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The Road To Happiness

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We sometimes convince ourselves that life will be better after getting married, or after the birth of the first child, even the second child. Later, we get frustrated because our children are still growing up and we think that we would be better off once that period is behind us.
We assume that our life will come full circle when things improve for our spouse/partner, when we'll be able to afford a more expensive car or a bigger house, when we'll be able to afford to go on holidays or when the time to retire comes.

Truth be told, there's no better moment to be happy than now. If not now, then when? Life will always be full of challenges to tackle or work in progress. It's better to face the truth and decide to be happy now that we can still afford it. For a long time, I thought that my life would kick off whenever I could/would have whatever it was that I fancied back in the day, but there was always a hurdle on the way, a problem that had to be solved first, the pursuit of some goals, some priority that demanded my immediate attention, a debt to be cleared. Then would my life begin.

Till I realised that those hurdles, problems, priorities, goals were what my life was made of. This perspective brought me to understand that there isn't a road that leads to happiness. Happiness is that road. Every moment that you live and share with a special someone counts and reminds you that time doesn't wait for anyone.

So stop putting off things till you graduate, get a raise, get married, get kids, the kids leave the house or till Friday evening, Sunday morning, spring, summer or winter. Decide now that there's no better time to be happy than now. Right now.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination

It doesn't take much to be happy, just appreciate little moments and enjoy them as the best of your life.