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Nestle Nigeria Plc has further diversified its operations, with the introduction of health products- Nescafe ginger and lemon, into the market.

Speaking during the launch of the new products, the Category Business Manager - Coffee, Mr Olatunji Olutayo, said that the new product combines the many benefits of coffee with the beneficial health properties of ginger and lemon all in one cup.

Olatunji noted that, NESCAFE Ginger and Lemon is currently distributed in retail outlets, open markets, and food service outlets, each sachet has a shelf life of twenty four months and can easily be stored due to its Mylish and space saving packaging.

'NESCAFE Ginger and Lemon appeals to a range of taste buds both local and foreign, for the non coffee drinker, the bitter coffee taste is balanced with the zesty and aromatic flavours, regular coffee drinkers will enjoy a welcome addition in NESCAFE Ginger and Lemon to their coffee table' he said.

Olatunji said that, ginger has been proven to boost the immune system and promotes digestion, adding that, ginger also enhances cardiovascular health as it promotes blood circulation in the heart.