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Genevieve Nnaji wants a man with Johnny Depp's personality and Boris Kodjo's lips

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NAW Mag - "You've been linked romantically to several people, are there any wedding bells in the future?"

Genny - "Yes, I am dating. But there won't be any chiming of any wedding bells, although I want to get married. I am looking for someone who can keep me excited because I get easily bored. I need someone who is there to support me, who is confident. Anyone who's with me needs to be confident. I haven't got time to be massaging any man's ego. My ideal man is someone with a Johnny Depp personality and with Boris Kodjo's lip (laughs)." Genevieve said in her interview with New African Woman magazine.

Me I want a man with Vin Diesel's voice, Vin Diesel's body, Vin Diesel's lips, Vin Diesel's personality, Vin Diesel's...I want Vin Diesel period! lol

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