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WHEREAS the problem of youth unemployment in Nigeria has reached most alarming proportions and in 2011 elections, almost candidates and political parties in the country promised the electorates that they would provide solutions if they were elected or by any other means found themselves in the positions of authorities they sought..

Unfortunately more than 100 days in the life of the new administrations, not much has been seen by way of seriousness on the part of the federal as well as state governments towards generating the employments that the president, governors and legislators promised the long suffering masses of Nigeria.

The result is that while more than 85% of all Nigerian graduates who are yearly churned out of our numerous universities, polytechnics and colleges of education roam the streets in search of jobs to the extent that our daughters and sisters are turning to prostitution to such an extent that a front line senator was reported to have even called for the legalization of prostitution. The youths go about in search of jobs amidst hunger and other natures of deprivations, while the legislators both at the federal and state levels continue to enjoy their outrageously fat salaries and other numerous allowances and holidays, the state governors continue to collect their billions of Naira by way of so called security votes and the president continues smiling………….why not? Everything is okay as far as he is concerned .

As if to rub salt on painful injury, the government is bent on removal of what it calls subsidy on petroleum products.

President Jonathan on his part as the number one citizen so to say, whose offices should be setting stirring example in providing succor to the masses had just finished a retreat with the private sector and would have us believe that it is the duty of the private sector to provide employment for Nigerians, assuring us that on its part, the federal government would provide about 400,000 jobs within the next 4 years whereas more than 40 million youths are jobless.

Meanwhile, inflation is on the increase and is sure to astronomically increase if what the government calls subsidy is removed to ensure radical concomitant increase in the price of petroleum products and further spill over on all other commodities and services to turn life for the Nigerian masses into pure hell.

Everyday, former governors, speakers etc are being paraded before our television and being charged to our deliberately snail paced courts of even slower process except when they want to jail the poor man caught committing petty theft. The former governors and speakers are always accused of stealing billions (never millions……that is too small for their thieving attentions) of Naira and nothing really ever comes out of the charges, while government continues to refuse to pay the paltry N18,000 minimum wage..

The unemployed Nigerian graduates and other skilled and unskilled Nigerians must continue to feel hungry like everyone else, when they are sick, they certainly need medical attention like everyone else, they need housing accommodation, clothing, and other things just like everyone else. While going about looking for the ever elusive employment, they need transportation, telephone services and so on

NOW THEREFORE, we make bold to put forward the following propositions:;

1,All unemployed Nigerian youths must be paid monthly unemployment allowance of not less than the N18,000 minimum wage pending such a time as government and its collaborating private sector shall provide him or her employment.

2, The security votes of the state governors and all amounts above the salaries of senior lecturers in Nigerian universities from the salaries and allowances of the federal and state legislators shall be pulled together in a Nigerian unemployment youth fund and from which the unemployment allowances shall be paid to the teaming unemployed Nigerian youth who wish to work but cannot find employment.

3,The reports of all panels and commissions of enquiries set up over the years by government must all be made public forthwith and all indicted of stealing public monies from such reports must be compelled by law to refund monies so stolen to the Nigerian nation from where all development needs of the nation would be met.

4,All calls for foreign investment to our nation Nigeria must cease pending the full pursuit and recovery of all stolen pubic funds after which it will be determined if the nation has any need at all for foreign capitals to meet its development needs.

5,All unemployed Nigerian are advised to,
I, constitute themselves into groups wherever they reside and list their names , qualifications, skills and job preferences

Ii, Elect an chairman and a secretary from amongst them who would be furnished with the addresses and contacts (including phone numbers and email address where available) for purposes of communication and coordination.

Iii, Get familiar with their representatives at the national and state assemblies as peaceful demonstrations and other peaceful persuasive activities shall be embarked upon from 1st January 2012 to compel government to commence the payment of the said monthly unemployment allowances to unemployed Nigerian youths.

IV, Await further advises from the national headquarters of the PEOPLES MOVEMENT FOR A NEW NIGERIA

6,No president, Vice president, Governor, Deputy Governor, Senator, Representative, Minister, Commissioner, Director…in fact no government functionary whomsoever shall go for medical treatment outside the borders of Nigeria and no son or daughter or ward of any government functionary shall further their educational activities outside Nigeria as this appears to be the only way to get government to give education and healthcare the priority they deserve in Nigeria