Boko Haram threatens to bomb Aso Rock Presidential Villa


Boko Haram, the Islamist Militant group, has vowed to bomb Aso Rock, the Nigeria seat of power and turn Nigeria into an Islamic country where and replace the constitution with the Sharia Legal system, spokesman of the group, Abu Zaid declared.

The sect also vowed to bomb banks such as the First Bank, Bank PHB, Unity Bank, for allegedly denying depositors of N20, 000 and N100, 000.

In a telephone interview, Zaid said "It is belittling on our side to attack university students when our targets are places like Aso Rock and other high profile places in Abuja."

“In this battle we will not relent until the signs of Allah shine on all his servants in this country. Sharia will not trample on any body's right or freedom. 

"Sharia will even protect the rights of the non-Muslims more than the so-called constitution."

Zaid, who booked for the interview in a mobile telephone conference, said although sect members sympathise with the women and children traumatized in the conflict, they will not retreat from the battle until “the religion of Allah is established across the land and the government of unjust people  is done away with."

He admitted that Boko Haram has carried out two bank robberies  because banks support the cause that contravenes the injunctions of Islam.

Zaid, who spoke mainly in Hausa, demanded the withdrawal of  soldiers from the streets, accusing them of attacking ordinary citizens “who are killed, raped or made to flee their own homes."

He said Boko Haram robbed banks because "the banking system in Nigeria does not allow small depositors of between N20,000 and N100,000 to bear the loss of a failed bank, rather it is the government or the top management of the banks that bear the losses.

"Anybody who knows the operations of the banks will realise that we are not touching the poor people's money, and Islam has obligated us to do so.

"So big banks like Bank PHB, Unity Bank and First Bank fall under the banks we will continue to attack, Insha Allah.

“We are calling on the government to withdraw soldiers from Borno State immediately and stop making life difficult for the poor women and children.  

"Before the soldiers were brought to the state, there were no cases of killing of innocent citizens; we only concentrate on soldiers, the police and the gulty politicians who waged war against us in the first place. 

"Let th em leave the town because they will only continue to make innocent people suffer."