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NDLEA Switch Gear On Baba Suwe…

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The celebrated reports surrounding the arrest and detention of spectacular Nollywood actor, Alhaji Babatunde Omidina, aka, Baba Suwe for alleged ingestion of cocaine may have taken a new twist following the denial by personnel of the National Drugs Law

 Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) on the accusation, / reports.

The anti-narcotics agency has instead turned its whip on the media for allegedly over blowing the whistle on the Yoruba actor's arrest at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos while on his way to Paris, saying that the story has put the agency in bad light.

NDLEA after detaining and causing untold embarrassment to Baba Suwe, leading to the filing of N1 billion suit against it, has described the actor as 'a complete gentle man'. 'We have never said Baba Suwe was arrested for drug, it is the media that are writing this, we never said he was arrested for drug.'

According to the NDLEA Public Relations Officer, Mitchel Ofoyeju, 'Baba Suwe is a complete gentle man who is doing everything within his purview to assist the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA's) investigation into whether he concealed drug in his body while attempting to travel out of Nigeria last week.'

Ofoyeju explained that the comedian has been cooperating with the agency and was in good and healthy condition while the agency continued to detain him pending the final investigations into his case.

The agency spokesman however refused to comment on reports that the suspect had excreted three times without trace of hard drugs, an indication of his innocence until proven otherwise by a competent law court.

"We have never told anybody that he carried drugs in his body. Baba Suwe is under observation just like it has been the case with every other suspected Nigerian passengers, the law is no respecter of anybody, we don't want to speculate about anything and we will make a comprehensive press conference on the case after we conclude our investigation. We are still investigating the case; we'll address the press as soon as we conclude our investigation on the matter. We are not going to say anything until we conclude our investigations. Like I said before, we have never said Baba Suwe was arrested for drug, it is the media that are writing this, we never said he was arrested for drug.'

'He is not hostile to us. He answers our questions properly without arrogance. He takes the food he is given all the time and he has not attempted to go on hunger strike. Since he came here, he has not tried to force us to release him.'

Contrary to claims that the actor is diabetic and hypertensive, ofoyeju simply said 'Baba Suwe is hale and hearty and is very understanding.'