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YES-MASTER CONTINENTAL/DIASPORA AFRICANS or How today's Foreignized Afrikans in the Continental/Diaspora AfrikaWorld are turned into YES-MASTER LEADERS, SCHOLARS AND PEOPLE

Copyright 2011By PROF. AFRIKADZATA DEKU, [email protected]

Your Invisible Foreign Creators and Controllers Say you are uncivilized and in dire need of their

*Yes master you reply, come and civilize us with the hell of your slave trade, colonialism and neocolonialism.

They say you are underdeveloped and dying for their development.

*Yes master you reply, come and underdevelop us with the curse of your dependency in under-development.

They say you are ignorant fools, thirsty for their Western/Arab/Jewish education.

*Yes master you reply, help us miseducate ourselves for your good with your invisible bullets of miseducation in Self-ignorance

They say you are poor and can do nothing without their money.

*Yes master you reply, let us help you steal our gold and profits to your homes and leave or give us your left overs and crumbs as aids to fight over and live and die for in ignorance

They say you are as black as the devil. They are as white as God and angels. Stop being black. Hate being black. Reject everything black as barbaric but accept everything white as good. Become white like them at all cost and all will be well.

*Yes master, you reply, help us die white in your fire of de-Afrikanization, integration, assimilation and Westernization.

They say you are Third World in thoughts, words and deeds and in dire need of their First World.

*Yes master, you reply, be the First World and let us rot under the mountain of your Third Worldness for your profit.

They say your God of Afrika is no God but Satan or stone. Throw him away for your God of Israel, God of Abraham, God of the white man, your white God, white Jesus, white angels, white saints, your Arab God - Allah or your Arab prophet.

*Yes master, you reply, help us find hell in your alien Gods.

They say your Continental AfrikaReligion is no religion. It is devil/stone religion. Deny and spit on it for your salvation in their hell.

*Yes master, you reply, help us exchange the Heaven of our Continental AfrikaReligion of Afrikanity with the curse of your alien religions of alienation.

They say your Continental AfrikaAncestors are no Ancestors. They cannot be revered as your saints, only their western, Jewish and Arab Ancestors are worthy to be your holy universal saints to honor for life.

*Yes master, you reply, to revere our Holy Continental AfrikaAncestors as our saints is evil. To revere your foreign ancestors as our saints is civilization and heaven for Continental Afrika.

They say your Continental AfrikaCulture and Values are backward and anti-modern. Turn your back at them or you will be lost.

* Yes master, you reply, come and uproot us with the bomb of your alien cultural domination, alienation and death.

They say you are politically, economically, socially and religiously lost and in great need of outside savior and salvation to save you from yourselves.

*Yes master, you reply, hurry up to send us one by one to our doom.

They say your Continental AfrikaEducation is no education. It is illiteracy. It is ignorance. Only Western/Arab education can be your education in Continental Afrika. You need to be educated in the Western/Arab ways. You are nothing without Foreign education. Do you hear that, empty coconut heads?

*Yes master, you reply, come quickly to miseducate us and to teach us ignorance and lies in the name of your alien education of miseducation.

They say your Continental AfrikaEconomy is no economy unless it is colonial/neo-colonial based and oriented. You must only produce what you do not eat and eat only what you do not produce as the road you must tread to your failure and doom.

*Yes master, you reply, your words are laws in all your state prisons and plantation systems and institutions in neo-colonial Afrika.

They say Continental AfrikaTrade among Afrikans is no trade but exchange of poverty. Trade not among yourselves. Trade more and more with us, your only trusted outside partners. We will sell you our products at any price we want but you cannot sell us your products at the price you want. We buy your products at the price we want for Guaranteed Profit and Guaranteed Loss to you, "Is that clear?"

*Yes master, you reply. Continental Afrika cannot do without your foreign exchange, however little it might be. Unequal trade between Continental Afrika and the West is better than nothing. It is progress. It is development.. It is foreign exchange we need and cannot do without.

They say Continental Afrika cannot do without Foreign investments. You have no money to invest yourselves in Continental Afrika. Only Foreign Govts can print all the money they want. But you can only print what they allow you to print. So they have all the money they can print for their use while at the same time they guarantee that you must have little or no Money for your needs except the Crumbs they throw at you from time to time to fight over as reward for accepting their Dominance over you .

*Yes master, you reply, we will leave no stones unturned to lure you to the widely open sacred Womb of our Continental AfrikaTreasures for you to loot back home with our full support and cooperation.

They say don't practice Self-reliance among yourselves. Avoid Continental AfrikaRebirth, Unity and Empowerment at all cost. Depend on us. Do as we tell you to do, and all will be well with you.

*Yes master, you reply, we will prefer working with you for your guaranteed bones to working with ourselves for our guaranteed Continental AfrikaMeat which we are not even aware of.

They say it is a taboo to change any of the existing slave and colonial boundaries even if you die or suffer from them. Continental Afrika will be doomed without them. Protect them for your loss.

*Yes master, you reply, all your illegal boundaries in your neo-colonial Continental Afrika are graciously safe and unchangeable for your profit and good and for our loss.

They say don't ever replace the colonial/neo-colonial political, economic and social prison states, and their plantation systems, institutions, policies, values and elite which they generously handed over to you to watch over for them or else you will lose your power and special privileges you have inherited from them .

*Yes master, you reply, only white, Arab or Foreign World Orders for us are perfect for us. Our own Continental AfrikaWorld order is impossible to

dream of let alone give birth to.
They say your Continental AfrikaIndependence is no independence. It is only they who can grant Fragmentized Afrika her dependence that you must hail and celebrate yearly as your independence or doom for you.

*Yes master, you reply, we agree even if we know you can never and will never set us free or grant us independence from your domination and control except ourselves.

They say your pre-slavery and pre-colonial AfrikaNation-States, Kingdoms and Empires were nothing but acts of barbarism that must be destroyed and replaced with their foreign created and controlled states without nations to ensure Continental Afrika's perpetual instability and chaos.

*Yes master, you reply, the white man cannot make mistake or do anything bad against us. Forever we shall follow him to our death.

They say your pre-slavery and pre-colonial Continental AfrikaPeople-based and Oriented Sovereignty is no sovereignty and must be destroyed and replaced with their paper and flag state-based and oriented sovereignty without power to ensure Continental Afrika's perpetual domination, control and exploitation by outside forces.

*Yes master, you reply, the white man's pro-Status Quo independence and paper sovereignty to us is better than our own AfrikaCentric Continental AfrikaIndependence and Sovereignty.

They say today's Afrikans must be Westernized to be modem and developed even if you know Continental Afrikans have the right to be modernized without being Westernized.

*Yes master, you reply, that is all Continental Afrika needs to be civilized by the West.

They say, don't think Continental Afrikan. It is utopian. It is impossible. It is backward. It is barbaric. It is archaic. It is Stone Age. Think Foreign. Think Western. Think Arab. Think Jewish and you will be saved as their bona Fide photocopies and properties for life.

*Yes master, you reply, Afrikans thinking Continental Afrikan is bad indeed.

They say there is nothing like Continental AfrikaMind or Mentality for today's Afrikans to discover, learn, know, master and use for their profits. Stick to your colonial/neo-colonial/slave mentalities to ensure your mental enslavement, loss and death for their profit.

*Yes master, you reply, it is progress for miseducated Afrikans to prefer thinking Foreign instead of Continental Afrikan.

They say there is nothing like Continental AfrikaIdentity and Citizenship for all today's One billion children of Mother Continental Afrika to recover and enjoy as AfrikaCentric Continental Afrikans in thoughts, words and deeds. The only identities we recognize for you today's Africans are colonial/slave identities we impose on you to keep you perpetually divided and ignorant of your true Continental AfrikaIdentity.

*Yes master, you reply. Foreign identities for Afrikans are better than our own created AfrikaCentric Continental AfrikaIdentity, Nationality and Citizenship.

They say you can't see the world with your own Continental AfrikaEyes and Perspective. Your AfrikaCentric perspective is no perspective. Trust us to see and define the world for you or see it with our foreign/western/Arab/Jewish eyes and perspectives or trouble for you .

*Yes master, you reply. Continental Afrika will be nothing without Foreign perspectives to see the world and life with.

They say your Continental AfrikaNames do not exist or sound funny. Replace them with more civilized Western/Arab/Jewish names if you want us to accept and respect you as human beings and as our equals.

*Yes master, you reply. Foreign names are better than our recovered Continental AfrikaNames for all Continental Afrikans. No more our African Names. That is change.

They say you have no Glorious Continental AfrikaPast or History worth remembering. Forget it for your slave/colonial Past or History. Anything else is not good for Continental Afrika.

*Yes master, you reply, Continental Afrika shall be nothing without your story of the slave trade, colonialism and neo-colonialism.

They say your Continental AfrikaHair is crude and anti-fashion. Replace it with white hair styles if you want to be accepted modern by the West.

*Yes master, you reply. Western hair is better and more fashionable than our own Continental AfrikaHair and Hairstyles.

They say your Continental AfrikaFashion not good enough for their civilized occasions, places and offices. Dress Western or Arab to be called civilized and modern.

Yes master, no problem, you reply, grinning.
They say your Continental AfrikaCuisine is ugly. Cook and eat the Western ways or else you will have nobody to eat with you.

*Yes master, you reply, we will do as you say.
They say you are incapable of developing, using and benefiting from your own created Continental AfrikaLanguage to unify, empower and set you free from the colonialism of slave/colonial languages .

Forget about having your own Continental AfrikaLingua Franca. It's easier and simpler for you to accept better and more civilized foreign languages as your own to avoid being left out.

*Yes master, you reply, we promise we will no more think of having our own Continental Afrikalanguage let alone speak our Afrikalanguages even to our kids. Only English, French or

Arabic. Nothing more. That is Progress. Right?
They say you can only practise democracy in foreign languages but never in your Continental AfrikaLanguage . Only they must practise democracy in their own native languages .

*Yes master, you reply. Continental Afrika cannot do without your Western-style democracies and governments of the few by the few and for the few.

They say your leaders in Continental Afrika are only those they know, trust, believe, recognize, want, choose, support and protect to serve not your Continental AfrikaNeeds and Interests

but their foreign needs and interests in Continental Afrika. Whether their Continental AfrikaMasses like or support them or not, they are your leaders to do as we please or we will remove them from office and replace them with more faithful allies.

*Yes master, you reply, what else can Continental Afrika do to please you sirs?

They say your best scholars in Continental Afrika are only those they recognize, accept or honor for their perfection at parroting and vomiting back to their people what their Oxford, Sorbonne or Harvard and their photocopies in Continental Afrika have programmed them for.

*Yes master, you reply. Continental Afrika can do nothing without your Foreign-educated and trained pro-Western, pro-Arab and pro-Jewish parrot scholars.

They say they will give Continental Afrika, Scholarships, Grants and

Fellowships for all her best students for their studies and trainings free of charge only to make them allies and agents of Foreign civilizations and alien

tastes in Continental Afrika.
*Yes master, you reply. Continental Afrika cannot do without foreign scholarships, fellowships and grants to our children and experts, even if they turn them into loyal and faithful agents of foreign-centricity in Afrika.

They say Continental Afrika cannot be developed without Foreign Aids meant to keep today's Continental Afrikan heavily in debt, more dependent and more needy in the midst of so much Wealth she does not control or is aware of.

*Yes master, you reply. Foreign Aids are good for Continental Afrika. They are indispensable. They are the fuel in our engine of our salvation.

They say their colonial armies and their obsolete weapons left behind for their agents in Continental Afrika must be powerful only at destroying armless Fellow Afrikans but completely powerless and useless in preventing and protecting Continental Afrika from external/foreign attacks, domination, control, lootings or recolonization.

*Yes master, you reply, don't worry. Continental Afrika needs not a continental AfrikaArmy to defend and protect her against you, but colonial armies to keep the colonial status quo intact for you.

They say today's Afrikans are too emotional to think scientific, logical and rational. Today's Afrikan Mind cannot think. Today's Afrikan Mind cannot invent, create, discover and use its own Continental AfrikaScience and Technology to solve Continental Afrika's problems. Only Western minds, Science and Technology can save Continental Afrika from her scientific

and technological backwardness. Do you understand?
*Yes master, you reply, you are absolutely right. Continental Afrika cannot exist without the Crumbs, Leftovers and Surpluses of Western Science and Technology.

They say you have no Continental AfrikaPhilosophy worth talking about. Forget it for western/foreign philosophies of white superiority/supremacy and black inferiority/powerlessness.

*Yes master, you reply, the white man is always right in Continental Afrika.





By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD;

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