How Lagos Big Girl Disgraced Father

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Imagine how you would feel if you were in the shoes of a super rich Lagos big boy who earlier in the year got the shocker of his life at a Swedish University. According to gist hounds, the big boy John (surname withheld) travelled to Sweden to attend the convocation ceremony of his daughter, Jennifer. On getting to the venue, his daughter was nowhere to be found. He made enquires and was bewildered at the response he got. Not only was his daughter who has a baby boy from a failed relationship with a guy who got wedded to another girl few months back absent from the convocation, her name was no where to be found on the list of those graduating. Crest fallen, the rich dude whose store is named after sport he loves so much for which he spends millions on maintaining ponies to participate in with his fun-loving pals ransacked campus looking for his child. When he found her eventually, she went on her knees begging for forgiveness. Many questions are being asked by some people, who witnessed the whole episode. People want to know why Jennifer who is her father's only child did not come out straight to her loving dad that she has problems at school. Another question begging for an answer is why allowing your dad come all the way from Nigeria when you know that you are not graduating? While we do not have the answers to both questions, we can't help but add our own question, though it may sound stupid. "Was Jennifer ever in school?" Our question is based on the fact that the said babe is always by her ever smiling father's side at major functions here in Nigeria.