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All smiles as Ademidolapo Adesida steps into a new world of showbiz

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Travel Executive, Ademidolapo Adesida has been all smiles as she steps back to action after the May Day holiday break.

The royal lady of travel business is all smiles as she claims the holiday has brought a good reflections after the election and she claims she is stepping into a new world of social activities; acting, songs writing, play-writing, arts and entertainment.

She is currently finalizing plans to launch into the world of music and Nollywoodmovies with her dreams focussed on making it big.

Her dream may soon be realised even though she has been playing the background and backstage role.

Ademi has created a little world of entertainment around herself in recent times with friends coming close for her support and assistance having discovered her talent.

“I am a good dreamer and a natural performer and I have the plans to make it big in my new chosen career but still taking my time”, Ademi confided.

She is currently putting finishing touches on her creative works in songs already written for top artists while also flipping through pages of her scribbled down drama idea and story lines for top Nollywood producers.

She already has in her home library lots of work which may launch her into a new worldof entertainment as a movie producer, songs writing and bona fide entertainment impresario.

Ademi, as she is fondly called by loads of her friends is no doubt getting set for a more blossoming career having set a goal to make it big this year

Witty Ademi has proved a hit in songs and movie script writing but confided recently that her dream to make it big in Nollywood is her right target.

” I am really working hard to make my dream come true. I am a good thinker and dream performer and my real talent as a showbiz blooded buff may be exposed soon as I am set for it. I am a versatile script writer even though this is hidden inside me and not all my friends have been able to detect this in me”, she confided recently.

” I am a showbiz blooded person and my true picture as a talented play writer and songs composer may come out soon with lots of ideas already put in papers. Who knows? Ademidolapo could be setting a stage for a new idea conception in Nollywood. We wish her the best as she sets her mind with the thought that: ” Where there is a wish… and will, there is always a way”.