Sufism is love for humanity

Vinod Mehta

Sufism is the gateway towards knowing the divinity and developing love for the humanity. Traditionally, Bangladesh is known as the home of Sufi music for ages. In the rich soil of Bangladesh, Sufi thinkers like Lalon Shai, Hason Raja, Durbin Shah, Radha Romon, and Shah Abdul Karim were born. They have enriched the culture of Bangladesh, as well as Bengali speaking population in the entire world with their lyrics of divinity. It is generally perceived that, while food is the requirement of the worldly human body, music is actually the food of the soul. Thousands of Bauls and Sufi thinkers as well disciples of Sufism have been practicing and nourishing this culture of divinity with the ambition of enriching the human souls thus encouraging love for the humanity thus discouraging destructions and evil doings.

Fakir Shahabuddin is one of the leading Sufi scholars and singers in Bangladesh today. For past three decades, Fakir has been singing songs of the soil and songs of the soul and promoting this very authentic Sufi culture in Bangladesh and in the international arena. Recently Fakir Shahabuddin has declared the name of his next album, which is hoped to be releasing during the Eid Ul Fitr. Name of this album is Ichchhar Karoney [Because of Desire]. Celebrated music director Partha Majumder is composing the songs of the ten songs for this album. Lyrics and tune of all the songs are by Shoaib Choudhury, who also is known as 'Shadhok Shoaib' [Hermit Shoaib] in today's world of Sufi songs.

Commenting on his upcoming album, Fakir Shahabuddin said, “In every century, there is a birth of new Sufi philosopher, who is commonly known as Sufi lyricists. Shadhok Shoaib is the truest genre of Sufi lyrics, which always contain highest standard of ingredients in it, which would only provoke the people in searching through the souls to understand the colors of divinity and mystics of the creator, who is known by people of various faiths in different names.

“In my life, I had the opportunity of mixing with greatest Sufi thinkers and hermits in Bangladesh, including late Shah Abdul Karim. But, Shadhok Shoaib's lyrics are more powerful than many as it directly hits the very deep inner portion of the human soul thus helping people in understanding the beauty of love towards mankind and humanity. All the songs in this album are unique in its sweetness of lyrics as well as tune, thus it becomes even colorful and 'tasty' with the golden-touch of celebrated music directors like Partha Majumder, who is the eldest child of late Ustad Barin Majumder and late Ustad Ela Majumder. The Barin-Ela couple is known as the maestro of classical music in Bangladesh. Partha Majumder inherits the very beauty of such rich knowledge of classical music with his extremely special touch of modern fusion.”

Commenting on the upcoming album, Ichchhar Karoney, Shoaib Choudhury said “Fakir Shahabuddin is the uncrown king of Sufi music in today's Bangladesh and Bengal. He has the nature-gifted voice, which can only bear the highest depth of Sufi philosophy in the songs. I am so happy that Fakir Shahabuddin has sung my songs in this album. If this album will contribute in encouraging people in abandoning destruction and all forms of evil thus embracing the love for humanity, I will feel that my prime objective of creating Sufi songs have been successful.”

Does human being write Sufi songs, answering to this question, Fakir Shahabuddin said, “No one can write Sufi songs, unless it is desired by the divine destiny. I personally believe Sufi lyrics are gift or commandment from the God. Whether others will agree or disagree, but, this is the ultimate reality, which I believe in my heart.”

Fakir Shahabuddin said, “Though Bangladesh is the home of Sufi songs, millions of Sufi music lovers in India are deprived of remaining connected to this culture, just because Indian authorities are continuing their unkind ban on Bangladeshi television channels in reaching the Indian audiences, although Bangladesh has always allowed the Indian channels in reaching Bangladeshi households for many years. As a singer and disciple of Sufism, I cannot accept such attitude of the Indian government. I would like to humbly appeal to Dr. Manmohan Singh and recently elected chief minister of West Bengal Mamata Bannerjee in kindly lifting the barrier thus allowing Bangladeshi television channels in reaching Indian audiences. For the sake of regional peace, cultural connection between the nations is extremely important.”

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