Alleged N5.4bn fraud: Oni challenges Fayemi to release white paper

By Lere Olayinka

The Chief Media Aide to Chief Olusegun Oni, former Governor of Ekiti-State, Mr Wale Ojo-Lanre has challenged the state governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi to release to the public the so-called white Paper on the report of the Committe set up to review Contracts awarded under the Oni-led administration.

He said it was necessary and of high importance to make available the document where the government media spin-doctors have been spuriously quoting from, adding that; "A white paper should not be like the pre-renaissance scroll which can only be accessed by the holder."

In a released issued today, Ojo-Lanre pointed out that; "Though Oni was neither invited nor consulted by the Committee, yet it is imperative and in culture of decency to make available the so-called white paper which was obviously drafted on a one -sided information."

"The public must note that the ACN in Ekiti has been operating a liar propagandist agenda out of, and in government.

"Fayemi himself is running the most despicable government which thrives in patent lies, falshood, deliberate misinformation, blackmail and maliging of Oni as if doing so will amount to democracy dividends for Ekiti people.

"It must be noted that Fayemi's first assignment when he assumed office seven months ago was the removal of Oni's potrait from the governor's office. He later followed this up by ordering the demotion of all permanent secretaries appointed by Oni.

"Later, he (Fayemi) came up with a spurious claim that Oni incurred over N40 billion debt, details of which he failed to publish when we challenged him to do so.

"Today, in furtherance to Fayemi's agenda of 'pull Oni down at all cost,' millions of naira belonging to Ekiti people are being spent to promote an imaginary N5.4 billion fraud story.

"We therefore challenge Fayemi and his cohorts to publish full text of the white paper so as to avail the public how it arrived at the phoney

N5.4 billion fraud.
However, while we await the white paper to be made public, we wish to state that from information available to us, the Committee report is of vindictive conviction prepared only to diminish the impeccable profile and integrity of Chief Oni, who is noted for probity, accountability and transparency," Ojo-Lanre said.

While admonishing Fayemi to concentrate on good governance and stop foisting falsehood as the state policy, Ojo-Lanre said; "For seven months, Fayemi has not been able to add a single block to the building of Ekiti State and this should bother sane minds.

"Instead of development, what this calamity of governance has brought to Ekiti are killings, vengeance, crudity, corruption and contempt for the constitution and laid down rules.

"Obviously, all these and the ongoing National Judicial Council (NJC) probe of the judicial abracadabra that brought him to power are what Fayemi is seeking to distract the attention of the public from, using phoney fraud stories but it won't work."