Many of friends have called my attention to the above article by Sam Nda-Isaiah in his Monday column in the Leadership Newspaper. When I read through I honestly did not know where to situate him. Because he ended the article by claiming to a Pentecostal Christian!

The Bible is clear about the Jesus statement that ‘He who is not with us is definitely against us.’ And as late Chief MKO Abiola said at one time after the June 12 election annulment, when he was cornered by journalists in Lagos about his friendship with IBB. He answered bluntly that “If you have a friend like Babangida, you don’t need an enemy.’’

In my view the above statements aptly describes Sam Nda-Isaiah. He claims to be a Christian yet he used the must derogatory vocabulary in his dictionary on the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). Definitely part of the body of Christ can and will never derogate the head unless he is a Judas. Because Jesus said he who is not with us is definitely against us.

With ‘journalists’ like Nda-Isaiah all over the place, Nigeria will continue to be in trouble because these are journalist who write with their hearts and not their heads. There are many of them in the North. Adamu Adamu Sam Nda-Isaiah, Kawu Moddibo Ishaq, Mahmood Jega and many others.

Any objective journalist who have read the BOFIA act will condemned Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and will taken him to the cleaners.

The BOFIA act is clear about banking and in fact interest free banking in Nigeria. It is well spelt out that no bank should carry religious connotation or wordings in all ramifications in Nigeria. That Sanusi lamido Sanusi have altered the Islamic bank text about three or four times since he muted the idea speaks volume of his hidden agenda. In fact any intelligent government official in Nigeria of today will stay as far away as possible from religious agenda if he is honest not the least the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

For now if you ask me, I cannot differentiate between Lamido Sanusi and Boko Haram. In fact Lamido Sanusi is more militant than Boko Haram since he is using Federal Government resources to promote Islamisation of Nigeria.

Apart from Ibrahim Babangida’s OIC brouhaha in 1986, this Lamido Sanusi’s Islamic bank agenda has generated similar heat or even more.

Coming to Babangida’s defense by Sam Nda-Isaiah lacks explanation. That Ibrahim Babangida is the genesis of all the problems we have in Nigeria of today is stating the obvious. That is the price the society pays when inept corrupt greedy persons rule over them. The Bible says when wicked people rule then the society will suffer. Definitely a wicked ruler called Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida came Nigeria’s way before.

Sam Nda-Isaiah should write in his column advising Sanusi Lamidi Sanusi to sheath his Isamization of Nigeria through Islamic banking for now.

By the way if Islamic banking is antidote to poverty as is being claimed, then Somalia, Niger, Mali, Bangladesh and Pakistan will be the richest nations on earth by now. Ironically it is the same Islamic states that are ravaged by famine, poverty and conflicts. These Islamic countries are the poorest of the poor. Just as Northern Nigeria is the poorest region and is now compounded by Boko Haram. Look Sanusi lamido Sanusi should not fool Nigerians.

The Nigerian State has enough on its hands with terrorist Islamic sect called Boko Haram to deal with. Lamido Sanusi do not add more trouble.

As for Sam Nda Isaiah if he claims to be a ‘Christian’; then we do not need a pagan or a Taliban!

Written by Adejo A. Adeolu, Lagos.

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