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German Policewoman - Shot And Killed A (Benin) Nigerian Woman

By Isaac Izoya
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Frankfurt / Main – bloodbath (job center) in Frankfurt am Main!

According to the Bild News paper, (Mrs.Christy Schnudeck nee Omorodion, (39), was shot in her stomach at a close range by a German police woman at the job centre in Frankfurt. She collapsed and died afterward at the hospital. The bitter news spread like wild fire with shock and disbelief across African communities in the Diaspora.

Carrying Mrs. Christy O. Schnudeck away from the scene of the incident

According to the one sided report, the reason of the bloody drama was apparently a dispute over government support money (about 300 -600euros) between the late woman and the staff of the Job Centre. The woman wanted her support money in bar rather than the normal Bank transfer payment. The problem escalated when she was told that, it won`t be possible to pay her in bar.

The in-house security service alarmed the police at about 9am on the 19th of May 2011: "That a customer would not leave after a dispute with the staff at the Job Center and that she is rioting and disrupting the office operation. " A police spokesman said.

Upon the two police officers (woman and man) arrival at the scene, they asked the woman for her passport for the normal control which is obligatory in Germany. According to the unconfirmed report, instead of the ID card, she pulled up an eleven inch long knife blade from her pocket - and stabbed the police woman on her thigh. "Beware, she has a knife." The police alerted her partner.

Like in Nollywood films, the same officer grabbed her weapon (Pistol) and fire at her in the stomach. The 39 years old Nigerian – who relocated to Frankfurt since May 1st, 2011 from Aschaffenburg, collapsed and was confirmed dead an hour later from the injuries sustained from the gun short.

“The stabbed police woman`s condition is stable.” Said the police spoke person but no independent person has seen the police in question with bandage or otherwise.

Interestingly, the incident occurred in a designated Job Centre specifically met for groups of homeless people and those with addiction problems in the care of the Rhein-Main Area. In a nutshell, that means, the Police are expected to be extra-ordinarily careful due to the kind of persons such job centers are meant for. It simply means that, this couldn`t be the first time the Police are been alerted for such incident, but probably, the first time a black person is involved.

The general question in the lips of Africans in Germany is, why on earth will she carry a knife to job centre? The answer is simple considering the area it happened. It is well documented that she had a mental problem and by law, such people are treated with respect and absolute care. In a Country where one can escape judicial punishment when alcohol is found in Peoples blood system, one could imagine what happens to people with mental illness in Germany.

The state police in Wiesbaden have taken over the investigation. The question of necessity of firearms use "is being examined anyway.

Shock Amongst Nigerians In Germany.
If there is anything Germans are respected for, it`s certainly their respect for blood after the 2nd World War. Germany´s Highway roads for example, are well protected against wild animals. Killing of Birds or anything with blood even Trees are considered as crimes in German court of law. Sadly, the only blood that is not respected in Germany or protected by German Law in practical, is the blood of a black Person. It may sound funny but that is the bitter truth. German Police are well trained that defending themselves with Guns from fellow women with knives is totally unthinkable and a defeat to German grade “A” standard training Police enjoyed in this country.

Though this is not the first time a Nigerian or African will die in the hands of Police. All traced to racism within police against Africans in Germany. the obvious unanswered question is would the Police have reacted same way if the victim was a German or European or better still an American citizen with the possibility or consideration of mental imbalance as with the woman in question and the area the incident happened? Going back to memory lane, it might be right to conclude that German law protects especially, the police when a black person`s blood is shared.

Some of the known crimes committed against Africans in Germany;

In March 1996, M, a 29-year-old asylum-seeker from Uganda had gone to take a shower on the second floor of the asylum hostel where he lives when he was suddenly attacked by a number of masked men. M who was slammed against the wall several times by the masked men was struck in the face and on the body. He fell to the ground and was kicked on the ankle. M who offered no resistance during the assault witnessed several uniformed Police officers nearby. All refused to intervene.

N`deye Mareame Sarr
John Anyanwu was killed in 1999 in Frankfurt by the police during control in an attempt to deport him and no Police was ever convicted.

14. Juli 2000, N'deye Mareame Sarr – Senegalese, was shot dead by the Police while fighting for the right of her baby in her Ex-husband`s house in Aschaffenburg (Bayern State) and the police involved were never punished.

Friday, the 7th of January, 2005, the 22 year-old Oury Jalloh was tied down with his hands and feets to a fireproof mattress located on top of a concrete base in a jail cell tiled from floor to ceiling. The supervising Police at the time ignored the fire alarm for quite some time. Oury Jalloh burned to death. An expert's report confirms: If the police had reacted immediately they could have saved his life.

Laye Konde, 35 was killed by Police in Bremen after they brutally administered an emetic. German officers who suspected Laye of ingesting drugs attempted to induce vomiting in order to secure evidence for his prosecution. When Laye resisted, Police officers bound him and a hose was pushed into his nose. The officers forcibly administered the drug alongside several liters of water Laye was forced to swallow.

The consulting emergency Doctor wrote to the Public prosecutor's office stating that "the patient had suffered substantial, probably fatal brain damage due to oxygen deficiency, which resulted from water penetrating into the lungs.... The colleague as well as the two police officers gave the impression that this was a completely usual standard procedure."

It was reported; “After each spasm of vomiting, the stomach hose was refilled with water and reinserted. After about 20 minutes, the young man had virtually stopped breathing. Artificial respiration succeeded only “after a relatively long time” since “enormous amounts of water” spilled from the mouth and bronchial tubes, filling the throat with the liquid. Kondé lay in a coma for several days before the Bremen Public prosecutor's office announced his death.”

John Achidi, 19 (Nigeria/Cameroon) who was suspected of ingesting drugs was killed in Hamburg after German officers forcibly administered Ipecacuanha syrup and 800 ml of water against his will by inserting a stomach probe through his nostril.

John, who suffered from a heart condition, was laid on his back with his hands bound behind him and pinned to the floor by five officers who sought evidence to prosecute him. They held his legs, upper body and also pressed his head down onto his chest. John desperately sought to resist the brutal treatment, crying out, “I will die!”. Tragically the overpowering force of the officers was too great and John urinated before eventually laying motionless on the floor.

On 14 April 2006, Dominik Kuomadio, 23 (Congo) was shot to death in the streets of Dortmund by the police.

African women in an expulsion detention centre in Bremen were found to have been raped by officers. None were convicted of their crimes.

Amnetsy international also reports;
Aliu B, a 16-year-old youth from Sierra Leone, alleged that he was slapped by police officers and by a Police Doctor following his arrest outside Bremen railway station.

Two Togolese women, Ramanou Muyibatou and Alietou Zato became paralysed after jumping from a building at a great height out of fear of Police brutality in Hamburg.


Africans in the Diaspora are united over the death of Late Mrs. Christy O. Schnudeck and are eager to see Justice over her death. Plans are on the way for a peaceful protest in Frankfurt before and during the upcoming FIFA Female World Cup in Frankfurt when Nigeria will be playing Germany, close to the scene of the incident and a straight match to Frankfurt Stadium just to send unprecedented message to outside world.

We, the Edo Community of Nigeria, Germany e.V (National Body), The NIDO and the Nigeria community in Germany are waiting anxiously to see what step the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin/ABUJA will take to avert a recurrence of this bloody experience that has become a tradition in Germany?

We there be another cover up? Time shall tell…