Revealed! Why Abia Governor`s Son Was Battered By Soldiers


Effort to cover up the brutal beating sustained by Chinedu Orji, the son of Governor T.A. Orji of Abia state in the hands of men of the Nigerian Army in Umuahia, the state capital, have been blown open as the young Orji who was flown overseas for medical

treatment returned to the state last week. Chinedu Orji is relatively, the de facto governor of the state moving about in very long convoy of vehicles and wielding tremendous political power.

He was in the habit of forcefully dispersing shoppers from any shopping mall or supermarket he chooses to shop.

On the said day, Chinedu Orji; with his phalanx of aides, had stormed the Capital Supermarket at Uwalaka street in Umuahia, the state capital for his usually extravagant shopping spree. According to an eye witness' account, on arrival, the young Orji had ordered all the shoppers to leave the supermarket before he would do his shopping. With the coercion of his security aides and mobile police escort, the shoppers left the supermarket.

One man however declined to leave and continued with his shopping. On sighting the man, Chinedu Orji confronted him ordering him to leave but the man insisted that he was not yet done with his shopping and tried to explain to the Governor's son that the supermarket was a public place which is not restricted to the exclusive use of any individual.

The man's explanation infuriated the governor's son who responded with slaps thus setting the stage for his security aides to bundle the man outside the supermarket.

Ruffled but not intimidated the unknown shopper, now outside the supermarket was seen fiddling with his mobile phone and making calls.

In less than a quarter of an hour, several military patrol vans stormed the supermarket and then was it revealed that the unknown shopper was a Lieutenant Colonel of the Nigerian Army.

The visibly angry soldiers were said to have pounced on the Governor's son and his entourage beating them black and blue. It took profuse pleas from the government house to save the day as the soldiers set upon Chinedu Orji and his aides.

The governor's son, severely brutalized was rushed to the hospital and thereafter flown overseas for medical treatment.

Efforts to get reactions from the military command in Abia state proved abortive. However, a military source maintained that the military command in Abia state is not aware of the incident.