationality, Citizenship, Nation-State, Government, Democracy, Language, Security, Pride and Dignity for all our today's One Billion Continental/Diaspora Afrikans/Islanders

* 3 * Moan and groan with so much pain under the Mountain of their Foreign created prison states without nation we call our homes and countries instead of laughing and enjoying life in our own created Continental Afrikan Nation-state

* 4 *Gladly hang ourselves alive with their Foreign Ropes of colonial/slave identities, nationalities and citizenship that keep us fragmented, dependent, impoverished and ignorant of our Continental Afrikan Identity, Nationality, Citizenship, Power and Culture and Values

* 5 *Zealously continue to insult ourselves each time we speak to each another in slave/colonial languages instead of uniting and empowering ourselves with the Power and Benefit of our own created Continental Afrikan Language and Lingua Franca

* 6 * Gladly Disconnect ourselves from the Power and Protection of our Continental Afrikan Ancestors by poisoning or naming ourselves and our children after colonial/slave ancestors instead of Connecting ourselves to the Power, Security and Protection of our Sacred Continental Afrikan Ancestral Names

* 7 * Thoroughly Insult our intelligence by dressing Foreign instead of adorning our Continental Afrikan Personality and Presence with the Pride of our Continental Afrikan Fashion and Creativity

* 8 * Relentlessly Miseducate ourselves by teaching ourselves their lies as our truths, by rejecting our TRUTH as lies and by knowing everything about others but little or nothing about ourselves as One Continental Afrikan People with the Richest Continent on Earth as our Home and Motherland to recover, unify, empower, develop, enrich, protect, defend and control for our own Enjoyment, Benefit and freedom from their Crumbs.

* 9 * Joyously Underdevelop ourselves in the name of dependent development which is promoted solely to keep us dependent from head to toe on Outside Crumbs instead of relying on our own Inner Continental Afrikan-based Development which alone is destined to make Afrika FISH for herself as we did in the past for three million Years without outside assistance as the Cradle of Humanity

* 10 *Continually beg for political, economic and social crumbs, leftovers and surpluses from the tables of External Forces which we hail as Foreign aids, grants, scholarships, loans, investments or trade instead of claiming our Continental Afrikan Loaf we have been kept ignorant of for the Enjoyment of Outside Forces and their well-rewarded Gatekeepers in power to protect and keep alive their slave/colonial/neocolonial status in Afrika

* 11 *Practise Democracy in slave/colonial Languages that exclude 70% of our Continental Afrikan People from having any say in the way they are governed instead of practicing and benefiting from the power of our Continental Afrikan Democracy we call AFRIKAPEOPLECRACY

* 12 * Ruled/governed by Euro-centric, Arab-centric and Jewish leaders who are not the products of their People but Foreign creations kept in power to promote Foreign Domination and Control of the Continent and its Riches for the enjoyment of their Foreign Creators, Financiers and Supporters

* 13 *Taught lies as truths by ignorant BAs, ignorant MAs, ignorant MSCs, ignorant PhDs, ignorant scholars, ignorant Professors and ignorant Heads of Departments who know everything about others but little or nothing about our Continental Afrikan Education System, Knowledge and Wisdom for which they are paid to reject as utopian, non-existing, archaic, superstition or going back to the Cave.

* 14 * Continually drink the poison of following imported slave/colonial/alien religions that rob us of the Power and Pride of our Ancient Continental Afrikan Religion of Afrikanity that gave birth to today's Arab religion we call Islam or the White man religion we call Christianity which will not be alive today without Afrikan Religion

* 15 * Blindly allow British name of the Creator or French name of the Creator or Arab name of the Creator or Jewish name of the Creator to disconnect us from the Limitless Power, Blessing and Protection from our connection to and use of our own Continental Afrikan Name of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU

*16 *Naively prefer the hell of Arab religion we are programmed to hail as Islam which is nothing but Arab Weapon to Arabanize us or turn us into the Photocopy of the Arab or turn into non-Afrikan instead of embracing the Heaven of our Continental Afrikan Religion of Afrikanity we are taught to hate or dismiss as paganism

*17 *Zealously honor Foreign/Alien saints as our saints instead of living in tune to the Power, Pride, Dignity, Security, Guidance and Protection of our Continental Afrikan Ancestral Saints who have attained Oneness with our Creator AFRIKAMAWU

*18 *Eagerly believe in the lies that only Jewish/Arab Prophets can save us from hell and take to heaven in the sky forgetting without our Continental Afrikan Prophet and Savior AFRIKADELA as the World first Savior on Earth, there would not be today Jewish/Arab prophets and Saviors for us to sell our souls to

*19 * Sheepishly confuse our lives with the lies of Western/Judeo-Christian religion we have been brainwashed to die for as our religion which is nothing but Western Bomb to Westernize us or turn us into the Photocopy of the White man instead of rediscovering the Pride and Dignity of our Ancestral Continental Afrikan Religion without which there will be no Judaism, Christianity and Islam for us to become enslaved by

*20 *Gladly believe in the lies of Judaism that Afrika, their Savior was their Hell from which they were saved with their One Concept of the Creator they learn and know from Afrika and without whom there would be no Jewish people, Jewish religion and Jewish culture today to brag about

* 21 *Shallowly regard Arab and Jewish Land as our Holy Land for us to pray for and visit once in our life's time when Continental Afrika, the world first Holy and Sacred Motherland of all Human Beings is turned into the dunghill of all today's world leftovers, crumbs and surpluses we call "progress"

* 22 *Proudly boast of living in exclusive gated white neighborhood even when we are not wanted there while our own Neighborhood is taken over and being destroyed by Foreign drugs, guns and violence

* 23 * Dangerously kill our Natural Afrikan Hair with Chemicals to resemble the White woman hairstyle we don't have and instead of honoring the right of our Continental Afrikan Hairstyle to be and to adorn our Continental Afrikan Face with Grace and Class

* 24 * Pathetically bleach our Golden Continental Afrikan Skin to resemble the "White" skin color we are not instead of adoring and nourishing our Afrikan Skin Color as the Mother Skin Color of all Colors that wither not

* 25 *Naively accept the lie of being Black which we are not since we don't have charcoal color to justify being called Black while we believe in the lie of White People which they are not because they do not have cotton color to be called White

* 26 * Eagerly make, live under and practise Western/Arab style laws that are totally alien to the blessing of our Continental Afrikan Law and Order we know little or nothing of

* 27 * Proudly practise and excel in alien Sports we have not created, own or control instead of recovering the Dignity of our own created Continental Afrikan Sporting Activities that celebrate and honor our Continental Afrikan Identity, Oneness, Togetherness and bring the best out of us as One Afrikan People

* 28 * Shamelessly turn ourselves into the Entertainment laughing stock and clowns for the laughter of others for their Crumbs while 60% of our Children languish in jails or while we are stripped of everything Afrikan instead of using our Afrikan Gift and Talent for the empowerment and liberation of our Afrikan Race

* 29 * Eagerly destroy our Continental/Diaspora Afrikan Children by raising them in Foreign/alien ways which turn them into the photocopies of the white, Arab and Jewish kids instead of raising them the Afrikan Way as Proud and Awakened Continental Afrikan Children, Youth and Men and Women of Great Past, Present and Future.

* 30 * Zealously adopt alien concepts and practices of the Family that exist to uproot us from the Power, Pride and Dignity of our Ancient Continental Afrikan Concept, knowledge and Practice of the Afrikan Family which was once the world's first Family of all human Families on earth and without which there will be no Jewish, Western or Arab families for us to be imitating or preferring today to our Continental Afrikan Family to love and protect for life

*31 * Sheepishly embrace and cannot do without drinking the poison of money-based and controlled Politics and Govt of the Few by the Few and for the Few instead of practicing our Ancient Continental Afrikan Politics and Govt of Afrikan PEOPLECRACY about which we know nothing

*32 * Doggedly Rely on alien Judicial Systems that are based not on the search for the Truth and Justice For all but on who has the most money and who can make the most deal instead of recovering and benefiting from the daily use and practice of our AFRIKACENTRIC Continental Afrikan Truth and Justice based and oriented Ancient Continental Afrikan Justice System we know nothing of

*33 * Totally addicted to licking from the ground, all kinds of Western Science and Technology Crumbs, Leftovers and Surpluses we are programmed to hail as Transfer of Technology instead of relying on the Limitless Wonders of our Inner based and Oriented Ancient Continental Afrikan Science and Technology that gave birth to today's Western controlled sciences and technologies.

*34 * Zealously disorient our lives with the lies of Alien ideologies that exist to keep us ignorant and disconnected from the Power of our Continental Afrikan Ideology of AFRIKACENTRICITY of Continental Afrikanism

*35 *Gladly poison our Afrikan System with Foreign junk foods we call our foods but which are totally alien to our Continental Afrikan Make-up or System instead of benefiting from the Power of Cooking and Eating Continental Afrikan

*36 * Ignorantly exchange the Pride and Dignity of our Continental Afrikan Independence of our Glorious pre-slavery and pre-colonial Afrika with the lies of Foreign granted independence which is nothing but keeping us totally dependent on Foreign created and controlled systems and ways of life which are totally anti- Afrikan in Origin, Goals, Objectives and Strategy

*37 * Wholeheartedly believe in the slave/colonial lie that Afrikans have been emancipated and granted independence inside the Jaws of the Crocodile of Western, Arab or Jewish Domination/Control of today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikan World and People so as keep us from breaking away from their Hold and Control over us

* 38 * Will do anything to allow the smelly dirty feet of Foreign Cultures to reign supreme on the Royal Throne of our Glorious and the World First Continental Afrikan Culture and Mother of all Cultures which we know little or nothing of and which we are rewarded to spit on,

*39* Systematically destroy our Continental Afrikan Afrikan Value System of WE-ISM with the poison of adopting Alien values system of I=ME-MYSELF ways of life and values systems that are totally alien and anti-Afrikan to our World's First Values that once made us the Eagle of the World or Humanity

*40* Economically, allow ourselves to be turned into the only People on Earth who must zealously produce what we do not eat and eat only what we do not produce instead of producing continentally for our Needs first and Profit second

*41* Perpetually must kneel down for External Powers and their institutions to come and steal/loot our Meat for their Enjoyment while they leave us the Bones to fight over but which we are programmed to hail as Foreign Investments instead of enjoying the Meat of our own Continental Afrikan Investments we know nothing of

* 42* Continuously Fighting one another to attract the fatal Attention of Foreign Looters and their Institutions to come back to recolonize, enslave us and drain us of the BULK of our Continental Afrikan LOAF, Riches, Wealth, Resources and Capitals in Billions of US Dollars which empower them to buy from us at the price they want while we gladly sell to them at the price they want which we are programmed to hail as Foreign Trade to save Afrika instead of relying and prospering from the Fruits of our our own created and controlled Inter- Continental Afrikan Trade among us

*43* Take so much pride in turning our Continental/Diaspora Afrikan World and Lives into modern invisible dunghills for more and more leftovers, surpluses and crumbs of Foreign Goods and Services instead of mobilizing our Continental Afrikan Riches and Resources to continentally, naturally and organically grow, produce, make, manufacture and enjoy too the LOAF of our own High Class and Affordable Continental Afrikan Products, Goods and Services that alone will set us all free from their crumbs

* 44* Will do anything to skin ourselves alive with their invisible swords of their lies of our Third Worldness to turn us into what we are not instead of claiming and flourishing in the Paradise of our First Worldness which we are but kept ignorant of

* 45* Thoroughly brainwashed to think poor, act poor and become poor even if we are not Poor but the Richest People on Earth and the Rightful Owners and Beneficiaries of the Richest Continent on Earth which we are kept ignorant of and instead of claming and enjoying our Divine Right to the LOAF of our Continental Afrikan Wealth, Riches and Resources that enrich others at our expenses

*46* Will move and heaven to gain access to the Crumbs/Leftovers/Surpluses Economic Markets of the West which are nothing compared to the LOAF from our own Continental Afrikan Economic Market of One Billion Partners in waiting to fly

*47* Continuously fight and die for our right to be Westernized in the name of Modernization instead of fighting for our Divine Right to Continentally Modernize ourselves the Ancient Afrikan Way which once made us the world's first modernized World and People on Earth but about which we know nothing of

*48* Take so much pride in demanding we industrialize ourselves the Western/Foreign ways instead of insisting on our Divine Right to continentally industrialize ourselves to benefit all Continental Afrikans, no matter their status in life

*49* Zealously keep ourselves asleep or completely dead with EURO lies like, " We have come a long way, we are making more and more progress, , we are becoming more and more rich, more and more wealthy, more and more prosperous, more and more successful, more and more independent, more and more free and more and more happy and fulfilled " which we can never be within the Walls of our Foreign Prison States, we call "homes, countries, nations"

*50* Fatally obsessed with the Lies that we are zero without the White man paper money forgetting we lived and prospered for the past three Million Years as the Cradle of Humanity without the White man's crumbs money, goods and services and instead of claiming and enjoying the Might of Continental Afrikan Gold Based Money or Currency that was once the KING of all Human currencies but about which we know nothing.

So, to the many of us who do not know or will not like to know let alone understand, appreciate and respect the right of the above Author to dare say what they don't want us to say, think what they want us to think, know what they don't want us to know or share what they want us to share about the Evil, the Genocide and the Curse Nature of Globalization, Modernization, Islam, Christianity, Education, Development etc which are nothing but Western, Arab and Jewish Invisible Atomic Weapon to keep today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikan dominated, controlled, influenced, Westernized, Arabanized or Jewicized or tuned into the photocopy of the Arab, photocopy of the white man and woman or photocopy of the Jew which the 1% FEW Unbought, Unsold, Uncorrupted AFRIKACENTRIC LEADERS, ELITE, SCHOLARS, STUDENTS AND PUBLIC of the Continental/Diaspora Afrikan World

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD;

*Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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