Abia Gov's Son, Chinedu beaten to coma by Soldiers

Source: pointblanknews.com

Gov. T. A Orji
Chinedu, eldest son of Abia state Governor, Theodore Orji, escaped death by whiskers, few weeks ago when he was battered and horsewhipped by soldiers in the state capital, for assaulting an Army captain.

Pointblank news.com  sources hinted Chinedu was so bloodied with several broken bones that his father had to send him to a London Hospital for surgery.

But in a curious twist, the Army captain was kidnapped few days after the incident in Ohafia Local Government Area by hoodlums apparently at the behest of Chinedu. As at the time of going to press, the Army was still negotiating with the kidnappers.

Trouble started for the Governor's son when he and his thugs and body guards visited Capital supermarket in Umuahia and ordered every shopper to leave. Chinedu's usual style is, whenever he is around to shop anywhere in the state, his bodyguards and thugs order everyone to exit.

But on this fateful day luck ran out on the spoilt brat. Our source said when Chinedu visited Capital Supermarket the few shoppers scampered out at the sight of his thugs and guards, but an Army captain, and his orderly, who were in civilian clothes, refused to leave.

Pointblank news.com  sources said when the army officer ignored the orders by Chinedu's thugs for him  to leave, the Governor's son approached the officer and bellowed " do you know who I am?"

According to our investigation the officer replied " I don't know who you are and don't want to know you". This effrontery infuriated the Governor's son who responded with a smack to the face of the officer.

Said our source "he slapped the officer and asked his thugs to deal with him. They pounced on the officer and his orderly who were outnumbered. They beat them so bad and threw them out"

It was further gathered that few minutes after the assault, the orderly put a call through to Army Barracks in Umuahia.

Continued the source "they came in four trucks, full military fatigue, riffles and horsewhips. At that time Chinedu had settled to shop. When they came in hell broke loose. They took Chinedu and his boys down; beat them so bad with gun butts, and horsewhips. "

Pointblank news.com  gathered further that after the beating, they were all thrown on the floor of the truck and driven to headquarters, where they were locked up, and tortured further.

According to our source, he and his thugs were detained at the barracks for days until the Chief of Army Staff, General Ihejirika intervened.

“He was released after the Governor apologized, and the Army chief intervened. Chinedu could not walk..he had cuts bruises, and fractures. He was later flown to London for surgery. Not sure if he is back, but someone told me they saw his car"