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Mama EkaEte: – May God bless all of you for conducting yourself during the last election. I am very proud of you, my valued customers. May God continue to replenish your pocket so that you will continue to patronize me. I am very proud of you all. For a start, I will give all of you here present one bottle of your favorite drinks each free of charge.

Okoro: – Thank you very much for your kindness, appreciation, understanding and love.

Kunle: – Do I hear you say 'Love'. Please retract it. You are neither married to Mama Ekaete nor her daughter EkaEte. I am the only person who qualified to use the word love on them. Very soon, I will legalize my relationship with EkaEte and she will join me in my paradise.

Musa: – Paradise in-deed. 'See-me and I-see-you' house you are living in. The house does not even belong to you but to your late mother.

Okoro: – Governor Peter Obi according to prof Dora Akunyili has no house of his own in Agulu his hometown. He still lives in his mother's house. So Kunle is not alone. Or are you trying to rig him out of his inheritance.

Musa: – Yes, Ibos and Yoruba's are master riggers. They have mastered the act of rigging so well that they will soon start offering it in their university as a course

Kunle: – Rigging can come in different shades, shapes and colours. In some photographs we saw in the dailies, some kids as young as 10 years were seen quing for voting and nobody stopped them. Foreigners from Chad, Niger, Togo and even Cameroon were imported and they were all allowed to vote. Some politicians even had their herds of cattle and sheep registered and even voted.

Musa: – You must be crazy. In the South South, South East and South West, we had Baba and Iwu controlling and manipulating the votes with their magic wands.

Okoro: – But Baba's daughter lost in the election.
Musa: – Yes I know. It was their game plan just to confuse and deceive the electorates. How come they fixed the gubernatorial elections during the Easter period? Or why did they fix the presidential election before the GUBERNATIONAL. This is a case of master rigging.

Kunle: – Some even say that the post election violence was sponsored so as disfranchise some people especially the Ibos and Yorubas who must be forced to relocate to their respective states, where they did not register and as such not qualified to vote.

Okoro: – Jega is not from the South. But the man is really a genius. We all love him.

Musa: – Jega conducted
Jega Jega election, Iwu conducted wuru wuru elections. So it is one one, But Jega Jega is better than wuru wuru.