By Alonge Michael
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If you were a regular face on a Virgin Nigeria plane where Princess Titty Lizzy's name was blasting on the well-position speakers on board, you cannot but commend on versatility in what she knows how to do best. Princess Titty Lizzy is one beautiful who is known to be very friendly. Having recorded unprecedented success in her career as an air hostess who was trained in Germany by experts and have traveled all over the globe acquiring skills on Stress Management, Princess Titty Lizzy is set to explore the health environment with her 360 Degrees Wellness Service.

“I am venturing into this esoteric venture because I see a lot of Nigerians dying like chicken and if you ask they will say it's stress, I now thought of how to help a lot of women and men out there who don't have the kind of opportunity I have touring the globe. So I went to, Nature's Look, Paris, Stress Management Society and Graduate Base Point North, Harrow London respectively to be well trained in Stress Management and Health Service and I can bet it we have acquired the latest technology to check and reduce stress from you system. Become pro-active about your health; see it as an investment rather a cost. Your health is our con cern and commitment” She boasted.

Well, what else can we say? You have heard it all from the beautiful Business Administration graduate Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State .
Let's all cross our fingers and see the wonders she hopes to perform with her nature's replica Stress reduction and relaxation CDs, cards, organization stress audit, health coaching, stress massage rollers and others.