By Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,
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The Rivers State Chapter of AC decries the FG's recent idea to relocate the Petroleum university from its current location in Effurun warri Delt a State to Kaduna State. The news was received with misgivings owing to the fact that the decision abinitio to site the Institution in warri was because of its strategic location in the Oil rich/crude exploration hub of the Nation. One then wonders what Kaduna has to offer in this regard.

The Rivers State AC opines that this idea, anti progressive in its entirety, is capable of truncating the peace efforts in the Niger delta and ultimately throwing the region into chaos. As a party desirous of a viable, egalitarian, just and progressive Nigeria, our concern stems largely from the brazen disregard of due process by a government that preaches and constantly expresses its commitment to due process and the rule of law.

NO Peace loving Nigerian can be expected to approve of – leave alone justify — this idea. We therefore see the whole idea as part of a sinister plan to quicken the disintegration of the Nigerian Nation. Worldwide, Trade institutions are located in the immediate vicinity of its production bases, for ease of training and industrial attachment for students. For example, Ship building schools are located along the coast, iron smelting schools in the iron ore belt and Petroleum Institutions where crude exploration is done. There is no gainsaying the Economic benefits accruing from the Strategic locations themselves. We therefore do not understand why the government would choose to conceive such an unpopular idea at this time directed at a region that is still coming to terms with its seeming marginalisation by the FG.

We therefore would like Dr. Rilwanu Lukman the Minister of Petroleum and Dr. Sam Egwu, the Minister of Education -who no doubt as Mr President's advisers had a hand in mooting this idea- to understand that if this relocation idea is a ploy to justify their appointments or remain in the good books of those behind their appointments, then they have misfired as such an unpopular move will not do the country any good. We would however like to advise them to occupy themselves with worthy initiatives that will strengthen their different portfolios. For Egwu, we advise that he intensify negotiations with ASU to call of their strike and allow our children back to their schools.

In this regard, We as a party wish to commend and congratulate the South-South Governors Forum for rising from their slumber and recognising that the PDP led FG policies are largely anti South –South particularly on this issue of relocating the University of Petroleum, Effurun , Warri to Kaduna State. We urge them to continue to resist every ploy to spite the collective aspiration and integrity of the South-South region. In the same vein, we urge the National Assembly to throw out the Petroleum Industry Bill whenever it is presented before them, as it is not only anti-community but also a slap on the face of the oil producing States and truth be known, the bill has nothing good to offer the country except spell doom.

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,
Rivers State Action Congress, Publicity Secretary