EFCC & NCC Battle to rescue their website from hackers

Source: huhuonline.com

In protest of government posture on internet use, hackers identified simply   'Naija Cyber Hactivist',friday, took over website of some government agencies in Nigeria, for a few hours. Specifically, websites belonging to the Economic and Financial Crimes commission (EFCC),and Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) were hijacked.

Citing government interference and strict Internet censorship as reason for their action, the relatively unknown group tagged its mission as 'Operation: say no to Internet censorship'.  

  In Its mission statement, published on the hacked website, the group said, 'It is clear that the government takes us for fools.
It is clear that they would rather block all chance of expression of the african youth's aspirations for change,'

Continuing the group warned, 'Any effort made to Censor the Internet will therefore result to a state of war between NaijaCyberHactivists (with well meaning Nigerians on our side) and the Nigerian Government should they find themselves so inclined to impose censorship upon the Internet,'.

'We are the Internet. Expect Us!' The said.
However,  as at press time, e-staff of the agencies whose websites were hacked, are working to restore and reinforce their websites.