Secretary-General starts countdown clock to ‘sustainable’ London Olympics

By United Nations

The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today started a one-year countdown clock for next year's Olympic Games in London, which have been dedicated to the goal of sustainability.

Mr. Ban connected wires to start the clock, a smaller replica of the modernistic clock in Trafalgar Square that is keyed to the opening ceremonies in London on the evening of 27 July 2012.

Noting that the games are dedicated to sustainability, the Secretary-General said: “As we all know, sustainability is the capacity to endure, as all Olympic athletes must do. Here at the United Nations, it is the necessity to co-exist harmoniously with our natural world.”

“As Secretary-General of the United Nations, sustainability will be my Number One priority in the years to come… I am now in the process of consulting the Member States to have all their views and priorities – how we can make this only planet earth environmentally sustainable, where many people – big countries or small countries, rich or poor – can live harmoniously and promote harmonious development.”

The London Olympics organizing committee has pledged to attempt to make the Games environmentally friendly by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and the impact of the event on local wildlife.