Yoruba Entertainers Who Keep Malice

Source: Bola Dauda - Nigeriafilms.com
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Music and movie stars are meant to entertain their fans in a cordial manner and bridge the gap between their next neighbor. Also the act of entertainments is a tools to unite people who are not in friendship terms.

It is surprising that some of Yoruba movie and music stars are not in talking terms which remain a wonder to many of their fans.Some said that these celebrities battle themselves over certain issues such as supremacy battle, individual ego seniority and other differences.

Pasuma/Saheed Osupa: Fuji star pasuma and saheed osupa unarguably are sworn enemies. The two are wonderful Fuji musicians who are enjoying the public acceptance through their music. The both are no doubt a close rivals and yet to reconcile their differences.The duo have been in malice close to a decade due to the self-ego and seniority.

Iyabo Ojo/Lizzy Anjorin: The two elegant yoruba movie stars are on the battle field of supremacy which started like a child's play few years ago. The duo have refused to embrace peace despite the intervention of close friends. The main cause of their rift is the same thing as supremacy ego. Only time will tell when the two will embrace peace.

Fathia Balogun/ Funke Adesiyan: Fathia balogun a nd funke adesiyan are tvwo yoruba movie actress that are doing very well in their chosen careers, while fathia has been in the industry over the years funke is a new entrant in the movie industry.

The both became enemies when funke strpped out with fathia's ex-husband, saidi balogun.This made both funke and fathia to become the enemy of their time.

K1/ Obesere: Obesere and k1 de ultimate have been enemies for over ten years. While obeserw claims k1 is the main problem in fuji music, he is yet to state categorically why he has so much hatred for him. Obesere is still bitter a bout the something and has refused to let go the past while k1 has maintain maturity and has tried k.to bridge the gap.
How this will last only the time tell.

Gbenga Adewusi/ Segun Adisa:The duo of gbenga adewusi of bayowa films and segun adisa ,the presenter of labe orun,are close enemy who have been avoiding each other .

Their enemity began due to the issues arosed from the death of late ace comedian, gbenga adeboye. Segun adisa raised some counter aquisations agaionst badewusi due to the certain roles the bayowa played during the burial activities of the late fuwontan cooner.

Segun adisa claimed that the role of gbenga adewusi was suspicious which ignite the anger of adewusi as he claimed innocent of the allegations and since then both are in separate ways.

Jide Kosoko/Rammy Shitta Bay:The two veteran actors, jide kosoko and remi shita bay were closed pals before their friendship hit the rock. The current crisis rocking the ANTP is the source of their rancour.

Shita bay who was in the race for governorship seat in ANTP with the hope to win was trauncated by the influence of jide kosoko.The interest of jide kosoko in another candidate torn the legend apart.

Saheed Osupa/Murhi Thundr/Safejo Amam: The trio of Saheed Osupa/Murhi Thundr/Safejo Amama are sing alike. Both murhi and safejo amama adopts the singing style of osupa saheed which paved ways for them in the fuiji music. Te caucus thing in fuji music split the
trio apart.

Safejo and murhi had one time accused osupa on different allegations and the trio had also engaged in a public battle.