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Bribery Scandal Rocks Kaduna House Of Assembly

Listen to article can authoritatively report that following the appointment of sole administrators in the 23 local governments of Kaduna state, the state House of Assembly have been neck deep in fraudulent collection of millions of naira every month

 from the councils.
It was gathered in a petition written by a serving sole administrator in the state to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) and the Kaduna state governor, Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa, who is said to have expressed shock over the incident.

'The situation is been tabled before the governor he was shock about it. Because since our appointments, every month they collected not less than N500, 000 from each of the 23 local government', the sole administrator declared.

Also a serving local government chairman in one of the 23 local governments, disclosed to on condition of anonymity that, 'Every month, all the local government give half a million naira to the House of Assembly members from their councils.

'Aside that, they are also main contractors at the councils, and they always insist that they be giving virtually all slots of employments, and other official allocation coming to the councils which is supposed to be handled within the purview of bringing about socio-economic development of the people. I am challenging them to come out and deny these allegations.'

'Imagine, these block-headed boys (legislators) who are opportunists and only get to the chamber on the platter of failed politics, are insisting that the LGAs carry public funds and give them ten slots, five for Jerusalem and five seats to Mecca. If they do all these biddings, how can we pay salaries?

'I want the educated constituents of Kaduna State to know all these shady deals. If they have succeeded with other LGA bosses in the past, let the people mobilize and stop them from these ruts. Everyone knows that the House of Assembly have their own budget and are enjoying juicy welfare packages, and how can they still be hijacking public funds meant for development?, the sole administrator stated.

He further lamented the extortion of public funds with clear cut impunity, saying, 'Can members of the National Assembly exhort money from Governors? Can they pressurize Governors to be realizing resources meant for development to them? I am speaking on experience, and I have just submitted reports to the government, let the EFCC, ICPC, SSS and others come to the root of the allegations and do justice, and confirm if it is not true.'

But in a quick reaction, the Deputy Speaker of Kaduna State House of Assembly, Dr. Dogara Mato said that the allegations were false, but accepted that the members sought for some seats for both the Christian and Muslims Holy Pilgrimages.

According to Hon. Mato, 'I can tell you authoritively that there is no iota of truth or evidence that any member of the House collects that amount from any Local Government Council. We will appreciate if Local Government Chairmen publish the monthly cheques, or voucher numbers, or any evidence linked to that payment. Also if members are getting contracts from Local Governments Council, we dare the Chairmen to please make public the names of the companies involved, the owners of the company, the amount of the contract and other details.

'There is an attempt to rubbish this House of Assembly by some actors who are not happy with the stability of this government and the improved peace we are enjoying in the state.

'On the pilgrimage, I don't see anything wrong when elected members like us, ask appointed acting chairmen to please get only five seats from the 80 seats that they control.

'We have people that campaign for us, and we have so much pressure from the larger public. If we can't get our LGAs to help on this particular matter of piety, where would we go? But we are not forcing them; we are just appealing, since we do not have powers to compel them.

'Please disregard these lies by people who have been appointed and have no idea on how to work and improve on the lives of the local people', he said..