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A political analyst Mr. Pius Ukaegbu has tasked the new election petition tribunal in Anambra State to dispense justice without fear or favour by shunning disgruntled politicians who believe they can buy justice with money. According to him, it will be too bad to allow what led to the sacking of the former tribunal members to happen again.

Mr. Ukaegbu condemned a situation where a case was struck out on the ground that it was a pre election matter without giving the case a fair hearing. He insisted that the people of Anambra South Senatorial district did not vote Senator Andy Uba but Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu as candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the April Election. Excerpt

Sacking of members of Anambra election petition tribunal

When the unjust tries to pervert justice, God will always raise a standard against him.

Take the Anambra South Senatorial seat tussle between Ukachukwu and Senator Andy Uba for instance, where a tribunal woke up one morning and told Anambrians that it won't hear a petition by Ukachukwu challenging the recognition of Senator Uba as the candidate of PDP by INEC even though the party headquarters said its candidate was Ukachukwu, yet INEC went ahead and gave Senator Uba certificate of return after Ukachukwu had campaigned throughout the zone, he was voted for and he won only to be short-changed at last and the tribunal struck out the case on the ground that it was pre election matter and that cost them their jobs. So my advice to the new members of the tribunal is to be upright and revisit the case and give the case a fair hearing. They should not be bought with money because at the end, it will make mess them up. The judiciary is the hope of the common man; those who voted in Anambra South Senatorial election are still hoping that the man they voted for should be sworn in.

Ukachukwu still in court
Yes, since the tribunal pervated justice, Ukachukwu had no choice but take his case to a higher court. Let the rule of law prevail. I am not saying that Ukachukwu should usurp power but he subjected himself to the senator Joseph Waku panel that conducted the National Assembly Primaries in the state and emerged candidate and the party flag bearer in the April National Assembly election and as an Anambrian I have a stake in the political project of the state no matter the area, Anambra is one entity, so I have the right to comment on issues concerning the state and its people. Let the Uba's realize that only God makes a leader and when it's their turn to be in a position of authority nobody can stop it but any attempt to impose himself on the people will fail.

Anambra at 20, what's your assessment?
The state had remained a role model to other states until the inception of the present political dispensation when former president Olusegun Obasanjo gave the entire state to an individual as an inheritance which led to a seating governor been kidnapped and taken to a Hotel room and forced to sign his resignation letter but as God would have it that never happened. So they came up with plan B and that was to make the state ungovernable and that was how kidnapping became the trade mark of Anambra and other South Eastern states and when this too failed, they resort to the last plan which is to go to the election tribunal and presented documents that they help the governor rig election and through that he was removed justifiably because he rigged.

Therefore the state I will say is a bit stabilized under Gov. Peter Obi, but it will be better if politicians especially those in PDP come together and chat a common cause toward the development of the stat. Anambra at 20 is encouraging and by the grace of God will be greater in future.