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Who Dreads Biafra The Most? Search Yourselves.

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Biafra is the only pillar holding “contract Nigeria” to its foundation; the single hand carrying Nigeria. Did I hear your opinion differ? It's all clear-even as every second ticks by. Biafra remains the biggest nightmare which torments the beds of every heart and hand which holds Nigerians together in modern slavery. Biafra is the Karma of evil doers in Nigeria, the repercussions of years of selfishness which breeds wickedness and callousness. Ask yourselves: “who dreads Biafra the most, who really feels more vulnerable at the sound of this great name?" Only in answering that shall you truthfully come to terms with the depths of your wickedness and the superficiality of this country called Nigeria; perhaps you could save what you have left of yourselves. Without Ndigbo, Nigeria would quickly decay like a corpse refrigerated for centuries. If your opinion, however, differs from this truth, and you believe that Nigeria will suddenly wake up from its dead bed once Biafra comes, then speak to your peoples; gather your leaders and speak with one voice, saying: “Nigeria will get well when the Igbos leave”. Let your convictions be heard just as mine is-all over the world.

It doesn't matter how many accusations have been labeled against Ndigbo, Ojukwu, or/and Biafra, it holds no sand if every accusing finger in Nigeria continually points towards South-East; Biafra remains both the dread of Nigerian leaders, and the hope of Nigerians. Biafra is the freedom that will break the Nigeria bondage and set Nigerians free. Ndigbo are now home to the many names anyone would conceive of calling us, these make us stronger. Igbos love money, Ok; Ndigbo claim to be the wisest, hmmm; Igbos are wicked, I see; their land is landlocked, really? They want Biafra yet they have nothing apart from trade, tell me something; everyone knows that Igbos do not go to school, I'm listening; Igbos cannot unite, really? In a fruitless attempt to shut out the blaring truth, every hand rises to answer the Igbo question; yet the obvious most important but unanswered question after all these still remains: why do Nigerians then dread the Biafran state? Why has the federal government of Nigeria done everything to oppose this, including killing innocent people and setting the guilty ones free? And why do people from a particular location cry out in protest when Biafra is mentioned, as if their mother is about to be taken away from them? Patriotism is ruled out. The obvious answer to this is simple: Biafra carries Nigeria, Ndigbo are the only single pillar keeping Nigeria in its place.

Blood is the only highest sacrifice and atonement. If anyone would easily discard the Nigerian genocide against Ndigbo, and would think it incomprehensible that, after fifty-one (51) years, Igbos would still be talking about and advancing the Biafran agenda, let him cut a part of his body and enjoy watching his blood drip down to his feet. If anyone considers the blood of millions of Igbos shed on Igbo soil simply because they said they preferred freedom to slavery, let him offer himself to Boko Haram as atonement for whatever. The blood of Abel still speaks to this day against all Cain, against all those who killed their brothers when they should protect them. The blood of Biafrans slain still speaks and demands complete justice. Every blood unjustly dropped demands total justice; it speaks vengeance and vengeance shall it get. It's true that the blood of Jesus speaks better things and has legally paid for all; however, it does not speak for those who work at cross-purposes with its divine purpose. These are why it's still amazing how those who claim to be the leaders of Nigeria do not know the simplest truth about this blood which runs in every vein; blood is thicker than water and nothing can ever cut its divine flow. Any leader in Nigeria who waves away the lives wasted in the genocide is simply ignorant of the most important of all matters; whoever calls himself a leader in Nigeria but is deeply convinced that the genocide should be left in 1967-1970 is simply blinder than a physically blind man. The likes of Nigerian senate president, David Mark, who sings the song of “Nigeria will not divide” are the chains binding Nigerians together. He can't manage his home yet he wants to be the king of slaves. He is a man of no insight who thinks that that the foundation he gives his house, wife and children has no bearing to their future. He is such a man that lacks the basic understanding of the word, “Unity.” Yet he is exulted to a position he knows nothing about apart from doing what they know best. Nigeria disintegrated before you joined politics, Honorable Mark; and all you have done your entire life is destroy Nigerians-those you were chosen to protect and develop. The fact that you have never touched the real issues facing Nigeria but goes on to in your wishful thinking of a country which has become your gold mine disqualified you as a leader-even in the ward level. You should respectfully resign. You ought to come down from your high horse and face your worst fear: Biafra will go and you will pay for your arrogance.

Nigeria is a stalemate; everyone knows this. Every Nigerian deeply believes this. Rebranding of Nigeria, borrowing of billions of dollars by the government only to embezzle them amongst themselves and then praise itself for paying it up from the federal purse, or any such steps would no longer be accepted. Nigeria has remained a stalemate since 1970. The problems of Nigeria lie more in the denial of the mistakes of the war than in the consequences of the legalized and celebrated certificate of corruption which qualifies Nigerian politicians for leadership. The constant arrogant incognizance feigned by the Nigerian government to the mistakes of the war is the strongest key which has tightly locked up “project Nigeria. But uniformed people generally dread change just as unrepentant Nigeria dreads Biafra. However change is one word which is constant; change never changes. Change must come. Every wise man prepares himself for eventualities, kings know that no mortal is immortal; change comes to all. Not every tree produces, some do not. However, every tree which produces is pruned for more production, while the one occupying space for nothing is removed to give space for those that produce. Nigeria, as a tree, was planted. It has not produced a single desire of any true farmer. Therefore, it shall not escape its place in the fire; it must give way for true advancement. And everyone also sees this and agrees to this, but somehow, fear- deep rooted fear- grips the wicked.

Why are you afraid of Biafra? Who is the most afraid in Nigeria of a sovereign state called Biafra: is it the Yorubas, the Ijaws, Efiks, Ibibio; those from Benin, or perhaps, the Hausas? Who truly has everything to lose, who is afraid of the dark? Which man dreads to run his own home? Which tribe hates Ndigbo the most but secretly fears their extinction without Biafra? Citizenship is not by compulsion, no one has the right to compel the other into becoming a part of an unfruitful, (or fruitful, for that matter) country. The Yorubas can comfortably stand on their own if they choose to advance Odua; the Niger Delta have a right to theirs if they so choose, a Benin Kingdom has been a long dream of some fathers; the Hausa have ways for sustenance and progress. It's rightly so because every land is blessed. Nigeria has fallen apart; nevertheless, somehow, it is becoming increasing obvious that some parts of Nigeria would prefer eternal darkness and damnation than letting Igbos go. Jacob (Israel) was cheated twice while he served for Rachel, the love of his heart. Yet he endured another season. However a time came for him to gather all he had for the next journey, and he sought for his merited rights to leave Laban and move on. But Laban cried and begged him, saying: "If I have found favor in your eyes, please stay. I have learned by divination that the LORD has blessed me because of you." Those words did not keep Jacob from his destiny; nevertheless, it provided a ground for a peaceful separation between him and his uncle. Nigerians cannot bear letting Igbos go, yet they lack the manliness to confess the truths of Laban's momentary vulnerability. This is the curse of Nigeria. Who is more afraid of an Igbo-free Nigeria, which tribe feels more vulnerable without Ndigbo in Nigeria? Your confessions will help you to check your sources of vulnerability and prepare you for the inevitable. Your confession will help maintain good relationships even after everyone has retired to his home. And this confession will not be mumbled, it will be spoken openly and with conviction. But, whether Laban willingly or stingily frees Jacob on his way to meet with his God, Israel shall discover his real meaning and purpose. Just as it was said of Israel, I say of Biafra. Who dreads Biafra, who feels more vulnerable in Igbo's absence than in their presence? Why do you complain of Igbo's presence yet dread their absence? What are you hiding: your weakness, vulnerability, or perhaps, emptiness and fruitlessness without Igbo presence? Tell yourself the truth: it's not about patriotism –such words died with the founding fathers, amongst whom were those openly doubtful. Face it: it's your shame, your emptiness and irrelevance that you fear. And those who dread an Igbo-free Nigeria are undoubtedly those who killed Nigeria. They know themselves and they know that it's too late for regrets. That's why their seed has sprung up among them-a frightening, self-destroying tree. Yet Biafra is.

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