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•L-R: Brand Ambassador of LG Optimus 3D Phone, Stephanie Okereke and Managing Director, LG Electronics, West Africa Operations, Mr. Jaeyoung Lee, at the launch of LG Optimus 3D phone in Lagos recently.

3D technology has grown beyond being a buzzword. Today 3D technology has become the mainstream of people's life style. LG Electronics has launched its first 3D smart phone. The LG Optimus 3D Smart phone is claimed to be the world's first tri-dual architecture 3D smart phone.

This latest 3D technology has countered the need to use special glasses when watching 3D footage. This up- to- the- minute phone has done away with the specs, and made 3D mobile.

'Suffice to say that LG Optimus 3D Smartphone is a major step forward in the utilization of full 3D functionality in everyday life. Users can record and immediately view content in 3D without special glasses', said the Managing Director of LG Electronics, West Africa Operations, Mr. Jaeyoung Lee at the launch ceremony, held at Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Lee disclosed that the introduction of this Smartphone was informed by the company's resolve to make available to its teaming consumers only products that suite their needs and enable them to live their aspirations and achieve all round entertainment.

'We are poised to stop at nothing in keeping our consumers happy with our products and services that come on the heels of technological innovations, stylish designs and most importantly giving them value for money spent,' he noted.

The Managing Director of Naijacom, Mr. Faress Saidi added that the striking and irresistible feature that makes the LG Optimus 3D phone stand out lies in its Tri-Dual configuration - dual-core, dual-channel and dual-memory - which allows for improved performance when multi-tasking, enjoying a movie or playing graphics-intensive games.

The Sales and Distribution Manager of Ist Choice, Mr. Harry Singh stressed that the Tri-Dual configuration known as Dual core; implies that the Optimus 3D has two processors compared to other phones with one processor giving room for applications to run 2 times faster than ordinary phones. 'With the dual-channel configuration, data transfers take place simultaneously between the dual-core and dual-memory', he stated.

Speaking further Saidi said looking at LG as a brand, there is no gain saying that over the years its promise of innovation, cutting edge technology, value for money spent and functionality of its product usage has been kept and it is consistently being improved to meet and suit the growing needs of its esteemed consumers.

Obviously happy at the development Lee said '3D on Smartphone is what colour was to television - it introduces an entirely new level of viewing enjoyment. Playing a Gameloft 3D title on an LG Optimus 3D is simply taking that enjoyment and multiplying it by a factor of ten. It is an experience that is guaranteed to put smiles on anyone's face'.

Lee noted that the era of dedicated handheld gaming is over. According to him the Optimus 3D smart phone has the horsepower to compete with the best portable gaming devices.

'There is no doubt that 3D is the natural next step in portable entertainment and LG is eager to throw its hat in the ring with Optimus 3D and Gameloft,' he said.