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Our ContAfrikaIndepence Proclamation Order or Why We Must Break Away from Foreign Domination

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BY: (c) 2011 Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, Ph.D. DOCTORAT d'Etat ; DESS: ( French MPhil); M.SC. ; DIPLOME de l' IIAP: (Post-Grad. Dipl) ; B.A.DOUBLE HONS etc. , [email protected]

1) They define themselves by their own created national identities while they make sure WE , today's One Billion Continental/Diaspora Afrikans hang ourselves with their rope of Slave/Colonial identities which we are conditioned to prefer to our own Created Continental Afrikan Identity which we dismiss as Utopian or Impossible to achieve.

2) They will not exchange their own created nationalities with any other nationalities on Earth but will leave no stones unturned in making sure we suffocate to death under the Mountain of their alien nationalities which we are programmed to prefer to our own Created Continental Afrikan Nationality,

3) They will never replace their own created citizenships with any Foreign citizenships in the world but will lie to us that the only citizenship that counts and matters for us is not the recovery of our own Continental Afrikan Citizenship for All Continental/Diaspora Afrikans but our total acceptance of their slave, colonial and neocolonial citizenships imposed on us to keep us perpetually under their Foreign domination, control, influence and exploitation,

4) They are very proud of their various national personalities in life but see nothing wrong in forcing us to replace the Heaven of our Continental Afrikan Personality with the hell of their slave, colonial and neocolonial personalities to which we have become so addicted and enslaved by.

5) They all insist on seeing the world and life with their own Western, Jewish, French, British or "white" American or Anglo or White Man's eyes or perspectives but insist we see and experience the world and life not with our own Continental Afrikan Perspective or Eyes but with their Western, Arab, Jewish or "white" American perspectives or eyes to guarantee them their easy domination of us in the name of guaranteed Prosperity for the Few and Guaranteed Misery for the Many no matter what.

6) They take great pride in defending and benefiting from their right to think French, think British, think Anglo USA, think Western, think Arab, think Jewish etc by having and using their own mentalities or minds in life but cannot accept us using and benefiting from our right to think continental, think Loaf and not crumbs, think as First World People and not as third world, think as the richest People on earth and not as the world's poorest, think as the world First Human Being, the world First Developed, Modernized, Industrialized, Civilized, Self-reliant, Self-sufficient, Debt-free, Prosperous and Happy Beings by using and relying on the Limitless Power of our Continental Afrikan Mentality or Mind to save us from the genocide of preferring slave, colonial and neocolonial mentalities to our own,

7) They cannot do without their own created national cultures which they adore to death but deny us the right to our own Created Continental Afrikan Culture to save us from our addiction to the hell of their Foreign / alien cultures we are programmed to poison ourselves with

8) They boast so loudly about their own created values which they will never replace with any other values on Earth but thwart our efforts to recover our Continental Afrikan Values as our Freedom from the holocaust of becoming slaves to alien values in life,

9) Liberty to them is total freedom for only themselves as French, British or White American etc but total and permanent invisible domination, control and enslavement for us as their surest way of making it difficult, if not impossible for us to recover our Continental Afrikan Freedom and Independence from the hell of their Perpetual Foreign Domination , Control, Influence and Exploitation

10) They insist on their right to educate themselves in their own ways and for their own benefits but lie to us that we are incapable of creating our own Continental Afrikan Education to liberate us from the poison of self-ignorance and miseducation in the name of imported foreign-centered education systems of miseducation and yes-Masterism

11) They cannot think of the world without their ability to have, use and benefit from their own created national languages which they will never exchange with any Foreign languages on Earth but laugh at our determination to have, use and benefit from our own Created Continental Afrikan Language to save us from the eternal insults and disgrace of talking to one another in colonial languages,

12) They insist on having and enjoying their own created ideologies they love so much but will not accept our right to our own created Continental Afrikan Ideology of AFRIKANISM or FIDODO which alone can empower and save us Continentally from the curse of becoming slaves to their alien ideologies we are programmed to call our own,

13) They take great pride in having their own created religions which enable them to experience the Creator in their own images and languages but consider it paganism, superstition , sin or blasphemy or stone worshipping for us to reclaim our own Continental Afrikan Religion of Afrikanity of Our Creator AFRIKAMAWU whose Holy and Perfect Image we are made of, to experience, and forever live in tune with and be free from the curse of preferring their alien / foreign-centered deities to our own,

14) The top of their Top Leaders cannot do without their own inner-based spiritual and mental power they treasure so much while they make sure we replace our Continental Afrika-based and oriented Divine, Ancestral and Spirit Power with the crumbs from their I-Me-Myself-based powers,

15) They insist on having and enjoying the daily miracles of their own created science and technology but see nothing wrong in preventing us from having and enjoying the daily miracles of our own Created Continental Afrikan Science and Technology which alone can end our today's addiction to leftovers from the science and technology of others,

16) They will die for their right to live by their own philosophies of life but scorn our efforts to recover our own Continental Afrikan Philosophy of AFRIKACENTRICITY to put an end to our present-day enslavement to imported slave, colonial and neocolonial philosophies of life,

17) They will feel insulted if told to name themselves and their children not after their Western, Jewish and Arab Ancestors but after our Continental Afrikan Ancestors and yet they see nothing wrong in conditioning us to gladly name ourselves and our children after their Slave/colonial Names as their Foreign properties or photocopies in life for life in nothingness and nonentity.

18) They proudly talk of their Western, Arab and Jewish roots they value above everything else in life but lie to us that we have no Continental Afrikan Root of our own to discover, claim and live in tune to for an end to the genocide of preferring alien roots to our One and Only Continental Afrikan Root in life,

19) They will do anything to protect their own created Western, Arab and Jewish heritages while at the same time they will reject our right to reclaim, and benefit from our own Created Continental Afrikan Heritage to save us from drowning in the boiling ocean of imported alien heritages,

20) They are proud of their hairstyles which they will not exchange with any Foreign hairstyles while they dump on us all kinds of chemicals to destroy and kill our Elegant, Natural and Healthy Continental Afrikan Hair to resemble their hairstyles as their photocopies in life,

21) They cannot imagine life without their own cuisine and restaurants to honor them with but scorn our efforts to reclaim our own Continental Afrikan Cuisine and Restaurants to end our addiction to the hell of alien ways of cooking and eating,

22) They boast of their ability to sew and dress Western, Arab and Jewish in life while they will do business with us only when we dress like them as their photocopies rather than claiming back our Continental Afrikan Way of Dressing and High Fashion on earth

23) There is no way any of them will live within foreign created-and-controlled borders but call it progress to have us permanently imprisoned and locked up within their slave and colonial boundaries and state prisons that kill us daily,

24) They cannot dream of the world without their own created nations to live and prosper in but laugh at our right to recover our Continental Afrikan Nation to end our today's boiling in the oven of imported caricatures of British, French and Arab styles nations without a common language,

25) They brag always about their right to create, live and prosper in their own created states but cannot imagine us having, living and prospering under our own Created Continental Afrikan State which alone is capable of saving us from the poison of imported slave / colonial states without nations,

26) They will never live under foreign governments but only under their own created governments which they will never exchange with anything else in the world but see nothing wrong in imposing on us, imported photocopies of Western and Arab styles governments that rob us of the Power and Benefit of our Continental Afrikan Government,

27) They swear they can only live and prosper under their own created democracy in their own languages but reject our desire to practice and prosper from our own Created Continental Afrikan Democracy done in our own Continental Afrikan Language for All Continental Afrikans to support and benefit from and as freedom from the curse and insult of practicing democracy in alien / colonial languages,

28) While they will move heaven and earth to guarantee themselves the right to live and prosper under their own created constitutions for their own Executive, Legislative and Judiciary Systems and Bodies to protect and defend their interests in life, they make sure, we do not recover our own Continental Afrikan Constitution for the Birth and Success of our own Continental Afrikan Executive, Legislative and Judiciary Systems and Bodies to save us from the abyss of permanent Foreign Domination,

29) They will die for their right to have and prosper under their own economies, which equip them with all the capital they need to invest in all the projects they want, to produce and consume all the goods and services they desire and to sell nationally and internationally their leftovers for all the profit they can get for the benefit of their race, but see nothing wrong in making sure we rot under the Mountain of their political, economic and social crumbs, surpluses and leftovers of their slave, colonial and neocolonial economies imposed on us to rob us of our right to have, enjoy and benefit from our own created Afrikacentric Continental Afrikan Economy , Market , Goods and Services which alone can arm us with all the capital we need to invest Continentally in the production, enjoyment and sales of all the goods and services we need to be self-reliantly Developed, Modernized, Industrialized, Rich, Prosperous and Happy Continental Afrikans for life,

30) They will never allow agents of foreign powers to lead or rule them but only leaders of their own making and choice to serve them but will object bitterly to our right to our own Afrikan - centric Continental Afrikan Leaders and Elite / Scholars of our own making and choice to serve our needs and free us from the hell of being misled, misruled, misgoverned and miseducated, lied to and fooled by them as mercenaries in power for themselves and their Foreign masters in their neocolonial continental Afrikan world orders and status quo that feed fat on the carcasses of their People.

BASED on the above overwhelming evidence of a permanent, well-planned and successfully executed secret and Invisible Arab / Western / Jewish/Foreign Supremacist Plan to forever keep us and our Continent's Riches under their political, economic and social domination, control, influence and exploitation for guaranteed Meat for them and guaranteed Bones for us, characterized by the loss of about fifty millions of us to the holocaust of Arab Slave Trade against us, the loss of about one hundred millions of us to the genocide of Western Slave Trade against us, their colonization of us to physically institutionalize their hold over us and their recolonization of us at our own behest that successfully robs us of our AFRIKACENTRIC Continental Afrikan Right, Knowledge, Ownership, Control, Use and Benefit of our Continental Afrikan Motherland's untold Riches that are now considered the bona fide properties of Arab, Western and Jewish invaders and looters to partition among themselves, own, dominate, control, influence, use and profit from and do as they please with and,

COUPLED with the fact that no Relation is a Relation to us but suicide or death that exists purposely to Programme us to learn, know, accept, think , believe, live and die for their lies as our truths like:

1) They are civilized and we are uncivilized, 2) They are white as god and angels and we are "black" as the devil or evil, 3) They are rich we are poor, 4) They are superior, we are inferior, 5) They are developed, we are underdeveloped, 6) They alone must have independence & freedom, we must have dependence and enslavement, at all cost, 7) They alone can save us, we cannot save ourselves and so on and as such:

WE, the Representatives of the Bulk of our today's One billion self-ignorant, fragmented, dependent, dominated, controlled, influenced, exploited, used, abused, impoverished , weakened and suffering Continental Afrikan Masses, Here Gathered in One Mighty Continental Afrikan Congress,

HEREBY, REJECT and DISSOLVE all Past and Present relation, connection, tie and link between all past and present Arab / Western / Jewish Powers and Agents and us as null and void, illegal, unlawful, unconstitutional, one-sided, unequal, unfair, uneven , genocide and hellish and from which we declare and proclaim our Total Continental Afrikan Independence, Sovereignty and Freedom as Reborn and Awakened Continental Afrikans, Citizens and Nationals for Life in Love, Justice, Peace and Happiness for All:

THEREFORE, in the Holy Name of our Creator AFRIKAMAWU empowering us through our Continental Afrikan Saints protecting us in Harmony with our Holy Afrikan Spirit within us All,

WE hereby pledge Ourselves and Resources in total support for the Success of our Divine, Ancestral and Spirit Right to be Saviors and Masters of our Destiny and no more as victims of Life, Now and Ever more And So be it, Now and Evermore.

Accepted, Agreed to, Signed , Sealed and Notarized with our Blood for the Salvation of all As Follows:

To be the Signatory to the above Divine, Ancestral and Spirit Dictation of the above Historic Continental Afrikan Independence Proclamation , contact us at :

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD;

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