Ogun takes over Land for Trailer Park

Source: pointblanknews.com
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The Lagos-Ibadan Expressway has become a major weak link in our national road network. The road now constitutes a major menace to its users, both those who are resident in Ogun State and those who are travelling to other parts of the country.  

It is to solve the problems and make life easier for all that the Ogun State government started to explore various means by which it can take the trailers and petrol tankers which usually impede free flow of traffic off the road by finding a temporary site to be used as a park for them.   

The government has found a disused site around the  Sagamu Interchange which had earlier been occupied by the RCC.

The site which is already situated within 2km global acquisition along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway will serve the purpose of eliminating the public nuisance constituted by trailers and petrol tankers which are usually parked along the expressway.

It should be noted that the said parcel of land was already under government acquisition and therefore its being designated as a trailer park is in public interest.  

The government however found that a private concern had submitted application for the use of the same site on April 20, 2011 and the application was approved.

However,there is no record that the company had either furnished consideration as required nor fulfilled  other pre-conditions necessary for it to take full possession.

By operation of law, title cannot pass if there is failure of consideration. Therefore, any claim by any individual or company to the parcel of land is without basis.

The fact that the state requires the land for its trailer park project is an overriding public purpose which weighs higher than any other form of interest.

The government however wishes to assure all citizens and residents in the state that it will always act in the overall general interest, take decisions that will improve on the their general well-being and continue to deliver on its electoral promises.