How my mother killed my father


I am  Emmanuel Chibulke Ezenwere 23 years old, and the first son of late Emmanuel Ugochukwu Ezenwere owner of MANHOOD INT'L LTD which is a known furniture maker in Owerri Imo State. My father was assassinated in cold blood at his residence at Naze, Owerri, Imo State on 8 th November, 2006. The cause of my father's death is as follows:

Sometime in October 2006, my father quietly walked into his personal office attached to his showroom at 23 PH Road Owerri and caught my mother with a police man in a compromised condition. He got angry and questioned the man as to what he was doing in his office. But the man turned around and violently threatened to kill my father should he be questioned further.

My dad came back and re-opened the issue and my mum pleaded with him not to make any entry since the man later pleaded with him. One day my mum came back with my dad's mechanic Ndubuisi Onuoha who drove her back home and walked straight inside her room and locked up the door. Minutes later, I peeped through her window and saw both of them making love, they sensed danger along the line and quickly opened the door.

This I informed my dad upon his return but my mum denied it and I confronted her lover Ndubuisi immediately on the issue before my dad and his workers but my mum did not let him say a word but threatened to lock me up in the police cell the matter hanged on. Then three weeks later my dad caught her with a different handset with series of text messages from her lovers whose name she stored as Angel among which involves those of Ndubuisi. On that note, my dad invited his mother, younger brothers and Jude Okeke my mum's cousin, Adaobi Okeke, Evline Okeke, Chito Okeke my mum relatives and Ndubuisi Agu the son my mother had with Amarachi Agu before she got married to my dad who also lived with us and Ndidi Ikechiulo my cousin.

 In the presence of all, my dad handed over the phone to Jude Okeke who read it out to all. He then pointed that he was going to remarry to save his life and to avoid untimely death since my mum has developed much interest in other men. My mum at this point started pleading and promised not to get involved in similar acts again. She pleaded that my dad should take her to Reverend Father Edeh's place in Elele for her to take oath.  

Mrs. Ezenwere

Late Mr. Ezenwere
They went to the Pilgrimage center Elele, that is, my dad, herself, my paternal grand mum and were asked to come back in fourteen days time within which period, my dad was assassinated ten days later. On that fateful night I was in one of the 4 rooms in the boys quarters. In the next rooms were Emma and Udo in that other one was one Fidelix Chukwu my dad's driver, while Ndubuisi Agu and Chito where in the last room. In the main building was my dad, my mum, my little siblings, Izuchukwu, Chimeremeze, little Ugochi and my mum's niece Ndidi Ikechiulo.

 At about 12:00am on 8 th November, 2006 we heard the sound of the wailing and the sound of gun shots right inside the compound followed by the siren alarm of my dad's jeep.

 When the people went out, the gate man Collins opened the adjoining gate. When I, my younger brother and the workers came in when the assassin had left. My mum was shouting that she has been made a widow. I then rushed into my dad's bedroom and saw his dead body in a pool of his blood.

I discovered that both the main fence and part of the main building were broken and my mum was saying that they came in through the two holes on the wall. She got into my dad's bedroom and said that my dad was not dead. She sent one Uzoma Njoku to call my dad's Uncle Mr. Hyginus Akujobi who lived very close. She insisted that my dad should be taken to the hospital. Then my mum, Mr. Hyginus Akijobi, Uzoma Njoku, Fidelix my dad's driver, and myself took his corpse in his Mercedes Benz to Christina Hospital Egbu Owerri owned by my mum's supposed uncle Doctor Silvanus Obichere Amaeshi. There Dr. Amaeshi confirmed that my Dad was dead long before been brought to the hospital.

 At about 3:00am my mum called my paternal grand mum and my uncle who quickly came and met his corpse dead in a room at the hospital. She told them that my dad's half brother, Mr. Charles Ezenwere, came at midnight with 18 armed men and shot him dead. She pointed that she saw Charles openly and others because he had nothing on his face except a face cap and he was asking after land documents. That it was the said Charles who shot my dad saying that he will go in for that land.

From there they went and made entry at Uratta Police Station and later they went out to arrest Charles at MCC Road Owerri while I was at the mortuary crying. From there I got back home and my mum called Ndubuisi Agu and gave him an instruction that we should pack all the documents in my dad's room which we did.

Subsequently, her supposed uncle Dr. Amaeshi arrived with his Mercedes Benz and few minutes later my mum returned with Charles and a team of Policemen that arrested him together with my dad's people. My mum quickly came in and brought a sac bag from her room containing new currency notes in bundles together with dollars belonging to my father and asked me to put the one containing the documents inside the sac bag. I did so and she instructed that I should give it to Dr. Amaeshi to keep it for me else my father's relative may develop interest. That I did and he drove off.

The killers made away with my dad's jeep which was later recovered and parked at state CID Owerri, and my mum also told us that the killers made away with over N2.2 Million with Dollars my dad stores for his foreign transactions.

Three days later, she brought a report that my dad's body was decaying and ought to be buried quickly. According to Dr. Amaeshi since Eighty Five Thousand Naira (N85,000:00) worth of formalin had already been used to no avail, and my dad's people had strongly refused the idea of burial that he was neither sick nor aged and the body was stored in the mortuary and could not go bad additionally, that the accused Charles Ezenwere was yet to be prosecuted hence they cannot accept immediate burial. However, she continued in her arrangements and preparations for burial with her uncle Dr. Amaeshi.

 When my dad's people called her on phone to stop these arrangements, she asked me to tell them that I was aged enough to bury my father. These I did in ignorance, she picked a date, prepared posters, vests, bought a casket and invited her friends and well wishers for the burial.

 On 25 th November 2006 the burial was fixed and she filled the entire premises with armed policemen who prevented my dad's people from seeing his corpse as instructed by Dr. Amaeshi. I later opened the door after much pressure and they saw my dad's corpse. Then after the burial by the church among their people that came, at about 12:00 midnight, my mum brought some native doctors who opened my dad's grave, brought his corpse and performed some RITUALS. I enquired to know what they were doing since I know my father was a full fledged Christian and she asked me to keep quiet because I was too small to know what they were doing.

 They later mixed some quantity of cement with cheeping to cover the grave. On the 28 th November 2006 precisely three days after the burial of my dad she took me to Union Bank at 23 PH Owerri where we withdraw some money and took me to a car stand and bought me a Salon Nissan Premiera Car in my name which I personally signed the receipt.

 Two days later, she took me to my dad's family compound at 50 Douglas Road Owerri and told them that it was not Charles Ezenwere that killed my father, that her mother in-law told her to say so, and that she was going to release him. She showed them the new car she bought for me and we drove off.

 Within the period, my father's mother took the matter to Zone '9' Umuahia and my mum denied not going to my dad's compound to make any comments about Charles who was been detained, and she told me never to accept that she bought the car she gave to me and that I should say that the car was bought by my dad and was used by him three months before his death, else my dad's people will claim all his properties and leave us with nothing. This I accepted and said before the AIG at Umuahia though without knowing her plans.

 She attached my name in the court injunction she raised at Federal High Court Owerri against the petition my dad's mum raised at Umuahia Zone '9' requesting for autopsy to ascertain the exact condition of my dad's body before he was shot to death. Hence, she suspected that he was drugged to stupor as he could not release a single shot in spite of the fact that he had a licensed double barreled gun with bullets.

 However, while my father was still in the mortuary, the said Ndubuisi Onuoha (a mechanic) relocated and packed into my father's house in my mother's room and continued sleeping with her on daily basis. This I strongly frowned at and confronted her openly before my siblings. She said I should come and lay on her if am still refusing her lover Ndubuisi and she now gave Ndubuisi my dad's Mercedes Benz which is still with him.

She also told my father's family and the police that my father bought the car for me before he died. To support the claim, she went to the car dealer and forged a receipt and back dated it to 6 th of September 2006, my signature is on the original receipts but my signature was not in the forged receipt as a buyer.

 My mother also brainwashed and initiated all my younger ones into a cult which she belongs to. I refused to be initiated and started asking some salient questions over the death of my father. My mother decided to set me up. One day, I was coming back from my dad's office. Two brothers Tochi Njoku and Uzoma Njoku who reside on the same street with us at Naze Owerri Imo State, gave me a bag to hold for them as we were headed to our house because our house is adjacent to theirs, not knowing that my mother had planned with them to plant a gun in the bag which they did very cleverly. She also arranged with the police to wait and search me at the entrance of our compound as soon as the boys handed the bag over to me.

They arrested me for possessing a gun and all my pleas for the police to go and also arrest those boys who planted the gun in the bag fell on deaf ears. I stayed in police detention for five weeks. While in detention I was tortured.

I recall how one inspector Chinedu Ohaju, was always beating me with his baton and asking me who killed my father. When the news came to my family that I was detained, my paternal grandmother and uncles started making arrangements on how to effect my bail. The policeman whom my mother bought over told my mother of this development and she quickly came to bail me at the police station with the sum of N5 Million according to what she told me.

 From the police CID Station Owerri, I was taken to the garage where I boarded a night bus to Lagos. This incident happened sometime March, April 2007, all through 2007 I was with her uncle in Lagos while I made my WAEC and JAMB result my dad was helping me to gain admission in Imo State University before he died. In June 2008 my mum gave me a number and a name Anulika and ask me to call her that I am going to travel with her. When I asked my mum what I was traveling to do and which country is that, she told me Vietnam. I don't know Vietnam and I have not been there before.

When I called the woman she asked me to meet her at the airport. When I got there one woman was waiting for me she gave me an International Passport and ticket to Vietnam when I did not apply for visa to any country. Going to Vietnam was missionless, I wasted 2 years of my youthful age doing nothing with my life.

 I asked my mother what was the mission taking me to Vietnam, I did not apply to any school there neither did she brief me of any business that I was going there to do rather she said that I should travel out first.

 My mother went and swore an affidavit that she has taking me to UK for Studies. This shows that she deliberately sent me to Vietnam to die because I was not given any pocket money rather the woman I went with disappeared with my return ticket.

I became stranded in Vietnam I did not know anyone there. I was sleeping from one motor park to another. In the process of this, some hoodlums attacked me and injured one of my ears. It was stitched and I needed money to buy some medicine.

 I called my mum and told her of my ordeal but she refused to send me any money. On 14 th May, 2010 I was eventually deported from Vietnam by the Vietnamese authority after two years as an illegal alien. Before I was deported my mum called me and told me that one of my younger brothers Osinachi had also been caught by the police with a gun and that she might have to sell one of my father's land to effect his bail. According to her, the police were asking for N4 million before he could be released. Immediately, I sensed it was another strategy to sell off my father's property.

 I therefore told her not to bail him that I was already making plans to come back to Nigeria, that I will bail him when I come. But because she had fraudulent plans, she did not wait for me she went ahead and sold our living house where the killers murdered my dad and bailed my brother with yet another four N 4 Million making N 9 Million Naira as the amount used to bail me and my younger brother from the police cell for trumped up charges and she was using my dad's money to build houses in her village.

 As if that was not enough wastage of my father's money, when I came back to Nigeria I discovered that my mum had used almost all my dad's landed properties and cars to settle those people she engaged to assassinate my father because the man she pointed that she saw face to face that shot my dad, my father's half brother Charles Ezenwere had been released and he is walking as a free man in the country.

The one that particularly irked me was my dad's jeep which my mum dashed to her police lover Inspector Chinaedu Ohaju, and my dad's Mercedes Benz she dashed it to my dad's mechanic, Ndubuisi Onuoha who is also my mum's lover. All those wastages were going on without any consideration given to our education and future.

 When I told my mum that I wanted to go back to school she said there was no money. Yet she could afford to give out our landed properties to her boyfriends apart from that, she built herself a brothel and a mansion in her village in Obosi Umuofor Makwum Village in Anambra State.

 When my mother felt that I was asking too many questions concerning the death of my dad, she warned me to be careful saying that when a child begins to probe too deep into what killed his father, the same thing that killed the father will eventually kill him.

The same police inspector Chinedu Ohaju, who was always beating me with his baton, called me with his phone number on 26 January 2011 on my new line and threatened that if for any reason they regard me as an enemy that he will destroy me within 12 hours the following day. God being on my side I recorded the voice conversation of inspector Chinedu Ohaju.

 My question here is what business does Chinedu Ohaju a policeman have together with me that will make me later his enemy?  The one that is killing my spirit is that my mum told my paternal grand mother that she will kill all her children and bring them to her including my paternal grandmum.

When Chinedu Ohaju the police man called me I was surprised on how he got my number, then he told me my mum gave him my number and he was asking me why did I come back, then I now dropped the line and called my mother asking her why she gave my number to the  policeman again.

Then I asked her if she wanted to set me up again, she dropped the line quickly. Inspector Chinedu Ohaju called me back again and asked me why I reported him to my mum. I was shocked, while I was trying to give my reason, the policeman told me that if I love my life I should stop disturbing my mother.

 Since then I ran for my life because I got information that my mum has concluded plans to kill me. She wants me dead because I am the only one who can counter some of the lies she is telling concerning the death of my dad.

My paternal mother and other family members are also scared that my mum is threatening to kill them, claming that they are supporting me in a petition to the Inspector General of poLice, Hafiz Ringim, the family members appealed to him to look into the matter before another person dies. Their fears were heightened following the news that my mum and five other suspects arrested by the police had been released on bail.

According to what I heard, that they paid the sum of N2.3 Million Naira to the police for their release. On the 3 rd May, 2011 the CP in-charge of the Homicide section force Headquarters Area '10' Abuja where they are been detained and released invited all of us for an interview to hear from the both complainant and the accused. When I Emmanuel Chibuike Ezenwere was narrating my story the CP was cutting me off even when my lawyer wanted to correct him. The CP promised to walk him out from his office if he made any statement again that this is his office and that he has the right to do anything he wanted.

 He also said the same thing to my paternal grandmother that he will walk her out from his office. But when the accused, my mum, was telling her story he asked her to seat down. When she was talking, he did not ask her to stop talking rather then he said that what my mother said made more meaning than the one I said, and was asking me if I am with my right senses. Then I knew there was something wrong. This was the way she bribed state CID Owerri Imo State to investigate Charles Ezenwere. There was no investigation from Imo State police where my father was murdered apart from Charles whom my mum said she saw him face to face when he shot my dad to dead and Charles was arrested but today Charles is working as a free human being. I state that my mother killed my dad.

 When my paternal grandmother noticed that it was my mum who killed her first son, she ran to the office of the AIG Zone '9' Umuahia to complain about the matter. My mum came to Umuahia and bribed the police at zone '9'.

When I got to the office of the Inspector General of Police, Hafiz Ringim, on my Petition to look into the matter, the police section area '10' Abuja was told to look into the matter. According to what I heard from the IPO the case file at Umuahia is missing, and I wondered why the police has refused to charge the matter to court.

 On my coming back from Vietnam to Nigeria I discovered that the said Charles whom my mum said she saw him shoot my dad to death has been released. Then I started asking questions and she became uncomfortable, and started sending my younger ones to attack me. When her plans of using my younger ones failed, she now contacted her hit man, one inspector Chinedu Ohaju a policeman to kill me.

 What baffles me most is that after the death of my dad, all the documents that she is obtaining is in my name. She has been impersonating my identity, using my name without my knowledge to obtain important documents and to stop most investigation, so if they see that my name is there as the first son of my father they will think who are they to challenge me. That is why she has been walking freely. My mother went to obtain Letters of Administration without any members of the family, and in the letters of Administration my name as the first son is not there in the letters of Administration.

Right now I have decided to open up to the general public, to the Nigeria police, to the Honorable Commissioner Police service commission, and to the Human Rights & Justice and to the federal government and also to the world to hear my cry for help.

 My mother and Doctor Sivernus Obichere Amaeshi are the ones using my younger ones to write petitions against me. My mum said that Dr. S.O. Amaeshi is her uncle. Two of my sisters died mysteriously in Doctor Amaeshi's hospital and I also got information that Doctor Amaeshi's hospital in Lagos was closed down because of criminal acts. I will like the police to investigate Doctor Sivernus Obichere Amaeshi of Christina hospital Egbu Owerri Imo State and my mum Mrs. Nkechiyere Ezenwere for most of the rituals killing in Imo State and the relationship between the Doctor and my mum. On 11 th May, 2011 the police from Abuja came to owerri and said they wanted to see me so that I can take them to arrest Adaobi Okeke and show them the car dealer. When we moved out from( Barr. Alozie Chambers the now changed that we will go to the police station Owerri for them to pick up a letter covering their coming when we got the changed and handed me over to state CID. They detained me saying that my younger brother wrote a petition against me my grand mum, my uncle and my grand mum's elder brother asking them to come to the station. That was the same thing they did when they were at Umuahia.   I wonder why the police has refused to charge the matter to court.