By Alonge Michael

One of the female upstart artistes in Nigeria who is popularly called Lizzy sure has more than a cockroach in her cupboard owing to the unpalatable information we are gathering recently about her.

The pretty and youthful-look artiste popularly called Lizzy Easy who features a certain cross over Fuji artiste in her album, we learnt, was locked in an ecstasy of sexual splendor with a top music producer inside vocal booth sometime again.

Lizzy, we gathered, easily went to this studio tucked somewhere on Allen Avenue, Ikeja to record a song. Having booked for some sessions, she and the young producer were said to have started work seriously until in the middle of the night that the whole studio suddenly became quiet.

One of the curious authorities at the studio who regaled us of this happenstance eavesdropped and was shocked to hear a remix of what was initially produced by the artiste-a sound that looks like two people who are enjoying themselves sexually rend the air.

Don't tell me you don't know what I am talking about!