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Cameroon ia a place to be cos of their lovely people.i wonder why Nigerian and Ghana are always fighting at each other cos Nigerian lack everythings in their respective towns forintance the last time i visited nigeria i stayed there for abt a week, and guess what there was no light and the roads are really bad,and mosquitoes too terrible.nigeria is not at all a place to be except the lagos town and Abuja that are better.from my own point of view i prefer Ghana and their stars to the so called nigeria and their stars,Almost everybody there is a 419.Well cameroonian got better star just that they are not exploiting their talents.I am advising the producers to come here or go to Ghana and look for better stars with better English, not the so called nigerian that alwaays take 30mins to show part one and two of their movies.what a shame.the old stars were doing great but the present so called stars NONSENSE,producers look for better english from these two countries.a word to WISE is sufficient.n