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Since man was first created, he thereafter began to think and advance un-relentlessly in the search for the real understanding of the enshrouded mysteries and truths that govern and surround the aesthetic formation and foundation of existence.

The development of the human mind, his natural and supernatural needs, led him to engage in socio-scientific researches, made possible through keen observations and experiments that constantly present him with the challenges of rational and scientific experiments, and explanation of some of the aesthetic aspects of universal existence.

Invariably, the human mind perceives that every 'effect' has a 'cause'. Surely, the universe did not come into existence all by itself. The systematic orbit of the earth, the moon, the planets and life on mother earth speaks to confirm all these as the art of 'planning, by a perfect planner'. If truly there was a 'big-bang' or existence by evolution, some power must surely be behind these?

First and foremost, the existence of man on earth as well as that of plants and animals is made possible through the inhalation and exhalation of carbon-dioxide and oxygen. Oxygen is one of the gases forming the atmosphere and it is very essential to the life and living plants and animals. Scientific research has it that oxygen constitutes 21% of the atmosphere, and should this natural regulation change by a slight increase or decrease, the whole life system will go out of order and life will subsequently halt.

Secondly, the temperature at the surface of the sun is 12,000 degrees Fahrenheit or 5,700 degrees centigrade. The sun's distance from the earth is approximately 150,000 kilometers. This regulation is therefore the precise distance most suitable for light and heat to reach the surface of earth adequately in order to sustain the life of animals, plants and man. In this regard, should the intensity of the sun's heat be doubled, all living things on earth would burn into ashes and at the same time, should it decrease by about 50 percent, we would all freeze to death.

Thirdly, if the waters of the ocean were sweet, they would have been bad-smelling and unhealthy for sea animals and other living things whose life depends much on water. It is therefore the salty nature of water that prevents it from becoming putrid and bad-smelling.

Fourthly, the revolving earth takes 24hours to rotate on its axis. One full rotation completes a day and night. This rotational speed as naturally regulated is much ideal for plants, animals and human beings to exist. But if the earth were to rotate faster than its present speed, then, everything would fold-up.