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Permit me to make a few comments on the ongoing recruitment exercise by Ogun state Government. Governor Ibikunle Amosun demonstrated great sense of faithfulness and responsiveness in the manner he handled the fallout of the scarcity of the employment forms.

The exercise which was tagged, 'Ogun State Rapid Employment Scheme', succinctly brought out these two attributes in the Governor.

Despite the lean financial state of the  government occasioned by  the mischievous concessioning of several of the assets of the state by his predecessor, the Governor singled out employment generation, thereby making good his electioneering campaign promise of providing 10,000 jobs within his first 100 days in office.

The State Government had initially sent out just 15,000 employment forms to be picked up at the secretariats of the 20 local governments across the state. But that idea suddenly became nightmarish as the premises of the 20 councils almost turned into battlegrounds as thousands of unemployed youths besieged these secretariats seeking to collect the forms.

The fact that the forms are to be obtained free of charge further compounded the situation. However, Governor Amosun swiftly rose to the occasion. He ordered that the application forms be made available on the state's website:

The decision immediately eased the collection procedure as it afforded indigenes resident in other parts of the country the opportunity of participating in the exercise. The decision also spared the applicants the stress of long queues at council secretariats to pick up the forms.

As expected, the result was almost magical; the long queues at the local councils suddenly disappeared leading to an increase in patronage at cyber-cafés across the country with the Ogun state website experiencing heavy traffic.

I say kudos to the ACTION governor of Ogun state for displaying attributes of good leadership. Ibikunle Amosun is certainly working!

Tolulope Obalanlege,a lawyer, writes from 34,Oju-ore,Ota,Ogun state. He can be reached on [email protected]