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Dear Mr. Obioha, I must commend you for your thought-provoking write-up on additional states to the South-east. You have spoken our mind. Chime, Lokoja.

The solution to our problems is not creation of more states but let governors of the existing states be transparent in spending our resources. I think you sound very sectional on your piece of October 21. Bokkos.

State creation is based on population. The North-west you mentioned in your piece is the most populated geo-political zone and that is why it has more states. 08090701526.

I thank you very much Mr. Obioha for your piece of October 21. But can Igbo leaders put their words together instead of looking for favours and contracts? Thanks.

C. Ibe, Zaria, 07040141165.
The legitimacy of additional states to the South-east is thought-provoking. Gowon's much heralded 3Rs was a gimmick to Ndigbo and other regimes after him were on the same line, making sure that Ndigbo never gets their rights. From the look of things, even President Goodluck Jonathan and the current National Assembly might toe the same line.

Uzor Augus-Okoro, Enugu, 07031622103.
I support your opinion of October 21. But the solution of Nigeria's problem is to divide Nigeria into three countries: Biafra, Arewa and Oduduwa Republics. With the kind of hatred other Nigerians have on Igbo, they can never create more states.

Your piece of October 21 captured the truth of the matter. These are facts that are so glaring that the blind can see it and the deaf can hear it even when discussed in hushed tones. But then who is afraid of making the South-east be at par with the other geo-political zones and why? From Gowon to the present day leadership in Nigeria, I wish to remind them that to the extent of their systemic marginalization of Ndigbo to that extent must Nigeria remain an abattoir. Please what do you make of Gov T.A Orji's recent forceful sending away of Igbo civil servants who are not from Abia State vis-à-vis the aims and objectives of Ohanaeze?

Ugoo, Chairman Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Badagry, Lagos, 08053535318

First, you forget or you intentionally refused to write that you Igbos were the first to kill our leaders: Tafawa Balewa & co before we, the North, revenged. Most of the Igbos are after their pockets and not for the welfare of their people. Alhaji Alhaji, 08023281042.

When ever I read this type of article, it puts me on my toes. How the Igbos, the most hardworking, creative and blessed race, came to this sorry state is baffling. Some of our own people like Gov Theodore Orji of Abia State have joined our enemies to inflict pain, division, and hardship on our people. God will surely reward you for your passion for the Igbos. 08081851419.

The South-east deserves another state so as to balance the equation of six states each among the geo-political zones.

Your article on additional states to the South-east refers. I was so happy on reading you. May God give you more wisdom and may He strike anybody

that will oppose you. It is very clear that we have been humiliated, insulted and forgotten by the Nigerian government. See how they kill our people in the north and dispossess them of their property. MASSOB that peacefully seeks for the rights of the Igbos are being arrested and tortured and even detained without trial. They have not killed anybody, done violence or bombed anybody or place like the Boko Haram sect. We are still waiting for President Goodluck Jonathan to fulfill his campaign promises to our people. 08101347545.

In as much as you have a right to highlight whatever perceived so-called marginalization of the Igbos in your column, you should bear in mind that history is harsh and impartial. You mentioned non-presence of federal institutions in the S'East since the civil war. Really? Please ponder over the following: Federal University of Technology, Owerri… Note: Please the issue in question is restricted to the Gowon's era only. RO.

I concur entirely with your piece of October 21. It hammers on the worry of most Igbos. Please let the governors equally do a follow up.

Ejimofor Udunni, 08059653761.
Your piece of October 21 is a good one. Emeka Yellow, Abuja.

Thanks for your piece of October 21. Victory will be ours. Chiduluo Idika, PH.

Please may God bless you for your wonderful piece of October 21. You are one of our best in Igbo land. Please do follow-up works on this issue in your column. Let's keep hammering on this harmonization and equalization of states and local government among all the six geo-political zones in the country. The God of justice will give us victory. Chudi, Wuse Zone 5, Abuja.

On Godswill Akpabio
After my first visit to Uyo enroute Aba, Iwas surprised and dazzled with the level of infrastructural development I saw. Well paved roads and flyovers comparable to the best in the world. I saw hope of a better tomorrow for the masses courtesy of a visionary and prudent leader. More grease to Akpabio's elbows!

Arotimi Lanre, Calabar, 08026111462.
At 24 years, Akwa Ibom is not doing badly in terms of infrastructural development. When Akpabio took over governance in the state in 2007, things started changing for good despite the opposition fighting him to make the state ungovernable. Gordon Chika Nnorom, Abia State.

I agree with you on the developmental strides in Akwa Ibom under Akapbio and was impressed with what I saw on my visit to Uyo recently. 07067984295.

May Allah give us more Akpabios in Nigeria. Alhaji Alhaji, 08023281042.

Thanks for being a worthy Nigerian. Help us write more articles in your column on harmonization of states in the six geo-political zones in Nigeria. That is two additional states to the South-east, one additional state each for all the geo-political zones that have six states. No new state should be given the North-west which already had seven. That will make the number of states in the country 42.

Mohammed, Wuse zone 5, Abuja, 07033490067.
On Rochas Okorocha
In an attempt to develop Imo State, Gov Rochas Okorocha should not hesitate to complete existing projects on the ground in order to avoid waste of public resources. Being a blessing to Imo, he must strive through his performance to bless Imolites too. I wish him well. Arotimi Lanre, 80 Marine Road, Calabar.

I have just read your fine piece on Owelle Rochas Okorocha and his traducers.

Barrister Fabi, 07080901000.
I read your piece on Okorocha and got disappointed when you raised the issue of N2000 paid by applicants. If you concur with me that federal government agencies like the Prisons, Immigration etc collect similar fees, you wouldn't have made such a comment. 08054717956. Note: Sorry, I cannot concur with you or be part of that N2000 swindling of poor jobless applicants by government, inugo! RO.

The only way Owelle Rochas can silent his critics is by delivering good governance to the people of Imo State. He should know that defeating an incumbent is a difficult task, but the electorate want a change. For that reason, they came out and voted massively for him despite the power of incumbency. Owelle should not let the people down. The expectations of the citizens are so high. Imo people should wish him well rather than criticisms.

Gordon Nnorom.
May your days be long! If not for our own brand of democracy, Ohakim could not have won more than one council area at the polls. His supporters that have suddenly become apostles of good governance know this perfectly well.

When the man was ruling the state like an Emperor, developing everywhere on the pages of newspapers and giant billboards, these professional sycophants and hypocrites did not remind him that the people of Imo are enlightened and sophisticated enough to be hoodwinked easily. Much as Rochas has not turned Imo State into an Eldorado yet, there is peace, security and conducive atmosphere for economic activities to thrive now unlike when fear, occasioned by Ohakim's iron-fist style of leadership was in vogue. Imo is in the right direction now.

Ifeanyi O. Ifeanyichukwu. 07030981551.
I do not know why you do not flash your readers' reactions. I am from Obowo, Imo State. God bless your intelligence and understanding. These good for nothing gold diggers in Imo State should know that change is constant. They have sold our future for peanuts and history will not forgive them. After four years, there will be no basis for comparison between the two regimes. All their one million court cases will fail them. We voted for Rochas and that is final.

Umunnakwe Emeka Henry, 08060128827.
We love Rochas 100 %. If the PDP wins in court, which I know they cannot, no governor will ever replace Owelle of APGA. We know all of them. They want to ruin Imo State and it will not work. Thank you very much for your piece on the governor.

Chukwuemeka, 08035561378.
It is like you are in Imo people's mind with your article on Owelle Rochas Okorocha of October 7. Carry go my brother. 07064829550.