By NBF News

Mrs. Nkechi Odebiyi, an adminstrator and evangelist has taken an uphill task upon herself as the conveyer of chastity. Through her NGO, Virgins Pride Network she seeks to promote chastity in our society by engaging in social, moral, psychological and communication skills to tackle immorality and restore the pride of womanhood with a view to build a stronger family ties.

She hopes to breed a new generation of women of high moral character; integrity, substance and purity that would hold their heads high in an increasing morally depraved society and become positive references. She firmly believes that the strength that comes from good family ties, values, culture and spirituality is the beginning of a good dependable and honest society which is the bedrock upon which strong nation can be established As a family-oriented organization, the organization has organized periodic programmes for both parents and teenagers.

To further preach the gospel of chastity, Odebiyi is organizing a proposed 'Walk for Chastity'.

Speaking at an interactive session with journalists, she shares what she believes are the benefits of the exercise, ' what we want to achieve with this walk is to further spread the word especially to the girls, that the game of sexual relationship is not for children. Young people should first, focus on how to build a proper and reliable future for themselves. Engaging in sexual relationship as a young person simply means, stealing from ones future and the outcome can be devastating. Even in the face of economic difficulties, be chaste. Our slogan is: 1 premarital sex, 1, pregnancy, 1 abortion, 1 HIV or even death. Just one premarital sex, can destroy a girl's future.

As we go about schools, teaching and counseling, we discovered that many girls are under the trauma of false oath place upon them, by those who are sexually abusing them regularly and telling them that they will die if they reveal the secret. You see a once lively girl suddenly turning cold towards parents and siblings, she keeps to herself because she will not want anybody to discover what she is passing through, we want to tell them that they will not die, they should open up to our counselors or their parents so that they could be free.

These secrets affect their studies, grades and their moods. Some go into depression; they always want to be alone in order not to reveal the secret. The irony of this whole thing is that, these acts/crime are mostly committed by males that are close to the family.

Dignitaries expected to participate in the walk include First Lady of Lagos State; Mrs Abimbola Fashola, Senator Oluremi Tinubu amongst others. Sponsors of the October 28th event are Chevron Women Network, Dangote group and a host of other organizations.