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As different interest groups within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) mount pressure on the president to accept their list of ministerial nominees, the National President, Develop Nigeria Initiative, DNI Dr. Basil Nwolisa has condemned the movement describing it as a move to disenfranchise Nigerians by selfish politicians whose interest is to share power and not to develop Nigeria.

He commends the president for rejecting such lists and advises him to look out for technocrats to run the affairs of the Nation. According to Nwolisa, Jonathan has so far convinced the world that he won't be loyal to anybody but Nigerians. He speaks further.

Jonathan and national development
As far as I'm concerned, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has shown signs that he is capable of presiding over this nation and so far he has fulfilled some of his electoral promises in terms of power sharing having rejected lists of nominees for federal appointments by some cabals that believe this country belongs to them. Mr President promised us during his campaign that power will improve. This, you will agree with me we have started to witness. For instance, formerly we were using analog meter reading but now a new meter that uses smart card is in place in my compound, and N1000 recharge I made since last month is still running till today.Its unlike before, when NEPA will bring bills they cannot defend.

Another success recorded by the present administration is the availability of petroleum products. As we all know, the products use to be scarce in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. But now, it is a thing of the past as the products are available. Today, you can drive into any filling station and buy your petroleum products. Enemies of the nation after the governorship election created artificial scarcity of the products in the Federal Capital Territory and some states in the North. A fourth night ago, a committee on kerosene and diesel products was inaugurated by the Federal Government to look into the causes of scarcity of the products and address it.

I don't bother about where the president and leadership of the National Assembly come from. What I am bothered about are those willing to serve the purpose of the Nigerian people who voted for them. Nigeria lacks good Roads, steady power supply and infrastructure but President Jonathan is fixing them. Therefore, it is important we support him so that before the end of his four years term, Nigeria would have attained a reasonable level of development.

Jonathan has not betrayed any section of the country

I hear some section of the country alleging that Mr. President has not kept the agreement he had with them during his campaign. I will say that only capable people should be appointed to key positions, and not just based on where one comes from. We shouldn't be telling the president to appoint Ibo, Yoruba or Hausa to any particular position, as that should not be a barometer for appointment.

This nomenclature was brought into political reckoning by the politicians themselves to cheat Nigerians. The question you should ask is, these positions they are sharing, is it for the interest of Nigerians? If your brother is made Minister of Finance, will he share your people's money? Of course, he won't do that. So, Mr. President should engage technocrats who will use their wealth of experience for the services of Nigeria, and not what will enter their pocket. I am interested in becoming a minister without collecting salary. I will live in my house; use my car for the service of my country. I won't live in government house or use government car or security and the sole purpose is to develop Nigeria and make Nigeria work again.

Rejection of ministerial lists by the president
The lists in question are lists emanating from certain cabals who see Nigeria as their private property and have the tendency to lord it over any president that comes to power to appoint their men into certain positions, even though such men are not capable. And I support the president for rejecting such lists. He has proved to all that he won't take instructions from these enemies of Nigeria who are bent on sucking us dry.

These are irresponsible people who disenfranchise Nigerians with their selfish interest of sharing power. Those lists are created to prompt the intensions and interest of Mr. President, so that he can give it consideration. I did investigate, and I find out that the so called lists were not from the presidency and none of those pencilled down were in the original list but the imagination of those in the corridors of power who want to favour their cronies. They want to make a sale out of these names, to see if they will get consideration from the government.