By NBF News

Following what he termed as brazen theft of votes during the last election, Col. Inuwa Bawa(retd) has said the party would not give up in its quest to get justice because the decision of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to win the election at all cost was pre-planned.

The former governorship aspirant of Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) in Kebbi State said in an interview with Daily Sun that before the election, the PDP had been jittery over the high rating of CPC at the polls and had perfected its plan to rig in such a sophisticated manner that was beyond the watchful eyes of even the international observers.

The Makama Kebbi said though the wanton  destruction of lives and property after the announcement of the presidential election results in some states in the North was  uncalled for, it was part of the plan by the PDP which knew  quite well that Nigerians hadbecome aware  and would not watch while their rights were being trampled upon.

'They planned a sophisticated rigging of the election and the common man who saw his right being taken from him reacted the way he thought he could but nobody knew it would get to such magnitude that it did.

'But it was all part of PDP's plan,'he said. The two-time military administrator to kebbi and Ekiti states, stated that the appointment of Professor Attahiru Jega was part of the orchestrated plan by the PDP. 'They put a man adjudged to be incorruptible at the helm of affairs; giving the impression that the election cannot be rigged. But in reality, there was a well planned rigging method beyond what the international observers would see.

'There were intimidations, buying of voters, manipulation of results, distribution of money, especially in the rural areas, where the international observers were not present. They only saw people lining up and casting votes and adjudged the election as free and fair.'